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Molly, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-07-06 12:09pm
Last Chapter
2011-10-14 4:25pm
Last Updated
2012-06-11 7:50pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Intro

2009 silver snitch made by obviously394 & 2011 silver snitch made by justonemorefic!
2009 Golden Snitch Awards: Second place for Best Novella
2011 Golden Snitch Awards: Second place for Best Novel & Second place for Best Story within Staff Authors

Hufflepuff's April Featured Story
Molly Weasley (II) arrives at Hogwarts for her final year. 

2,505 23
2 Change Of Heart or Not

The first day of classes start, and Molly and Finn actually have a conversation without fighting, but does this mean Finn Harper won't continue to make fun of Molly?  Molly ponders over just that.  ll Beta'd by Alice.

2,596 16
3 An Explosion of Sorts

What happens in Potions when Molly and Finn are paired as partners?  Well, the title pretty much gives it away.  Enjoy!  ll Beta'd by Alice.

3,016 14
4 Detention with the Slytherin

Friday evening arrives faster than Molly could have hoped for, and with it the detention with Harper in the Potions classroom.  How will Molly's first ever detention go?  And can Finn Harper be anymore of a prat?  Hope you enjoy!  ll Beta'd by Alice

2,008 8
5 Of Blissful Moments with Friends... and Annoying Prats

Molly has a nice Saturday afternoon with her friends and younger sister.  Then she runs into a certain Slytherin in the Owlery when she's sending a letter to her parents about her first week back at school.  Oh, how he drives her crazy. ll Beta'd by Alice

3,208 8
6 Denial is Key

This chapter is entirely in Finn's POV, however there is more Molly/Finn interaction.Beta'd by Alice

2,484 8
7 A Leap of Faith

Molly and Finn come to a sort of common ground. || Beta'd by Alice.

2,252 8
8 Moments like These

Molly and Finn continue to get along in potions class.  Molly is at first confused with where this friendship with Finn is going, but it all becomes clear as it takes a pivotable turn toward something possibly more...?  || Beta'd by Alice.

2,818 8
9 It All Falls Apart

Finn struggles with his feelings for Molly. || Beta'd by Alice.

3,234 6
10 In Which Molly is Distraught

In which Molly is upset about Finn for being a complete and utter idiot. || Beta'd by Alice.

2,693 6
11 Of Fights and Nighttime Meetings

In which drama will ensue following Molly's giving Finn another chance. || Beta'd by Alice.

3,149 4
12 The Sharpness of Words

 Starts off in Finn's perspective and then eases into Molly's perspective. | Un-beta'd

2,480 7
13 Of Howlers and Waiting

Molly receives a Howler and Finn decides it's worth waiting for Molly until she's ready to be friends with him... or more.  || Un-beta'd.

3,698 5
14 Hogsmeade

Molly's father surprises her with a visit in Hogsmeade. || Un-beta'd

4,201 6
15 A Little Less Pressure

Things start to look up for Molly, as well as for both Molly and Finn. || Un-beta'd

3,462 4
16 Walls Crash Down

 Molly and Finn's friendship encounter unchartered territory. || Un-Beta'd

5,784 5
17 Time Goes On

Mock exams and winter break starts. || Un-beta'd

3,349 6
18 A Surprise Guest

Molly gets a surprise vistator on Christmas day. || Un-beta'd

2,865 5
19 Christmas Festivities

Molly and Finn have a fun Christmas together. || Un-beta'd

5,625 5
20 Rebel in All of Us

Molly rebels. And Finn is his adorable, sexy self. | | Un-beta'd

2,845 5
21 An Unexpected Turn

Things take a roundabout turn. | | Un-beta'd

5,153 6
22 All Great Things End

Everything has a beginning and an ending. || Un-beta'd

5,633 5
23 Epilogue

The end. (:  || Un-beta'd

Keep an eye out for the sequel... 'Because I Love You'!

725 10


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