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Lupin, Snape, Tonks, Charlie, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-08-03 9:27am
Last Chapter
2010-07-19 9:15am
Last Updated
2010-07-19 9:15am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Pillar

Kerri, home for the summer holiday, thinks over her relationship with Snape and her mother.

2,990 9
2 Plans, Expectations and Hopes

During the last month of vacation, Kerri's depression over her argument with her brother and her mother's mounting hospital bills is broken after a conversation with a homeless man puts things into perspective.

3,846 5
3 Changes

Kerri returns home to England to find several changes, some expected, some not.

4,711 4
4 Girl Talk

Kerri and Tonks discuss their love lives over a box of Honeyduke's chocolate.

1,846 5
5 Dinner at High Hopes

Kerri and Remus have dinner with his mother.

4,395 5
6 The Outing

Kerri sells one of the emeralds found in the Chamber of Secrets and pays an anonymous visit to her mother's family.

3,376 3
7 Kerri vs. Snape, Round 1

Kerri learns that Snape is trying to organize the other teachers in a protest against Remus's new appointment.

4,702 6
8 Basil vs. The World

Basil's inability to control his temper sets him at odds with everyone.

4,272 10
9 The Staff Luncheon

Kerri and Remus attend the Hogwarts Staff Luncheon together.

5,715 11
10 Moving Forward

Tonks is preparing to leave for Auror training camp, Kerri is getting ready for her first day as a teacher; Basil seems to be the only person who isn't moving forward with their life.

3,779 6
11 The Start of Term

The 1993-1994 school year begins with dementors invading the train.

6,001 7
12 Bad things Come in Threes

Kerri learns about Hagrid's disastrous first day as a teacher on the same day that she has two arguments with Snape.

3,209 8
13 Kerri vs. Snape, Round Two

Kerri and Snape take their latest argument to Dumbledore.

3,030 5
14 Kerri's Patient

Ron brings Scabbers to Kerri to examine.

3,217 6
15 Night and Day

Kerri finds herself comparing Hermione and Luna after visits with both of them.

2,954 6
16 Tonks Victorious

Tonks returns from Auror training camp, Kerri supervises George in detention.

4,431 4
17 Horizons

Kerri and Remus go on a date, discuss the direction of their relationship.

3,784 7
18 A Werewolf, a Toilet Seat, and a Permanent Sticking Charm

Kerri must execute an unusual rescue.

3,015 9
19 Troubles with Tea Leaves

Lavender Brown read's Kerri's tea leaves and begins a rumor.

4,428 8
20 Hallloween

Kerri is called away from the Howl Off when Sirius Black breaks into the castle.

5,141 7
21 Different Opinons

Snape and Kerri discuss his theory that Remus is helping Sirius Black in his attempts to harm Harry Potter.

3,916 9
22 The Quidditch Match

Kerri and Remus try unsuccesfully  to prevent dementors from invading the Gryffindor-Hufflepuff match.

4,347 6
23 Badgers, Monkeys and Dementors

Dementors invade the werewolf commune prompting Kerri and Remus to acquire an unlikely new student.

3,233 7
24 The Warning

August Day warns Kerri that Lucius Malfoy is stirring trouble at the Ministry against Buckbeak.

3,417 4
25 Maeve

Kerri meets one of Remus's old girlfriends.

4,214 4
26 Visitations

Mary Ann visits Kerri, Kerri visits the Howards.

4,280 6
27 Christmas

Kerri goes home for Christmas.

5,104 5
28 The Investigation

Kerri and Remus try to discover the origin of the mysterious Firebolt sent to Harry at Christmas.

4,412 4
29 The Other Firebolt

Kerri has meetings with various students; Griffin Howard brings his new Firebolt to the werewolf commune.

3,307 5
30 Maybe...

Tonks and Kerri speculate about the future of their romantic relationships. Buckbeak's hearing is announced.

4,054 7
31 Hagrid Meets August

Hagrid meets August Day to discuss Buckbeak's case.

4,340 9
32 Werewolf Roulette

Kerri feels guilty for bringing Griffin Howard under Fenrir Grayback's notice.

5,536 7
33 The Second Break-In

Sirius Black breaks into the castle again, Kerri and Snape have another spat.

3,975 9
34 Dinner with the Howards

Kerri has dinner with her mother's family.

4,243 7
35 Kerri's Virtual School For Werewolves

Kerri and Remus discuss the possibility of expanding their tutoring to include the other werewolves from Basil's building.

4,291 7
36 Optimism and Practicality

Kerri and Remus suggest magic lessons to the werewolves in Basil's building.

4,546 8
37 Buckbeak's Trial

Kerri accompanies Hagrid and Buckbeak to the hearing.

4,050 4
38 Good Deeds

Kerri and Remus furnish the werewolves with wands; Tonks cajoles Kerri into spending an afternoon out.

4,830 5
39 The Marauder's Map

Remus is surprised to find the Marauder's Map in Harry's possession; Buckbeak's second appeal date is set, Kerri finds a colorful way to keep Snape from snooping in her potions lab.

4,073 6
40 The Car

Kerri and Remus go into the Forbidden Forest to capture Mr. Weasley's old car.

4,351 5
41 Planning Stages

Plans begin to be made for Buckbeak's appeal and next year's Tri-Wizard Tournament.

3,656 4
42 Snape's Revenge

Snape traps Kerri in the Hogwarts sewers in retaliation for being locked in her lab.

4,208 3
43 Buckbeak's Appeal or Protesters Gone Wild

Buckbeak's appeal takes place amid chaos caused by August Day's protesters.

4,287 5
44 Pansies and Weasels

Kerri and Tonks offer criticisms of each other's relationships; Snape vows to prevent Kerri from marrying Remus

3,675 5
45 Loyalty is a Hufflepuff Trait

Kerri struggles with the decision to go against Hagrid's wishes or to risk getting caught trying to rescue Buckbeak.

4,306 7
46 Power Struggles in Werewolf Land

Cedric gets his interview with August Day. Vashti tries to kick Basil out of his home.

4,203 3
47 August is a Weasel

In an emergency August proves Kerri right.

4,355 7
48 Kerri's Decision

Letters to Charlie and Mary Ann. Visit to the Howard's. Kerri makes a decision on whether or not to take action on Buckbeak's behalf.

3,370 5
49 Tying Loose Ends

August plots to rescue Buckbeak, Snape plots to separate Kerri and Remus, and Kerri continues to plot getting married.

4,372 8
50 Hippogriff, Centaur and Werewolf

Buckbeak's mysterious disappearance is the least of Kerri's worries when she must go into the Forbidden Forest to secure Remus.

5,886 7
51 Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

Kerri and Remus's final decision on whether to marry is based upon recent events.

3,517 11


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