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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Snape/Lily, James/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-07-04 6:55pm
Last Chapter
2011-04-22 11:00am
Last Updated
2011-04-22 11:00am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 One. Lily's Worst Memory and the Consequences of the M-Word

With Fifth Year dying down and only one OWL left, Lily should not be worrying about the Marauders. However, when they start bullying her old friend, she has to step in.

2,815 24
2 Two. The Very Dramatic Quidditch Cup of 1976

Everyone in the school is hyped for the Gryffindor-Slytherin match, where it promises to be a battle of seekers Sam Lewis and Regulus Black. But when Sam is missing, the match still has to go on.

2,452 12
3 Three. Unwanted Encounters

James just about gets on one knee to ask Rory a question. Marlene is harassed by her old friends until Remus interferes. Sirius defends his brother, but later has second thoughts.

3,554 12
4 Four. Not Your Typical End of the Year Mayhem

The last day of Potions calls for some chaos. Lily smarts to Slughorn, but can’t seem to get Severus to speak to her. The Marauders cast an end of the year prank that successfully frames Mary Jane.

3,721 9
5 Five. Remus to the Rescue

School’s out for the summer. James apologizes to Lily for how he acted the day at the lake. Sirius is shocked that Peter is trying to give him relationship advice. MJ catches Remus and Marlene flirting, but all of the novelty between them vanishes as soon as Remus has to give her some bad news.

2,941 19
6 Six. The Time Sirius Was Burned Off The Black Family Tapestry

Severus visits Lily during the summer just like he used to when they were little. He tries to apologize for calling her the M-word, but what he says sparks something bigger. When Sirius’ family finds something in his trunk, he has no choice but to run away to James’. Of course, he isn’t complaining...

2,577 14
7 Seven. The Wit of Mssrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs

The Marauders meet up at James’ for a summer weekend and do their usual conspiring. Remus shows his friends a surprising letter. The Full Moon gives Sirius an idea about the Marauder’s Map, which Marlene finds when she visits the Potters.

2,964 13
8 Eight. What You Didn't Know About Marlene McKinnon

The McKinnons hold their annual summer party despite the attack on their neighborhood earlier that summer. Not surprisingly, devastating news about the war pains Marlene.

3,011 14
9 Nine. When Home Isn't Perfect

The McKinnons try to sort through the war tragedies that have already affected them. Roan walks in on Rory so he tries to make it up to her. Sirius finally tells Mrs. Potter about running away. MJ’s dad doesn’t like the direction her life is taking. Severus makes promises to Lily.

2,631 7
10 Ten. Hogwarts: An Awkward-filled, Angst-heavy Musical?

Sirius and Rory argue over Sirius’ affinity for hair. The Marauders conspire to turn Hogwarts into a musical. Marlene and Remus are forced to chat and try extremely hard to avoid mentioning summer. Lily inspires MJ to pursue a new hobby. Plus, no back to school chapter would be complete without James and Sirius having their fun with Severus.

3,505 11
11 Eleven. When A Beater Invited Rory and MJ Invited A Seeker

The Gryffindors begin a lighthearted conversation about names, but the boys soon upset the girls. James "uncovers" a new approach to training for Quidditch. MJ and Rory both make arrangements to meet with surprising people. Meanwhile, Dumbledore has appointed a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

3,652 10
12 Tweleve. MJ Meets the Dark Arts

Peter dreads the Halloween Dance. Regulus teaches MJ some basic dark magic. Lily shoots down James... again. Rory has a visitor.

2,027 7
13 Thirteen. When Brothers Fight Brothers

Regulus and a group of Slytherins confront MJ, Sirius, and Rory. Rory isn’t hesitant to fight Regulus despite his apathy. Her anger is fueled by certain memories she has of him from various Quidditch matches.

2,409 6
14 Fourteen. Rory's Date Lottery

Marlene looks all over for a place to study and ends up at a table with Remus. Rory finds a date to the Halloween Dance, but is a little distracted by someone else. The marauders are pushed into holding a date lottery. Regulus drills MJ about Sirius.

3,064 9
15 Fifteen. How Catty Girls Can Ruin A Halloween Dance

The group puts on their costumes and heads to the Halloween Dance.

