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Lily, James
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-09-02 7:30pm
Last Chapter
2010-01-08 3:16am
Last Updated
2010-01-08 3:16am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Prefect's Bathroom

Lily encounters James in the Prefect's bathroom and deals with him accordingly.

1,682 4
2 The Notebook

Lily discovers something quite interesting when forced to work with James for a Potions project.

1,657 5
3 The Truth Comes Out

Lily finds an incapacitated James and an interesting conversation ensues.

1,974 5
4 The Diary

James finds a diary in the Common Room and decides it is his civic duty to read it and find out whose it is. 

1,409 4
5 The Boy Friend

James sees Lily with another boy on the Grounds and reacts as only James would react.

1,537 5
6 Almost

Lily and James arrive back at Hogwarts on the first day of their Seventh year and misunderstandings arise.

1,271 5
7 Meeting the Parents

Lily and James go on a trip to meet one another's parents.

4,122 5
8 Come Fly With me

Lily hears James singing in the shower and she, using any tactics she can think of, tries to remind him not to be late to their Prefect meeting. 

1,587 4
9 The Tart

Lily finds James on a date with another girl, and what can come of that but pure awkwardness?

2,546 5
10 The Boyfriend

James doesn't approve of Lily's new boyfriend one bit, and is out to set things right. 

2,547 3
11 The Eavesdropper

After a fight between Lily and James, Lily hears some fascinating information from the outside of the Boys' Dorm. 

1,923 3
12 Beatrix

Lily seems James with another girl and jealousy takes a hoold of her.

2,206 3
13 The Astronomy Tower

There are some misunderstandings as to what "work in the Astronomy Tower" actually means amongst Lily and James' friends. 

1,599 2
14 Flying

Lily decides to take one more stab at flying and happens to meet a certain someone at the Quidditch field. 

1,856 2
15 New Years

Lily finds herself in a compromising situation at a New Year's party. 

2,618 1
16 The Mistletoe

If you're caught by enchanted mistletoe, it hangs above your head until you've kissed someone.  Well, Lily has a little dilemma...

1,603 2
17 The Ball

Lily meets a masked boy at a Halloween Ball who isn't the best of dancers. 

2,128 2
18 Severus

James and Severus have a series of encounters wherein a few realizations are made.

2,045 2
19 The First Date

Lily and James are on their first date when someone comes and interrupts them.

1,847 3
20 The List

Lily discovers a pros and cons list that James has made.  Uh oh...

2,122 6
21 The Proposal

James comes up with the perfect way to propose to Lily.

1,907 8


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