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Tonks, OC
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General, Horror/Dark, Mystery
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-06-15 9:20pm
Last Chapter
2011-03-27 4:20pm
Last Updated
2011-04-08 12:16pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

When Tonks came to, she was lying under the craggy lip of a gully about a mile from the village high street. Uncurling her bruised legs, she dragged herself out into the fiendish morning sunlight where balmy breezes teased her cheeks.

Well, that’s a surprise, she thought. I’m alive.

1,505 37
2 Constable Tonks

Sergeant Brodie opened one of his desks drawers and withdrew a manila folder. “It’s all very routine,” he said, extracting a stack of papers. “You can read the complaints yourself if you like.”

Tonks took the documents from him and flipped through the mostly handwritten notes. Unable to help herself, she giggled while skimming through one particularly colorful letter that described a sheep’s wool being dyed red overnight.

Sergeant Brodie raised his eyebrows at her again.

2,573 24
3 Playing Dumb

So this is what he meant by flying, Tonks thought as Sergeant Brodie set the tiny seaplane down in a basin of iron-colored water.

Her heart dropped straight into her stomach as waves struck the doors, whitecaps rising up against the nose of the plane as the engine sputtered.

3,517 16
4 Rituals

Tonks was late meeting up with Brodie at the island’s inn. Much to her surprise, the magical populace of Willoway was not only abundant but outgoing. After she left the Apothecary and made her way through the village, she was regularly stopped by witches and wizards who wanted to make her acquaintance.

2,432 8
5 The Schoolhouse

Tonks awoke the next morning at a quarter past eight. The sun had already ruptured the horizon and from the window in her room she could see it painting the dewy green with pleasant, tawny rays. A man wearing a tweed cap led his pony and cart down the High Street, whistling as he went.

2,363 9
6 Wandless

Every time the stone changed hands, it seemed to dissolve and change shape. Tonks stepped closer, her mouth falling open.

The girls weren’t using wands!

2,841 9
7 Foxy Business

Tonks had the space of a second to make up her mind. Should she cast a Memory Charm on Brodie or leave him be? If Kingsley had been here, she would have gone with the former, no doubt about it. But as it was, Kingsley was in London…and not answering her messages.

Tonks was alone on Willoway. Completely alone. Save for Brodie, of course.

2,672 6
8 The Patriarch

Tonks flushed, realizing that she must not appear authoritative to him. “I’ll have to report this to the Ministry. In fact, I already have. You are the magistrate of Willoway, yes?”

“That is correct, though the residents prefer to call me their Patriarch.”

“Then how can you not be aware of magical law?”

2,690 4
9 Shifting Shadows

Up ahead, a small dog-like figure crossed the lane…and promptly took the form of a human shadow.

Brodie stumbled to a halt.

My God…my God!

3,558 5
10 Portrait in Red

This is evil, Tonks realized then and there. It’s not some dark, fanged thing hiding in a forest or an old dungeon, but here, now, in a sleepy little town.

3,976 5
11 The Greenhouses

At once, Tonks felt her resolve shatter and as it did, she pointed her wand at Murron’s jar of daisies.


Shards of earthenware shot across the store. Murron gasped and, to Tonks’s great satisfaction, ducked, throwing her arms over her head. Daisy petals rained down like large snowflakes.

2,736 6
12 Surrounded

“Magic.” Rook’s eyes lit up at once. “And if I were you, Sergeant Brodie, I would surely ask Constable Tonks all about it.”

4,065 3
13 Unmasked

The crowd parted, slightly, just enough to reveal the prone figure of Sergeant Brodie lying sprawled on the grass of the green beneath the May Pole. Someone had stunned him….

Kentigern Rook.

3,948 7


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