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Scorpius, Albus, Rose
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Humor
Next Generation
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-08-17 6:38am
Last Chapter
2010-07-31 11:03am
Last Updated
2010-07-31 11:03am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 On The Hogwarts Express (om nom nom food)

Rosie: I am stern and disapproving.
Score: Stuff you, I'm not required to have opinions.
Al: HI OCs
Al: *PLAN*

2,334 26
2 SLYTHERIN! (so far so good)

Al: *is in Slytherin*
James: WHAT
Rosie: I beg your pardon?
Hagrid: WHAT
Harry, in London: WHAT
Ginny, somewhere: WHAT
Everyone, everywhere: WHAT
Ron, in London: *faints*
Al: Exactly as planned!
Slytherin Prefects: Hey lil' boy, want some Firewhiskey?
Al: …Almost exactly as planned!

5,534 14
3 The First Day (dammit rosie, quit sucking)

Lessons: We happen.
Head of Slytherin: *teaches Potions! Oh God, the originality* *also, steals stationary*
Rosie: *did not inherit her parents' awesomeness* *woe*

4,168 13
4 Defence Against The Dark Arts ("Quick! Jump out the window!")

Harry: Al, stay away from Scorpius Malfoy.
Hagrid: Al, stay away from Scorpius Malfoy.
Al: I think I want Scorpius Malfoy to be my very best friend.
Harry and Hagrid: We don't know why we even bother.
DADA Prof: I have no moral problems with attacking small children.
Al: I have a very bad feeling about this.
Han Solo: Quit stealing my lines, kid.
Al: If I stalk Scorpius more, he'll be my friend! That's how friendship works, right?

6,657 9
5 The Foreign Delegations (all your castle are belong to Durmstrang)

Drinking Game: One sip per hyphen. (if you die, it's your own fault)
Hagrid: *is not so much with the tact. I'm sorry, but it's true*
Al's Dad: *apparently starred in a popular series of books! who'd have guessed?*
Beauxbatons and Durmstrang peeps: *arrive*
The Triwizard Tournament: *finally shows up*

5,834 7
6 Triwizard Related Stuff (chapter titles are hard, okay?)

James: Hey, you know what would be funny?
Faith: *beats him to death with a chair*
James:, not that.
The Triwizard Champions: *are chosen*

3,581 9
7 The Daily Prophet (is a lying liar who lies.)

Professor Brand: I still have no problems with attacking first-years.
The Daily Prophet: I'm still full of lies.

3,508 16
8 All Is Well (al is in denial)

Al: *denial denial everything is fine denial*
Score: Everything is terrible and I wish I was at Durmstrang. Even Russia would be better than this.

6,450 10
9 The First Task (All Three Champions Die)

Oksana: *dies*
Victoire: *dies*
French Guy: *dies*
McGonagall: ...crap.

3,733 7
10 The First Task III (Victoire Dies)

Victoire: *dies and is dead*
Al: ;_;
French Guy: *is doomed*

6,202 7
11 Rosie Continues to Suck

Various Slytherins: *comic relief*
Rosie: *continues to suck, right there, look at the title*

2,163 8
12 Then Suddenly It Was Christmas

Teddy and Victoire: *scavenger hunt*
Al: Hey Dad, secretly I want Scorp Malfoy to be my very bestest friend. Are you mad?
Harry: B-buh-buh - adda - wibba -
Al: *deploys the cute*
Harry: I mean that's totally fine, Al, whatever you want.

4,205 11
13 James Ruins Everything

James: *blithers, ruins everything*

4,212 18
14 Al and Score are Evil Soulmates

Score and Al: *are friends?*
Score: *not having good day*
Faith: *also not having good day, but all her own fault*
Score: guuuiiiilt, guuuuiiiiiilt
Lew: *squirm*
Lew: Okay whatever you want stop guilting me waaaaaah
Score and Al: *not friends ahahahahaha SUCKERS*

5,811 16
15 The Champions Get Beaten Up By A Tree

Al: *is mysteriously not there*
Champions: *get beaten up by a tree, right there in the title, told you so*
Al: *is mysteriously stalking people*

3,985 9
16 Al Schemes (business as usual, then)

Al: I have to fix this by myself, because otherwise we won't have a plot!
Score: We have a plot?
T/V: *mush at each other*
James: Al's Slytherin lovefest is getting really creepy. I don't think he knows how these books work.
Al: *schemes*

4,694 11
17 Bloody Hell, Finally

Al: Score! Let's be friends!
Score: No. You're scruffy. And you smell. And I hate your face.
Al: It's not optional, you know. Nar ships AS/S.
Score: we're boned.
Al: Oh no. That won't be until sixth year.

5,386 18
18 Epilogue

Victoire: It's better to lose honourably than to win by cheating!
Victoire: *loses*
Victoire: Huh. Should have cheated.

7,945 23


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