4,822 6
16 Sixteen. The Secret Lives of Hogwarts Teachers

MJ and Regulus talk about the Halloween dance. The marauders pull a prank that lands them in trouble with Professor Moseley. The marauders' plan to set Remus up with Marlene backfires.

2,754 8
17 Seventeen. Sirius, Unhinged

Rory learns more about Roan when he comes to watch the Ravenclaw-Gryffindor match. Lily decides not to go to the match, and instead finds herself with Sev. During the match, James is displeased with Rory's behavior. Furious, James complains to Sirius and MJ. His ranting is interrupted by a group of Slytherins.

4,838 7
18 Eighteen. Honesty, For Better and For Worse

Sirius manages to turn four of his friends against him. Regulus is open with MJ, which surprises her. Severus and Lily meet outside.

4,619 6
19 Nineteen. So This Is Revenge

Lily reacts to Severus’ request. MJ releases her anger against Sirius in a class duel. Afterwards, Moseley asks to see her in his office, and they discuss her choices. Regulus gives MJ a present.

4,098 7
20 Twenty. When Peter Is Right About Being Invisible

The boys meet Sirius in the Hospital Wing, and he sends Peter on an errand. Along the way, Peter encounters some of the Gryffindor Girls and learns a few secrets.

4,461 7
21 Twenty One. Reconciliation

The Full Moon leaves Remus worse off than usual. MJ finally speaks to Sirius.

4,536 7
22 Twenty Two. Flight and Fight

No Gryffindor is exempt from Bertha Jorkins' latest gossiping wildfire. Slughorn sends out invitations to his annual party. Lily confides in Marlene, who is finally starting to accept herself. MJ and Regulus carefully talk about each other. James follows Snape and thrusts himself and his friends into battle.

5,794 7
23 Twenty Three. When Regulus Maybe Feels A Little Regret

Remus, despite his yearning to never know, must illuminate the hall and reveal the aftermath of the duel. Regulus is bothered by the fight. The Marauders spend quality time together recovering from the duel and helping each other find dates to the impending Christmas party. Marlene realizes she was a little hypocritical in the past. Severus worries that the Marauders will try to expose him as a Death Eater to Lily.

4,371 7
24 Twenty Four. When Severus Snape Is A Christmas Tree, A Boyfriend, And A Death Eater All At One Party

At the Slug Club Christmas Party, Bertha's gossiping and gullability entertain Sirius. Lily is angry when James and Sirius hex Severus Snape. She storms away with Severus, and the two end up away from the party for a while. At the end of the party, Rory confronts the Head of the Auror Department about his politics.

6,559 4
25 Twenty Five. The Inheritance

Remus suddenly finds himself a love life. Everyone gets ready to head home for the holidays.

2,864 7
26 Twenty Six. Who to Spend the Holidays With

How the Gryffindors spend their winter vacation and how the Gryffindors wish they were spending their vacations.

5,376 7
27 Twenty Seven. The Worst Full Moon in the History of Full Moons

When Sirius tells James that Snape might be dropping by for the Full Moon, James thinks it’s a good idea. When he actually sees Snape come though, James changes his mind completely and saves Snape’s life.

6,260 7
28 Twenty Eight. Sirius, In Response to Remus' Rage

When Remus expresses frustration with his friends, Sirius attempts to mend their friendship. His quest leads him to Cora, then to Marlene. His conversation with Marlene further inspires him to make reforms. MJ feels anxious at how Sirius treats her, but her musings on Sirius dwindle when she learns of Regulus’ crime record.

4,013 8
29 Twenty Nine. Rory's Damn Good Competition

The Gryffindors head to the Slytherin/Ravenclaw match to watch Regulus play Seeker. While at the match, the Marauders run into their 5th roommate--who they hardly ever see. Marlene and Lily decide to skip the match, preferring to study in the library instead. Later that day, MJ finally finds herself alone with Regulus for the first time since he visited her over winter vacation.

4,144 10
30 Thirty. The Party Schemes of Sirius and Marlene

Winter drags on for the Gryffindors, and they start to go stir-crazy. Marlene and Sirius decide to actively combat their misery by throwing a birthday party that happens to fall on the night of the Gryffindor/Slytherin match.

4,274 11
31 Thirty One. In The Heat of the Moment

Several disagreements, a couple unexpected hook-ups, and a duel.

