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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Luna, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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First Published
2009-07-19 5:46pm
Last Chapter
2011-11-20 2:15pm
Last Updated
2011-11-20 2:15pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Perfection

'“I love you.” he whispered, and then he leaned down and kissed Hermione softly on the lips. The onlookers almost melted, even felt the urge to applaud. A few were gaping at Ron and Hermione as well, realizing who they were and being shocked at how well they got along. In the newspaper stories they were always talking about how Ron and Hermione were fighting. Hermione, unlike the newspapers, knew that those days were long gone'


1,803 22
2 The Fight

It drove Hermione up the wall, and now, when she needed sleep most, he had chosen to do it again. All of a sudden, she felt overly frustrated. She felt like she couldn't stand one more second of Ron. He had been annoying her her whole life, and it was about to change. She'd thought maybe he could grow up. She was wrong.

1,844 15
3 The Next Obstacle

Remorse. It was such a powerful thing. It was what could destroy horcruxes. It had to be powerful, right? Well, it was powerful for Ron. It had taken over every fiber of his being, the pit of his stomach felt it, the tightening of his throat announced it, the wetness of his blue eyes told everyone. He hated it. Ron could have gone his whole life without feeling remorseful. It was such a evil thing. It was tearing him apart, little by little, that and his longing for Hermione.

2,279 17
4 Slap in the Face

She stood there, breathing hard for a few seconds, then shook her head slowly and backed out of the room, looking as though she was fighting back tears. Ron tried to yell to her, to tell her to come back, to tell her that her still loved her and this was all a horrible, terrible mistake, but found that, although his lips could work, his vocal chords couldn't. Just as the door was almost all the way shut, it flew open again. Alyssa stepped back, as Hermione stomped over to Ron and slapped him, hard, across the face. This time, he knew she wasn't sorry

2,006 17
5 Cause and Effect

Hermione had literally been living on bread and water for the last 3 days. She had been putting off going to the store for so long she had absolutely run out of food, and she was stuck with the bare essentials. But now, she couldn't hold off any longer. So, making her first public outing as a single woman would have to be to the store, and Hermione was determined to make a good impression.

2,097 13
6 Preface to a Game Show

Now that Hermione thought about it, she would much rather live in a small, cozy house like the burrow, except smaller. Hermione didn't want mountains of kids, she and Ron both agreed two or three would be best. A girl and a boy, and maybe a cat and some owls as pets. But- wait. What if Hermione's perfect match didn't want 3 kids? What if he only wanted 1! What if he wanted 5! What if he didn't want any!?

1,584 11
7 Obvious Questions

“She doesn't snore.” Ron said reluctantly. If he hadn't had the potion for this question, he would have embarrassed Hermione so every man in the wizarding world would hear that she snored and Ron would be the only man on the planet who wanted to be with her. Well, that was the idea.


3,090 15
8 Beautifying the Victim

Hermione'd had so much triple chocolate ice cream in the last few days she was longing for vanilla instead. It was sickening, really. She's always been a chocolate person. But now, sitting here eating her 14th container of triple chocolate ice cream, Hermione was desperate for a new flavor. She supposed this was what happened when your supposedly best friend puts you on a game show so you could fall back in love with your ex boyfriend who also happened to be your supposedly best friend's brother.

2,134 6
9 Blind As a Bat

They sat in silence until the waiter brought the drinks to them. Then, after a sip of his water, Ron asked the question that had been threatening to burst all day every time he talked to Harry, Ginny, Colin and now, Hermione.“So.” Ron leaned toward Hermione. “Why are you doing the game show?”


3,015 11
10 The Abs of Mr. Perfect

For your next date, you and Mr. Weasley will be heading to a small town to enjoy a nice evening on the water. We have included some extra spending money for you to make your date more enjoyable. Remember, there will be cameras there, but they will be hidden, as they were on your first date. Please enjoy.

2,985 9
11 To the Cinnamon!

Hermione Granger, age 20, had found herself in a impossible position: she was sitting in a sushi restaurant criss-cross apple sauce. Wearing a dress. On camera. Curse Ginny and all her fashionable choices. The dress admittedly was cute, and when Hermione liked something that Ginny put her in, it was a merlin sent situation. The stilettos were a definite let down after the beautiful dress, but Hermione had decided to frown and bear it. Merlin. She had given up the shoe fight for a measly dress? What was the world coming to?

