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Harry, Hermione, Snape, Neville, Luna, Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Neville/Luna, Hermione/OC
Horror/Dark, Angst, AU
Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-07-19 6:15am
Last Chapter
2012-01-01 8:35pm
Last Updated
2012-01-01 8:35pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Still Unexpected

The fox’s eyes turned a ghastly orange colour from the broken street light haze; they were like pulsing orbs concealing a thousand unspoken thoughts

1,265 15
2 Like I Had

You’ll never have to hear your mother crying like I had to, you’ll never see me strike her, you’ll never hear me beat her down, you’ll never hear the screams that I have heard

1,179 12
3 The White Peacock

And if you think Hells fury lashed out at you the last time, you had better think again!

1,688 10
4 Slow

‘I want you to promise me that you will take it easy, stop over-exerting yourself and just calm down okay? Will you calm down?’

1,440 9
5 Dirigible Plums

‘I-It was the m-monster Daddy, the m-monster in my d-d-dream'

1,354 10
6 Tearful Surprises

He could see that the tears spilling down her eyes had caused a little cascade of black smudges where her mascara was being washed away

2,045 11
7 Wrath

I think I may have found a new place of temporary residence’ he said to himself before he began his walk to the front door

1,538 10
8 Perfect

‘My Aunt and Uncle’ she said quietly, looking up at him ‘Are they… dead?’

1,335 8
9 Speak Of The Devil

Severus sucked in an anxious breath as his heartbeat began to thrash within his chest. James Potter ducked his head down a little lower and stood his ground as the broomstick flew towards him.

2,014 10
10 Hurry Back

‘I don’t want the M-Monster to t-take her Daddy, I d-don’t like his eyes’

1,595 9
11 The First Cry

A shrill, painful scream and a muffled sob ripped through the old bedroom door. He stopped and stared at the ebony wood for a moment, then bowed his head and carried on in his melancholy pace.

1,656 5
12 A Rock Of The Boat

‘Tell me what’s going on Neville’ he said angrily ‘Where is Kingsley?’

1,750 5
13 The Snake

‘I won’t let him get you, he’s coming but I’ll never let him get you, take you, I won’t’

1,530 5
14 The American Ministry

He gave one nod of his head, and immediately the Wizards began to replace the sand. As Severus watched, a horrid jolt seemed to ripple his insides. He was unsure what had caused it, it was an odd feeling. And he could only recall ever feeling it once before in his life.

1,391 5
15 The Room Again

‘Mummy’ Aurora said, and immediately Hermione felt as if an invisible hand had ripped through her stomach and seized a hold of her intestines until they were about ready to pop.

2,227 5
16 A Secret Meeting

She wasn’t out of danger yet, not by a long shot. But he had the help of the Order on his side, and that was the best chance she had.

1,429 3
17 I Promise

Step into the light’ Severus sneered, and the figure did so. He took one step into a pale stream of light spilling in from the hole in the wall, and immediacy two burning emerald eyes shone out beneath circular spectacles

1,870 6
18 Asmodius Xenobia

I sure as hell have never heard of him, but Kingsley must have done because it shook him up something rotten.

1,413 2
19 New Darkness

I need you, you are key to these plans of mine, and when we are through no one else will matter, nothing else at all will matter because You and I will have the world at our fingertips…

1,348 2
20 I've Done it Again.

‘Do you… do you think we’ll get her back?’ she whispered, no louder than a single breath. Harry stared at her, feeling helplessly lost for what to say.

1,457 2
21 Back To The Lab

‘Look’ Harry said, moving closer ‘You and I have never, and shall never see eye to eye, I’m aware of that. But you underestimate what I will do to get her back Severus…'

1,145 1
22 Aurora

Her black curls where whipping around her head furiously as she stepped unsteadily towards the old tree that she so enjoyed playing under in the summer.

1,440 1
23 The Old Photograph

Harry could not understand why such a sight caused so much shock, he knew, of course he knew that Severus had once loved his mother… but never had he bargained on seeing such substantial proof within a photograph.

1,811 0
24 The Attempt

‘Go on’ Ophelia urged ‘Try and break it… I’m letting you’ she waved a hand towards the window.

1,854 1
25 Gringots

"Now’ Draco hushed ‘I will ask you again. Tell me everything you know about the Shield of Gryffindor?"

2,254 0
26 The Prophecy

‘-Daddeeee!’ a little voice cried.
 They both ran to the stairs and took the steps two at a time, for they realized the sounds where coming from Aurora and Silas’s bed room.

1,508 1
27 The History of Xenobia

‘It seems for a supposedly fair and courageous guy Gryffindor didn’t fight fair, he used his sword along with his wand, slashed Xenobia up quite badly I presume’ she said, and raised those bright blue eyes to Harry's'

1,518 0
28 Saved her Once, Save her Again...

‘She’s s-special as well isn’t she daddy?’ she asked ‘She c-can see things too c-can’t she, like m-me?’

