Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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2009-07-30 10:19:05
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2009-10-12 08:48:02
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2009-10-12 08:48:02
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

Setting the backstory: the Four Founders reflect on a successful conclusion to their genocidal campaign against the Magi.

1000 1
2 Chapter 1

Privet Drive, and Harry gets to enjoy the summer break after his fourth year at Hogwarts... by doing Dudley's homework. His life is brightened a little by a message from Cho Chang.

3489 0
3 Chapter 2

Harry catches the Hogwarts Express back to school. Aside from the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, there's a further surprise in the staffing appointments...

4289 0
4 Chapter 3

Filch takes Care of Magical Creatures, where it transpires that Hagrid's been planning ahead for the fifth years' studies. Later, Harry's unsurprised to find himself the subject of another doom-laden prophecy from Professor Trelawney.

2873 0
5 Chapter 4

Gryffindor are determined to hit the ground running when it comes to resuming Quidditch hostilities in the coming year...

2549 0
6 Chapter 5

More classes, including Potions (with Snape as personable as ever), and the Gryffindors get to meet Professor Vellum, the New Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher....

3192 0
7 Chapter 6

The Twins test their latest Wheeze on the Gryffindors, Neville demonstrates skill in Herbology, Madam Pince impresses upon her class the idea that knowledge is power and Vellum announces a Muggle Fencing class...

2833 0
8 Chapter 7

Professor Vellum introduces the Gryffindors to the Soakstone that had so puzzled the Founders in the prologue.

1970 0
9 Chapter 8

Harry protests, rather inefectually, that there's 'nothing happening' betwixt his good self and Cho to his (somewhat sceptical) fellow Gryffindors, whilst the Trio try to get to the bottom of who the Magi were, and why they were eliminated by the Founders

2532 0
10 Chapter 9

Professor Vellum launches the Muggle fencing club, and Harry finds himself with an unexpected partner for the term's first Hogsmeade weekend.

2950 0
11 Chapter 10

The link having been silent since the start of the summer, Harry's suddenly plunged back into his dream-connections with Lord Voldemort; an event that relays some disturbing information...

2955 0


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