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Harry, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/OC, Ron/OC, Snape/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-07-04 8:18pm
Last Chapter
2017-05-11 2:48pm
Last Updated
2017-05-11 2:48pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Sixteen Years Ago

Setting: hospital room

Characters: Severus Snape, Jasmine Snape, and Voldemort


1,125 11
2 Field Trip

Setting: Voldemort's Castle, Hogwarts

Characters: Kiley Riddle, Voldemort, a prisoner, Severus Snape


2,714 6
3 "Dear Merlin! She’s in love."

Love is irrational. Love is complicated. The most complicated thing though is being in Love in with fathers sworn enemy.

3,045 4
4 “Do you think I’m insane?”

insanity can be reached on many levels. we wouldn't call this insanity, would we? we would call this special ability.

4,276 7
5 “What does puppies have to do with anything?”

“Harry never can turn down a cute, adorable, totally amazing puppy. Can you Harry?” Kiley said, watching her face turn an even deeper shade of purple. Kiley was trying to think back to what Luna said. Did Luna ever mention Hermione and Harry having a fling? She was positive she never did.

3,619 7
6 Wands, Dragons, and Hugs (oh my!)

“It’s the fang of a very dark beast. It’s only meant to go into the wands of people who deal with very dark magic…… which is why I wonder……” Ollivander said, looking at Kiley intently. She gulped, growing nervous under the stare of this strange man.

2,758 3
7 and the truth shall set you free. but will it today?

She looked at Severus, really looked at him. She saw the same color hair that she saw everyday in the mirror. She saw the same face shape she saw everyday in the mirror. But it was all coincidence!! She screamed at herself. My father must have looked that way when he was a child! Or my mother!

2,774 4
8 Ex-boyfriends, Veritiserum, and the Dark Lord. Now that's not good.

“All right, now that the serum is done, why don’t we test it out?” Severus said. He heard audible groans from the classmates and he smirked. He filled a dozen test tubes and handed them to every other person in the class. “Now, I want every other row to turn to the person in back of them and give them three drops, and three drops only! Then you may ask them any question you would like.

Kiley turned to whoever was in back of her and groaned, resisting the impulse to hit her head repeatedly on the back of the chair.

3,028 4
9 "time can never mend a careless whisper"

“No need to explain. It all works out actually. You are going to kill Harry Potter for me. You will need the Death Mark of course, but that is only a small bump in the road.” Voldemort told her. Yes, it would all work out. She was close to him, that much was certain. She would kill him when they where alone……


4,639 3
10 high ho the merrio, to Grimmauld place we go!

“Blimey, Harry! The Death Eaters took over the whole school for about five minutes! No one knew who they where and if they where Death Eaters, but me and Hermione knew! So did Snape, because he came into the Gryffindor Common room and told me that you two had left and that the Death Eaters where lookin for Kiley! None of them approached me, I was bloody glad of that! I could’ve taken them though! But then Snape tells me and Hermione to come here for Christmas. Hermione didn’t want to come, so she’s not comin, but, blimey, Harry!”

4,275 3
11 "How many times can I break and not shatter?"

"Oh my gosh, do you realize who Kelly looks like?"
"Dear Merlin, do you actually think...............?" Harry breathed, a look of wonder flashing across his face.

5,605 5
12 It's true. we're all a little insane.

Kiley groaned. “Both of you grab my hands, now.” Harry complied, but Ron was uncertain. “Take my hand, Ron,” he did and Kiley closed her eyes.

2,980 2
13 she lives in a fairytale...

When she got past the wrapping she came to a box. She opened the box and came to yet another box, this one a little velvety. She looked at Harry again, taking in his excited face. He shifted underneath her, wanting to get up. She looked at him confused but she complied. He sat on the floor in front of her and she sat down in the chair.

3,180 3
14 Nothing is ever as it seems...

When they got to the platform and had run through the barrier, Kiley looked around her in wonder. This was her first train ride to Hogwarts. Everything was so, so busy! People where everywhere, bumping into one another, most saying sorry, the obvious Slytherins rolling their eyes.

3,978 0
15 "Masquarade, painted faces on parade."

Bellatrix began to dance around, humming to herself. She danced around the teachers table, snatching up Severus along the way. He complied grudgingly, catching the look on Kiley’s face and winking slightly. They danced around the stage, Bellatrix humming and Severus leading. Suddenly real music came on and everyone looked around. Dumbledore was still seated, but there was a glint in his old eyes that suggested the music came from him.

2,382 3
16 "I've got no time for feeling sorry."

“You know,” she said somewhat valley girlish, “Draco is kinda cute.”

Harry dropped his cup, the juice spilling everywhere. He sprayed the liquid that was in his mouth all over Ron. Ron didn’t even notice. He and everyone else were staring at Kiley like she was going batty.

2,163 4
17 Anything that boys do, don't you know that girls can to?

“You don’t think I know that, Malfoy? She’s persistent. She would have found someway to try out even if I had banned her, locked her up in her room, and took away her broom!” Harry replied, rolling his eyes.

2,497 1
18 "I'm not the same kid from your memory.."

“Reverse charm. Bellatrix is smart.” Was the only reply he got.

4,561 2
19 "But I'll fight and make it all right...."

“Enough with all of the delay’s.” a voice said from inside the hood. It sounded almost tired, bored even. “Just hand over the girl and you can get back to your party.” Being Voldemort he fully expected everyone to hand her over to him. When no one made a move he was stunned. He grew angry the longer time passed. He wrenched off his hood and screamed, “GIVE HER TO ME!”

2,226 2
20 "It was the fight of our lives, but we'll stand up, champions tonight"

Avada Kedavra!” they screamed it at the exact same time. The spells hit each other, breaking with a loud boom, sparks erupting.

1,666 3
21 "She'll change her name today, she'll make a promise and i'll give her away"

Kelly nodded to her and squeezed her arm before going through the door with Ron on her side. Kiley tried to stop her hands from shaking, but they wouldn’t stop, so she just clutched the boquet to her tightly with both hands. Severus came up behind her and whispered, “Are you ready?” she nodded, looking at her fathers beaming face

1,563 0
22 Ninteen years later.....

Kiley took that moment to look the blonde boy over, trying to find out who he belonged to. His blonde hair was shockingly pale and his eyes where a grayish blue color. He had the features of a Malfoy.

3,695 19


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