2,433 11
12 Ron's Dancing Queen

 "Hermione... are you crying?” asked Ginny incredulously, looking at her friend like she was seeing her for the first time that day. For, indeed, Ginny had failed to notice the exhausted bags under Hermione's eyes, the tear treks down her cheeks, her wet eyelashes and the way her lips pointed down, and her eyes squinted, like she couldn't bear to open them fully.

3,541 12
13 Someday Bride

“We met on the Hogwarts Express. I was look for a boy's toad, and Ron was trying to do magic, a spell that his mischievous twin brothers had taught him. It was a bad spell, and it didn't work. After that, I did a spell to show him how it was done. I was a brat, really. A bit of a snob, a know-it-all. All I wanted to do was prove myself worthy, that I was good enough to go to Hogwarts, even though I was muggle born.” Hermione said with a slight gleam in her eye. “But instead, I just made Ron hate me.”

2,676 14
14 The Leaning Tower of Pizza

“We can't cancel the date, because if we ask them to we'll have to tell them that Ron cast a charm on Hermione without her permission. And I highly doubt they'll believe us if we say that he was trying to help the ratings, when it's extremely obvious that he was trying to help himself. But if we let Hermione go on the date like this, she'll embarrass herself in front of the whole world. And as far as I know, there's no counter-charm for a cheering charm. It just has to wear off. And judging on how cheerful Hermione is, I don't think it's going to

3,640 18
15 The Unexpected Outcome

She had to admit, it was a good kiss. She'd never actually watched Ron kiss her, but now she knew why she enjoyed it so much. It wasn't a sloppy or dirty kiss. It was warm, and longing, and passionate. It was Romeo and Juliet in a way, almost a goodbye kiss, or 'until we meet again'. It wasn't a kiss purely for the purpose of kissing someone, it was a kiss that, Hermione knew, was out of love.


3,149 8
16 The Golden Trio Baby Spoons

“Right. This challenge is fairly straight forward: the pairs have to get the best deals that they've agreed on in a two hour time limit. Each argument will deduct five points.” Colin said. “Harry and Ginny win.” Hermione and Ron said together. Hermione cocked her head at Ron, but then turned back toward Colin, who, oblivious to the outburst, was still plowing through the rules

2,039 4
17 Flying High

She felt Ron lurch her upward, and she clutched her broom and closed her eyes, screaming her lungs out. All of a sudden the wind was flying steadily through her hair, and she quieted, concentrating on the feel of Ron's warm hand in hers. She smiled softly, like a child just about to go to sleep. Ron was right. It was the most wonderful feeling in the word- a lot like being in love. All she wanted right now was to feel Ron's hand and the wind in her hair. It was so perfect and romantic, and they were the only feelings in the world worth feeling

2,106 8
18 Trodding on Toes

But, a half hour later, it became apparent that Ron did not entirely think the plan through. When he'd bravely stated that he was good at dancing, he hadn't remembered that he would actually have to partake in the activity. Hermione's face was mutinous as her foot was stepped on the millionth time. She didn't say anything, though, making Ron nervous about the blow up that was to come later. Ginny and Harry were, as usual, moving effortlessly across the dance floor, laughing as they went. They really were the perfect couple. Ron felt a pang of jealousy as Harry and his sister soared by.

1,787 9
19 Spaghetti Memories

“Yeah.” Hermine said, attempting to remain calm. Ron sat on the stool, motionless, apparently thinking about what to do. Hermione did what she always did when she was too stressed to hear herself think. She counted his freckles. Just as she'd reached 18, however, Ron spoke. “I make a mean spaghetti and meatballs.” he stated plainly. “Really? I had no idea.” Hermione fibbed. “Do you want to taste it first before you trust me?” Ron asked, looking into her eyes as if he was asking her about something other then pasta.

