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Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Fluff, Humor
Next Generation
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-09-03 7:32am
Last Chapter
2010-04-25 9:39am
Last Updated
2010-04-25 9:39am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Crushes, Mates and Nazis

Read and find out!

3,234 19
2 Of Boys and Brothers

Quidditch Season is underway and we meet Landon!

3,723 16
3 We Will Rock You

Some things do taste sweeter than others, don't they.

3,805 9
4 Coming Close and Growing Up

Who is the better Potter? Hogwarts decides!

3,318 13
5 Hexes and Rows

Read for yourself!

4,670 9
6 Soothing Hybiscus crap... and freaky deaky t-shirts.


6,057 13
7 Pieces, Invitations and the Spawn of the Devil

In which everyone's home for Christmas.....

7,466 17
8 A Ball and the Bittersweet Truth

Christmas is the time for cheer, and alcohol, and weirdo dancing!

9,437 16
9 Calvin Klein and Irish Farmgirls

The morning after and Going home again.

3,033 11
10 The adventures of Poster Boy and Radio Guy

Hogwarts has radio mania. Turns out Video didn't kill the radio star.

4,896 13
11 Blast from the Past

Mystery unveiled :D Ta da da dan!!!

3,894 17
12 Letters and Plato

Letters... with some interesting implications :D

3,559 21
13 The Game and the Groove

The Quidditch match and some interesting occurences.

4,174 20
14 Sleepless Nights and the Whims of a Radio Show Host

Read on, my lovelies. Read On. :D (I sound like a creepy old cat lady)

5,422 22
15 Violating Male Physiques and Mills and Boon Scenarios

This is for all the girls who love the boys :D

3,831 11
16 Best Mates and Big Brothers

Reactions, reactions.

4,808 16
17 Knights in Shining Boxers and a Meeting of Sorts

Aidan starts the morning with a bang.... well, someone does. :D

6,872 17
18 Eggs and Deals

Easter brings a whole lot more than chocolate.... :D

7,360 20
19 Gryffindors Forever

The Quidditch Cup Finals:

Things were not looking good. Things were not looking good at all. 
Not for us, anyway. For the Slytherins things looked pretty damn peachy.

5,637 22
20 Gifts and Hair

Lily turns 15 :D

7,335 16
21 Whispers and an Intervention

Exams begin and life is pretty stressful. No one should be allowed to think so much!

6,772 16
22 Getting Caught and Preperations

It's almost time...

10,642 20
23 The Weasley Gene Pool and Sharp Tools

Graduation is here at last.

12,170 27
24 Reasons and Dares

Happy 18th James!!! :D

11,169 33
25 Honesty and Owners

The aftermath...

11,738 46
26 Apologies and a Lack of Excuses

Take a look. You know you want to :D

9,292 28
27 The Radio Show Host vs. The Quidditch Star

The last one....

7,656 43
28 Homecoming

This is it. The end.

3,398 73


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