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Percy, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-08-13 4:58am
Last Chapter
2021-06-05 12:32am
Last Updated
2021-06-05 7:35am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Monday

I didn’t know whether I was fulfilled at the Ministry, but I was satisfied, at least…and in the beginning that had seemed like enough.

4,509 23
2 Something Different

He sighed again, and his eyes met mine. “Is that all?” he asked, rather rudely, I thought.

My stomach flipped over. “Yes,” I squeaked.

3,481 18
3 Romance By Stealth

“My friends like to do that to me, too,” he admitted, one corner of his mouth pulling up in a passable imitation of a smile – it was barely perceptible, but it was there. He looked kind and handsome that way. “I usually end up like that poor sod.”

4,239 25
4 Damn Lifts

“I…I know, but…” His voice became very quiet. “Would you have a drink with me?”

The lift started to make an angry sound that signaled it had been held open too long, but he ignored it.

2,959 18
5 A New Friend

"I really think you must be the nicest person I've ever met."

He said it as though it were something valuable.

2,837 20
6 It's Really Nothing

“You do like him though, don’t you? I mean, every other day, it’s, He said this, and then I said that, and then we talked about this, and then in the corridor at work yesterday he asked how I was doing - which is code, of course, for I want you to have my babies.

4,900 28
7 Rumor Has It

“I reckon ‘special’ is one word I’d use to describe someone dating Percy Weasley.”

4,034 16
8 A Nice, Respectable Job

"And if you, for some incomprehensible reason, think anything about yourself is pathetic, try the fact that I wanted to work at the Ministry since I was about twelve.” He pushed up his glasses and gave me a sardonic smirk. “Kind of sick, isn’t it?”

2,811 26
9 When Good Sense Goes on Holiday

I tried to talk myself out of it, but my attempts were feeble - and anyway, it was all shoulds and shouldn’ts. Should wait a little longer, Audrey. Shouldn’t be so forward, Audrey. But ultimately, I wasn’t interested in these thoughts.

3,281 61
10 Everyone Is Stupid

Never in a million years could I describe precisely the look he gave me then, apologetic, fearful, resigned. I got the distinct impression that he knew exactly what he wanted to say but wasn’t at all happy about it. An awful thought struck me then, because what else could possibly be worth this sort of grief?

5,159 4
11 Answers and Still More Questions

I felt foolish. We’d grown so close, so natural, so easy with one another in fairly short order that I could almost have convinced myself I’d known him for years, not months.


But he was right: there were a lot of things about Percy Weasley I had not known.

4,228 2
12 If It's a Saint You Want (Part 1)

"Your fella's obviously no saint. So if it's a saint you want, then maybe it's not him."

5,938 1
13 If It's a Saint You Want (Part 2)

Percy knew he’d made mistakes, and it seemed the understatement of the century to say that he regretted them. But more than that, he’d laid them out before my eyes and shown me the exit, if I wanted it. And I knew instinctively that if I took that opportunity, he would neither complain nor try to stop me.

4,834 2
14 Love and Laughter

“So,” ventured George when it was just the three of us in the garden, his parents and Angelina having stepped into the house earlier, “how long did it take Dad to start talking about plugs?”

6,405 2
15 When Business Is Also Personal

"Your fella. Given you the key to the damn penthouse, hasn't he?"

6,823 2
16 Connections

"'But really, it depends how you interpret the phrase, ah, ‘poses a danger to the public safety.'"

7,540 6
17 Terrifying Words

There was an ease with which he said it, a plainness -- calmly, as if he were accustomed to it. As if he'd been saying it for years.

8,242 3
18 Form and Formalities

“You just had this sitting around? For… emergency birthdays?”


“They’re usually not emergencies, they’re on the same day every year, you see.”

5,000 1
19 A Touch of Blue

Looking for all the world as though it pained him to say it, he offered, “I didn’t want you to see me like this.”

4,110 2
20 Hiding Spots

“Is there any use in telling you not to go to all this trouble?” I asked.


“I doubt it.”

6,121 2
21 Over and Under

“I can’t believe you’re thinking… whatever it is you’re suggesting.”

“I can’t believe you’re not thinking it."

3,692 0
22 Least Resistance

"I think you're making a mistake."

4,485 1
23 Bumptious and Feckless

“Audrey, I love you, but it is infuriating to watch you allow people to disregard you and take advantage of you.”


“It isn’t up to you to fix me!”

4,917 2


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