2,141 9
20 The Chosen One's Wedding

The ceremony was beautiful, perfect, even. No one had any objections. Everything went smoothly. Until the vows. Because Hermione always cried at weddings. It was just something she did. And when Harry and Ginny, her best friends, were getting married, she felt that it was impossible not to cry. So the waterworks started. She sobbed and hiccuped quietly. So quietly, in fact, no one noticed. But then, Ron just had to look over at her. And he saw her crying. And he started to laugh.

3,330 17
21 The Ride to A Secret

If the mugge movie was supposed to be distracting him it wasn't working. It was distracting him from all sense of direction, yes. Seeing as little plastic shields had been placed over the windows, not even Hermione could tell where they were. No, what was distracting Ron was the scent of Hermione's vanilla cinnamon perfume, wafting over to him and tickling his nostrils

2,579 8
22 Breaking Ground

Once Hermione had finished her seemingly infinite cough-a-thon, Ron decided it was time for him to take charge. He'd read in a magazine that women liked men who were took the lead and were confident... or maybe men liked women who took the lead and were confident? Well, he couldn't remember, but that wasn't the point. “You ready to go?” Ron asked casually. “Yeah.” Hermione coughed, putting her hand up to her mouth and making a little face. Ron smiled. It was the most adorable thing he'd ever seen.

2,622 7
23 Devastatingly Awkward

Then she looked over at Ron. Hermione had never seen his face so contorted in thought before. He looked so devastatingly confused, and Hermione felt her heart break at the look on his face. When you loved someone, she realized, you never wanted them to feel pain. You never wanted them to have a bad dream, or feel sad. You never wanted them to get hurt, physically or emotionally. And Hermione realized that she had in fact inflicted more pain on the one she loved then she could ever repair.

3,202 8
24 Playing House, Part One

“I've always wanted a baby girl, you know.” Ron whispered to her. “Of course, you were supposed to look just like your mum, not me, but I'll still spoil you rotten. As long as you like Quidditch, I think we'll get along just fine.”

The little girl cooed and Ron smiled down at her, straitening the hem of her dress. Ron turned around to put her into the chair, then saw Hermione.

2,486 8
25 Playing House, Part Two

"Mione, you know I don't like zucchini!” Ron whined. Hermione pointed to his chair, and Ron abruptly sat down and started to spoon pasta on his plate. Hermione waited to seat herself until she had secured Nancy and Cam in their highchairs and started feeding them their bottles. Both drank greedily, resulting in Hermione practically starving by the time her babies were finished. Ron ate just as greedily as the babies, spooning zucchini into his mouth when Hermione wasn't looking. The truth was, he liked zucchini just fine, but he liked making Hermione's life miserable more.

2,233 11
26 Playing House, Part Three

 “All done.” Hermione said an hour later. “You're spell checked into infinity.” “Thanks, Mione.” Ron said. “My reports have been suffering direly since we broke up.”  “Yes, me looking over your work was the largest advantage of our relationship.”  “I miss it.” Ron said, closing his eyes and grimacing. “Your constant complaining about my spelling always gave me warm-fuzzies inside.”

2,049 7
27 Double Nightmares

 “Hermione, he's a baby. He doesn't know how to pronounce words correctly.”  “Well, that's why I'm teaching him!” Hermione responded shortly, before turning around and rubbing Nancy's stomach with a washcloth. Ron looked down at his knees, which were now wet from the water on the floor. He wondered if he should fight, since he was pretty sure Hermione was right. However, he couldn't let her think he was turning into a softy. 


2,403 9
28 Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Meet the Cameras.

   “We have to go, Mione.” Ron said, rolling his eyes as he stood, arms crossed, in the door frame. Hermione's tear streaked face turned toward him, and he melted. Or rather, he had already melted but now he was showing it. “I don't want to leave.” Hermione said, her voice cracking.“I don't either.” Ron said softly, and he pulled her to his chest and held her there.

3,298 11
29 A Contemplation of Love

 Hermione had decided to respond to each of these messages by asking if Ron wanted ham, lamb or steak (Ham) and if he thought she should get Madam Rosmerta's mead or fire-whiskey (mead). And of course he had responded with more letters about getting some babies and enchanting them. Hermione didn't know if she could take it anymore. 