1,499 0
29 Daddy Issues

'Touch either her or me again… and I’ll do much worse’ Severus rang out with a trembling voice, before he left them in the kitchen in silence'

1,689 0
30 Aziza

‘I’m sorry about the dark’ she stepped forward slowly into a thicker beam of light, and as the orange haze flickered over her face, Harry saw that her eyes were milky white, she was blind.

‘As you can see, I have no use for the light’

2,144 0
31 A Battle of Wills

‘He wouldn’t last five minutes in a fight against Draco really, would he? He’s old… I mean, he gave up so quickly with you, he was barely here a moment before he disappeared… pathetic’

1,364 0
32 Sight of the Seer

It was clear to him that Aurora had some sort of Seer ability, and he worried that if he looked into her thoughts he would see something of his future, of Hermione’s future. Something he would have no control over…

1,533 1
33 Clarity and Chaos

A match was struck on the other side of the bar, and a candle wick was lit. The sudden orange glow lit up a face that seemed to be something out of a child’s nightmare.

1,121 0
34 Tremble

You never got a chance to escape boy… you were so young when Voldemort came into your life, and I’m sorry that he stole your life away from you… but you can’t do this

1,311 0
35 My Boy's

‘I know, it’s a shock isn’t it’ she said smiling ‘everyone expects some wizened old boy with a beard don’t they?’ she laughed ‘I’m Professor Hero Delaney, Headmistress’

1,861 0
36 The Trials

‘This is the room of requirement’ he said and laughed, his face broke into a horrid smirk, he thrust his shoulders back confidently and puffed his chest out as he made his demand to the room ‘I require the Shield of Gryffindor!’

2,641 0
37 The First Confrontation

‘Severus! Harry!’ Hermione screamed as she untangled herself from Draco who was sprawled on the floor, she began to run for them, and Severus started at a run again to bridge their gap...

1,385 0
38 After the Hollow

He crumpled, his mouth filled with salt, his legs gave way beneath him and a wave of pain seeped in through his skin… he thought that he might be dying, he couldn’t catch his breath… not even to cry out.

1,563 0
39 The Truth

He looked into her face and then his pale eyes wandered down, resting on her chest. Hermione took a deep breath, horrified at what he might do to her now.

1,570 0
40 Fate in Crayon

‘I dreamt that y-you were all in an old house, that had br-broken walls and glass everywhere, and the Mon-monster had mummy and he cut her and her blood was on the big shield, but you and Uncle Harry c-c-came in to stop him, but it was too late because m-mummy’s blood was already on it’

1,468 0
41 First comes love, then comes marriage...

She had often imagined her own wedding; she would be in a simple white dress with an intricate lace veil, her mother’s veil. She would walk towards Ron at the end of a church aisle and he would have an orange carnation in his pocket. Her mother would be crying and her father would hold her arm a little too tightly in the inevitability of losing his little girl.

1,117 0
42 Have me instead...

He bent his head to kiss her neck but as his lips touched her skin he groaned and pulled himself back, cheeks ablaze and eyes dark with anger.

2,580 0
43 The Brave

Bravery is what we are left with when all else has been taken from us, and you must be brave

1,580 0
44 Silas

He reached the top of the stairs, and a sudden unsettling flutter clenched his stomach, the spare room was at the end of the rickety hallway, and in there was Hermione and Molly and Ginny. Down the end of the silent rickety corridor.

2,325 0
45 Too Late

‘It’s time’ Draco said again, and Hermione started as she caught a glimpse of him in the mirror, looking over her. She took one last look at the odd young face in the mirror before getting to her feet and walking to him.

2,467 0
46 Only the Blood of a Lazerus will do...

Aurora stood before her, her face a gothic nightmare. She was drenched through with sweat that clung to her skin in glassy droplets, her hair was soaked through and dipping, her eyes were inky wells, the whites were filled to the brim with blackness that reflected the blood red sky that held the setting sun.

1,283 1
47 Don't try to stop me

‘I know what to do’ Severus said as he stood up, Hermione clung to his arm as he began to move towards the throng

2,344 0
48 A Lazarus' Life

‘Potter!!’ he said, needing Harry’s attention, Harry looked at him slowly, knowing that Severus was planning something stupid, something quite out of character for him, for it was Harry that made the stupid decisions, it was Harry that often wore that wild look he now saw in Severus’s face.

2,737 0
49 The Lilies

‘I can’t stop the blood’ Molly cried ‘I’ve tried everything, it just won’t stop!’

3,118 1
50 Blame

‘You… you didn’t have a real choice. Severus chose this… not you’ she said quietly, and Harry turned at that, he looked at her with a world of misery in his emerald eyes, so much pain… so much anguish.

2,193 0
51 The Life of the World

Hermione gazed at all of them, none of them really looked that sad, they had sadness on their faces, or the solemn glimmer in their eyes that seems dutiful to possess when at a funeral. None of them really understood what he had done… what he had traded in.


1,586 1
52 The Epilogue: 15 years later

They should have been here, the both of them, they should have been relishing in the reward of their selflessness. But they were dead, gone.

1,883 6


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