4,834 10
32 Thirty Two. The Final Falling Out of Lily and Severus

A weak MJ is helped by a Death Eater. Marlene and Sirius try to figure out what happened the night before. James and Sirius bother Lily, but not as much as Snape does.

6,857 13
33 Thirty Three. The Fine Line Between Sappiness and Sincerity

The boys help Remus through the Full Moon. Afterwards, upon taking him to the Hospital Wing, they are surprised to see MJ. Sirius and Marlene talk. For quite a long while.

5,707 14
34 Thirty Four. What James, Sirius, and Remus Feel, Really

Lily and James quarrel, which isn’t much of a surprise to her until he reveals a secret. Remus and Cora reevaluate their relationship. Sirius and Remus make a pact. MJ has a couple visitors in the Hospital Wing.

6,044 19
35 Thirty Five. The Dinner Party

MJ and Sirius talk about their budding relationship, but MJ questions it later that day. Lily attends one of Slughorn's infamously boring dinner parties, but how boring can it be with a potential employer to her right and James on her left?

6,442 12
36 Thirty Six. Confrontations

As soon as MJ is released from the Hospital Wing, she goes to see Sirius. James is angry when he finds out that Lily may be behind their struggles.

5,084 9
37 Thirty Seven. The Sane, The Insane, and Bellatrix Lestrange

Remus attempts to hold up his end of the pact with Sirius, but Marlene takes the reigns of the conversation. Lily and James strategically try to keep their friends happy. Rory invites Sirius and Peter to a party, where Peter must keep his cool.

6,757 5
38 Thirty Eight. Rock Bottom for Sirius Black

Sirius and Peter return from the party, but Sirius needs cheering up from the Marauders. Marlene accompanies the boys and spends time with Remus. Sirius encounters Snape but is sent to Dumbledore's office when their duel goes awry.

5,599 8
39 Thirty Nine. Cheater, Cheater Says Peter

The Marauders argue about what constitutes cheating after hearing the latest in the Remus/Marlene saga. Rory proves to be a fierce friend. MJ explains her homesickness to Regulus.

5,001 6
40 Forty. James, the Quiet Conversationalist

Remus speaks with Marlene. Then he joins the Marauders for lunch with the girls. James shows Lily the Marauders' Map.

4,895 15
41 Forty One. To Be Alone

Remus surprises Marlene. The girls stumble across something alarming. The boys start planning a prank. MJ finally confronts the Black brothers.

5,063 13
42 Forty Two. Sirius, Out of (And In) Character

Sirius and Lily find themselves in collective trouble. The boys make multiple immature jokes about the attractiveness of their professors, but redeem themselves with a well-played prank.

5,269 13
43 Forty Three. Fading Images

MJ is approached by the Seventh-Year girls, who pose an offer. Marlene is alone with her thoughts and a bit of mysterious parchment for a few moments before the Gryffindors burst in for a goodbye before the Easter Holidays. Rory heads to Roan's and finds herself in a nightmare.

5,394 8
44 Forty Four. Pureblood Problems

Marlene's woes only grow when she takes a trip into London with James and Sirius.

5,832 7
45 Forty Five. The Mud Fight

Marlene hopes her troubles will lessen with her return to Hogwarts. Meanwhile, Lily and Sirius strike up an odd friendship on the train back.

4,069 10
46 Forty Six. James' New Friend

Lily accompanies the boys to Trivia Night. Moseley leads a Defense lesson that is particularly inspiring to a few Slytherin boys.

3,964 14
47 Forty Seven. James and Lily's Truce

The Captains and Seconds meet to discuss the rules of the upcoming Forest Duel. James must assemble a team, despite distractions in the form of warm weather, Trivia Night, and Lily.

6,214 16
48 Forty Eight. Preparations

The Gryffindors meet the other duelers and must prepare accordingly. MJ prints photographs with Regulus that Rory finds. The dueling games begin.

5,257 16
49 Forty Nine. The Forest Duel Part I

The five Gryffindors face unexpected trouble in the Forbidden Forest.

5,440 17
50 Fifty. The Forest Duel Part II

The five Gryffindors face unexpected trouble in the Forbidden Forest.

7,587 24
51 Fifty One. The Aftershock

The Gryffindors realize that the end of the duel doesn't also signal the end of the cnsequences.

5,054 47


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