Harry, Hermione
Romance, Action, Angst, Crossover
No Warnings
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First Published
2002-12-19 00:00:00
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2003-08-13 00:00:00
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2005-06-01 20:37:05
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

Life is terrible. You're fifteen, must fight the most powerful Wizard of this century, and recently your enemy melded with a Japanese demon, turning into a single person who shares the memories and the magical skill of both. Too, you have odd dreams in which you meet people from Japan who cannot see or hear you. They want to help you, but is it wise to accept their help? Or is it wiser to follow your instinct? What if you're the monster's first target? He doesn't want any more to kill you – worse. He wants to use you. And you're on your own...

3921 8
2 Chapter One: Inside a Mirror

Harry finds out a disgraceful news. In the meantime, somebody is plotting against him.

4368 0
3 Chapter Two: A letter from Ron

A letter from Rom forces Harry to subdue to an evil trick. In the meantime, Cornelius Fudge meets an odd woman.

7204 0
4 Chapter Three: Mrs. Figg

The new DADA Professor is arriving at Hogwarts. In the meantime, Harry feels sick in the middle of the street and finds himself in a different place, where nobody can see or hear him. Then, big surprises are waiting for him at Privet Drive!

8749 0
5 Chapter Four: Hali-san

Harry feels sick again, and finds himself back to that strange place. Thank Goodness, this time something is different. But Naraku and Voldemort are plotting against him: who is Wormtail looking for?

6819 1


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