2,416 7
30 Live From New York, It's Saturday Night

   The sunlight was peeking playfully through Hermione's windows as she woke up the morning of the fateful date. The fateful date, the life changing date, the head spinning, heart beating, palm sweating date. To be quite fair, the morning started out just as any morning would. And, just as most fateful days went, Hermione had no awareness of anything different or life changing hanging in the air. All she knew was that she was off to spend a night in the big apple with Ronald Weasley, and that was enough for her.

2,889 9
31 Complicated

 Everything had changed, and yet Hermione's house seemed the same as it always had been. There was the tea cup she had used this morning, and her towel from her morning shower was still draped over the bed. It seemed simply odd to her that the whole world had not alerted itself to her situation. She looked over at the teacup, sitting there innocently in the sink. It inspired a new feeling, not of being afraid, but a flash of anger.

2,252 10
32 Another Opinion

 It turned out that Hermione's childhood friend still lived there. It surprised her at first- but then she realized that Rosie had never been much of a get up and go doer. If she had been the one that got the invite to Hogwarts, she probably would have rejected it. She probably would have told her best friend. In fact, if it were Rose that got the invitation to Hogwarts, the two probably would still be best friends. But she hadn't gotten the invite. And Hermione and Rose weren't friends anymore. Leading to Hermione feeling slightly crazy as she approached Rose's house.

2,411 11
33 Adorable

 He was getting tired of going to Harry and Ginny's house. They were too lovey-dovey, and they barely payed attention to him. Ron suspected that soon they would start calling each other pet names. This he most certainly would not be able to stand. He was not made of stone. Of course, if Hermione called him a pet name he'd probably just wince and leave it alone. Or, ehem, take it like a man. Of course.

2,325 16
34 Finally

She saw his shoes first, as she had been looking at the ground as she walked. Then she saw his legs, and his back, and his neck, and his fiery red head that she loved so much. And she was brought back. Brought back to her first kiss with Ron, and how she'd felt, and what she'd been thinking, and just how much she loved him and needed him, and that was what made her walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder.

2,837 24
35 The First Deception

  Although Hermione was lighter then air for the next few days, she was sure to keep herself sullen and grumpy around Ginny. Ron and Hermione had decided to keep their relationship a secret for a while, and they had even taken the time to set up a cover story for everyone else around them so they both had the same story.

2,817 16
36 Fooling Ginny

 “Ginny!” Hermione managed to say, her voice shocked. A few seconds later, she realized what she needed to do. “GINNY!” she yelled at the top of her lungs. From the kitchen, she heard something smash, but she tried not to flinch. “Er- yes. That would be my name.” Ginny said, stepping around Hermione and into her house. “I brought you some soup. Let me just go drop it off in your kitchen before I tell you about the date.” “NO!” Hermione screamed. “NO! DON'T GO IN THERE!”

2,169 23
37 Meet The Grangers

 Dear Mum and Dad, 

I'm very excited for dinner tonight! I can't wait to see you both when I'm not extremely depressed. I wanted to tell you, though, that there's going to be an addition to the table tonight. Ron is coming to eat with us. He's very excited to meet you both, and I daresay you both with be thrilled to meet him, too. That was directed toward you, Daddy. Be nice.

Love, Hermione

3,792 21
38 Company

 The crickets were chirping, even though it was still dark out. It was actually morning, although Hermione felt as though the night had been an endless eternity. She hadn't been able to sleep, at all. She'd stayed up the whole night, picking at a loose thread on her comforter, thinking. It was a warm night, even though it was October. Hermione had settled into bed wearing an old t-shirt of Ron's that he had left when he had moved out, as well as a pair of his old boxers as pajama bottoms. With the two of them together, she felt safe.

2,904 18
39 The First Discovery

 “They should have had the baby at home! This hospital isn't clean!” Mrs. Weasley said for the eighth time, wiping her finger against the dustless chair. “The hospital is completely sterilized, Molly.” Mr. Weasley said gently, as Ginny sat there, looking grumpy but worried. “Mum, they deliver about fifty babies every single day. Get your wand out of a knot and join the sane people.” Ginny, who was not at all helping the case, said.

