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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Angst
Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-06-26 6:51am
Last Chapter
2011-02-07 10:33am
Last Updated
2011-02-07 10:33am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Heads Collide

The first day of Hogwarts begins and Draco must face the head girl.

2,791 10
2 The News Spreads

Draco's presence on the train spreads quickly as they journey back to Hogwarts

2,946 13
3 Return to Hogwarts

Hermione and Draco arrive at Hogwart and are introduced to the heads common room

3,654 6
4 Classes, duties and raw emotions

Classes begin, and Hermione confronts Ron about his raw emotions.

3,066 7
5 Hospital visit number one

Draco becomes acquainted with the hospital at Hogwarts.

3,245 6
6 Where to from here

Hermione and Ron discuss their future

3,443 7
7 Confrontations

Draco faces a group of Slytherins who are not too happy about his return.

3,235 10
8 Quidditch Trials

Draco faces all the thrills and spills of Quidditch Trials

2,728 10
9 The Memorial

The memorial for all those who died in the war is held

3,434 12
10 To make up or end things

With the memorial leading to Ron sorting out his anger, Hermione is faced with the decision on their future.

2,414 7
11 Stories of a Past

Draco reflects on his childhood

1,816 6
12 The Shy Boy

Dance classes start and Hermione redescovers her love of dance, but craves a partner that matches her ability

3,196 6
13 Fever

Things are heating up

3,065 8
14 In the Arms of Recovery

Bed rest is in order as Hermione recovers from her fever, and one person remains by her side.

3,557 9
15 The Snow Ball

The night of the a ball has arrived and Hermione arrives on the arm of Draco

4,248 8
16 Time Apart

Draco and Hermione have to say good bye as they go their separate ways for the Christmas Break

4,300 7
17 Reunited

The holidays are over and Hermione and Draco are happily reunited.

2,405 5
18 Secrets

Much is revealed as one world falls apart and one is restored

4,207 6
19 I Will Be Right Here

“What if she never talks to me again?' Draco asked the starlit sky, “She means so much to me, I don't want to lose her.”

3,356 3
20 For the Quidditch Cup

It's Malfoy vs Potter

3,952 4
21 Letter from home

A letter from his father sends Draco's world spiraling down hill

2,924 6
22 The Waiting Game

Draco watches on helpless.

3,251 9
23 Waking to the Aftermath

Draco awakes confused and disorientated and desperate for news.

3,462 4
24 Exams

Exams are on and the end of their time at Hogwarts appraches

2,693 6
25 Graduation

It's graduation night and indecision is starting to set in

4,294 8
26 The Ultimate Decision

Draco has made up his mind...

3,907 12


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