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McGonagall, Lupin, Trelawney, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
OC/OC, Remus/OC
Drama, Romance, Angst
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-09-02 8:36pm
Last Chapter
2011-05-24 4:57pm
Last Updated
2012-06-09 5:00pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Ether Shadows and Phantoms

Coughing. It was the sound of coughing that would drive Freddy insane. Drive her mad before she could die.

3,066 21
2 Visiting Hours

There was a tall, lanky man awaiting Freddy in her room. He smiled when she was wheeled in, the dark circles beneath his eyes lessening some.

2,991 18
3 The Solarium

It was a month before Healer Crane would let Freddy leave her room unsupervised. And even after he gave her permission to leave the Intensive Care Ward, it was only for one hour a day. A single measly hour.

2,454 14
4 Resignations

“Well,” Trelawney sat and turned her attention to the small tea tray the nurse had left on the bureau, “we don’t need you rebelling right now. Tuberculosis is serious enough.”

“Yeah,” Freddy replied with a snort, her fingers automatically touching the long, thin scar on her chest.

2,988 12
5 Reprise

“You, my dear, are becoming warped,” a playful voice chirped from somewhere nearby.

Freddy glanced over her shoulder.

He was waiting for her, as she had hoped he would be.

Freddy held out her hand and let him squeeze it in greeting. “Hullo, Slatero. Fancy seeing you here.”

3,124 8
6 The Lady of Shalott

And moving through a mirror clear, that hangs before her all the year, shadows of the world appear,” she muttered, quoting Tennyson. “It’s like that…my dreams.”

“Pardon?” Crane took a step nearer and Freddy felt his presence shadowing her.

She pulled her robe tighter over her shoulders. “Wasn’t the Lady of Shalott a Seer?”

“I thought she was cursed,” he replied, his voice taut with uncertainty.

3,162 10
7 Shades of Regret

The nurse grinned convulsively. “I only wanted to tell you, professor, that your other visitor is here. He said you’d be expecting him.”

Freddy felt her eyes widen. Another visitor? That was crazy…she wasn’t expecting anyone else today.

The nurse moved to the side, allowing Remus Lupin to step into the room.

He had a bunch of wild daisies in his hand.

4,426 7
8 Il Dolce Suono

“So is that what this is all about?” Elliot took a long drag. “You’re gonna to ask the board of directors for more money. They’ll give it to you, I’m sure. You don’t have to beg. Don’t sweat it.”

Crane moaned, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “No, it’s not about the money, Elliot. It’s about the bodies down in the morgue and the patients we have clamoring for admittance and…”

“And that Professor Fotherby. Yeah. It’s about her too."

4,862 7
9 Puzzled

“I would have never believed it! Freddy Fotherby, are you still here?”

The voice that reached across the room to her was that of the young man, but now he had turned around in his chair and was facing her fully, with a little, cheeky grin on his lips.

Freddy felt her book fall from her hand and hit her slippered feet. “Oliver Lias?”

3,463 4
10 Old Habits

“Should be fun,” Freddy said, the muscles in her jaw tightening as she spoke to Crane.

God, this was awful. Just awful. She couldn’t go on like this. Couldn’t go on living in such, in such….in such what? Annoyance? Fear? Frustration? A combination of the three would do, she decided. Or maybe she was none of those things.

Maybe she was just….

4,787 1
11 Almost Normal

Remus was still pale, still drawn, still wearing the same frayed robes.

He wasn’t quite normal, but close enough. Almost normal, Freddy decided and offered him her best smile.

5,330 2
12 Chapter Twelve Uninvited

Freddy had been a fool. A fool to think that some sense of indifference could exist between them. There was no accord of impassivity. No neutrality. No truce. She was very much in the same position she had been a few weeks ago when they stood together in front of his house and Crane had looked at her with heartbreak in his eyes.

Heartbreak. Yes, heartbreak.

4,916 7


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