1,773 22
40 George's Other Half

 Preparations for George and Angelina's wedding day had been in full swing, but Hermione hadn't been paying any attention to them. She had mainly been sitting at Victoire's side, watching the little girl sleep, watching Fleur feed her, and giving in to every whim the baby had. It was like a built in baby sitter, Fleur joked quietly. But she could see how much Hermione loved this baby. How much Hermione wanted one of her own.

2,237 19
41 A Woman's Prerogative

 It wasn't going to be a little date, five hours, tops. Oh, no. This was a five day date, with twelve hour surveillance from eight to eight. It was the final date, and Hermione knew that the audience members would be getting desperate for her and Ron to get together by the time the date aired. And although she was freaking out, Hermione was pretty sure that she had nothing to worry about. It wasn't like there were cameras in the bathrooms.

2,897 23
42 He's Not You

 This could possibly be the worst outcome Ron could think of. He was nowhere near blushing. He was, obviously, too happy. But Hermione seemed to be mortified. She clapped her hand over her mouth and leaped out of the bed, dragging the sheets with her. Ron suddenly felt embarrassed, too. Why had he thought she would be happy about this? He'd practically forced her into the whole thing!

2,140 22
43 The Unravelling

 She ran to the back of the restaurant, pushed open the bathroom door. Breathing hard, she leaned against the mirror. What was she doing? She had to tell Ginny! She had to tell everyone! Why was she hiding this perfect relationship? Why wasn't she forcing Ron to marry her at this point? Okay, the last one was a little dramatic. But, god, how stupid was she to go on a date when Ron asked her not to?

2,433 20
44 Mood Swing

   Ginny Potter was not in the happiest of moods. She had just found out that her best friend had been lying to her for months, and so had her brother. As if this weren't bad enough, she'd apparently had some bad sushi that night for dinner, because she'd rushed to the toilet and thrown up as soon as she'd gotten home from Hermione's place. Or maybe that was just her getting her ex friend out of her system. Anyway, whatever the contributing factors, there was only one thing Ginny knew for sure. She was in a terrible mood.

1,906 28
45 My Forever

 And then Ron and Hermione walked off to the dressing rooms to change back into their street clothes. But instead of turning to go to his own room, Ron followed Hermione into hers and shut the door behind him, locking it firmly. “What's wrong, Mione?” he said, looking into her eyes. “Nothing. Every thing's great.” Hermione said brightly. 

2,296 29
46 Always Knew

 Although she wasn't willing to take off her engagement ring (despite Ginny's pleas), Hermione was sure no one would realize she and Ron were together. He'd made her promise that she would be the one to announce that they were engaged (he was going to be the one to drop the bomb that they were back together) and in turn Hermione had made him promise not to 'accidentally' trip her and force her to sit on his lap. Although he was probably going to be doing that anyway.

2,559 22
47 A Change of Plans

“Hold on.” Rose said, getting up and pulling out a muggle cell phone. Ginny and Hermione exchanged bewildered glances as Rose exited the building, dialing a number. She pressed a finger to her ear and her brow creased. Suddenly, her expression cleared. She bounced up and down, hung up, and rushed back over to Hermione and Ginny.

2,393 20
48 The Right Choices

 Hermione let out a frustrated scream and started banging drawers of the house open and closed. Ron knitted his brows together; he hadn't seen her act like this in a while. She was being surprisingly calm, given the fact that her wedding was in a few days. Ron had almost been expecting this. Except when it hadn't come earlier, he'd forgotten to be prepared. Now it was happening, and he was woefully unprepared. Sighing, he pushed his chair back, put his arms around her, and kissed her neck, trying to calm her down. 

2,879 13
49 Becoming Mrs. Weasley

 Nothing could bring Hermione down today. Not when Ron bumped into a wall on his way out of their bedroom. Not when Hermione fell down after she had been running into the kitchen too fast. Not even Ginny telling them that they weren't allowed to kiss goodbye when it was time to leave for the Granger household, where the girls would be preparing for the wedding.

3,783 19
50 Happily Ever After

 Dead center was a picture of the two people, taken ten years prior. The woman was beaming up at the man, looking radiant in her white wedding dress. Next to her, the man was gazing down at her with simple adoration gracing his features. On his other side was a man with messy black hair and a famous lightening scar, faded, but never to be forgotten. 

8,241 50


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