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Ron, Hermione
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Other Pairing
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-05-29 1:49pm
Last Chapter
2012-01-16 9:25am
Last Updated
2012-01-16 9:25am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Blythe Manor

She stopped outside a door, her hand resting on the handle. “I’m afraid we were not given all information sir.”
Ron’s perplexed eyes rounded on Gwen. “What information?” He looked back and forth between his two team members. “What are you talking about Gwen?”
She sighed heavily. “Perhaps it’s better if you see for yourself, sir.”
She turned the handle of the door and pushed it open, stepping back to let Ron through.

4,313 14
2 Family News

“I hope you don’t mind your mum telling me about the baby.”

“Na,” Ron rubbed his fingers roughly through his hair disheveling it thoroughly. “I’m going to have to tell everyone eventually.”

5,843 5
3 Little Girl

There was no way he was going to let Ginny get the better of him. Begging for help by tomorrow? He wasn’t a boy anymore. He was a fully grown, fully trained, Ministry Employed Auror. Not only that, he was Captain of the best, most discreet team the Ministry had. If the Ministry trusted him to lead his team into some of the most dangerous situations the former Death Eaters could cook up, than certainly he could be trusted to take care of one small baby.

5,016 3
4 The Coming Home Party

“Speaking of Ron,” Dean looked around the darkened yard. “Where is he? I expected to see him here tonight.”
Tensing slightly, Hermione lifted her head and made her own search of the yard looking to make sure the tall redhead hadn’t slipped in without her knowing.
“Don’t worry. He isn’t here.” Puffing slight Ginny lowered herself onto the log beside Hermione.
“Who isn’t here?” Hermione took a casual sip of tea as she moved over slightly to make more room.
“Ron. He&rs

4,267 6
5 Gossip at the Ministry

Hermione stared at the younger girl a moment, her eyes scrunched in disbelief. “You’re talking about Ron Weasley?”
“The man who was just standing here? In this hallway? With us.”
Ramilda rolled her eyes. “Yes. Ronald Weasley. For goodness sake, I know who he is. Everybody around here does. And that was even before the baby arrived.”

3,755 3
6 Playing With Fire

Parker chuckled with amusement. “You’re right Ms Granger. I am blunt. I don’t see any reason not to be. And, when I make my mind up to do something I go for it all the way and I don’t stop until I get what I want. That is why I am here disturbing your lunch break. You see Ms Granger, I have plans for you.”

3,407 3
7 Baby's First Magic

He knocked on the door. Almost instantly it was flung open.
“Ronnie!” Molly reached through the door and hulled him inside. “I was wondering when you would be getting here.”
“Sorry mum.” He let her take the baby out of his arms. “I thought it’d be better to feed her before we came so I wouldn’t have to deal with it during dinner and we had a little mishap with exploding milk.”
Molly’s face brightened instantaneously. “Her first magic?”

5,073 3
8 A Family Affair

“I…er…I was hoping we could, well, talk.”
There was a beat then a firm, “No.”
“Ron,” Hermione eased closer, her voice lowered to a whisper. “This is ridiculous. I know you’ve been avoiding me since I returned to England. Don’t you think…”
“No.” He said in the same firm, impersonal voice. “I don’t.”

4,673 4
9 Not Again

“It’s been five years.”
“I know that. But I look at her and all the old feelings come rushing back at me until I can’t see straight. I worked so hard to be ready for this and the moment I see her I forget everything. I just see her running away again.”

5,591 4
10 Parker Gale

“Well yes. I am. Come on Parker,” she nudged him when he stuck his lip out in a pout. “Even you have to admit that you haven’t exactly been forth coming with me. How do I really know I can trust you?”
“Ron does.”
“That doesn’t help you case much. Remember, I don’t exactly trust him either.”

4,751 3
11 Buenas Noches

“I do not need to. I do not care. Why do you let him affect you like this? You told me you were finished with him.”
“I am.”
Do not lie to me.”
Hermione lowered her head shamefully. “I did not think it would be this difficult. I suppose it is true, you never fully forget your first love.”

7,375 1
12 The Naming Ceremony

Ron stepped forward, taking a deep breath and squaring his shoulders. “I have put a great deal of time and consideration into the choosing of her name. I wanted to make certain that it suited her in every way possible and I feel that I have finally found the perfect name.”
“And what name have you chosen?”
“I have chosen to name her..."

7,819 3
13 In Bad Taste

 “What are you doing here with her?”
Acting upon the need for self preservation Parker snatched his hand away from Hermione’s waist.
“It wasn’t Parker’s fault.” Hermione said meekly, cowering beneath the intense fire in his eyes. “We…”
“I wasn’t talking to you!” Ron snapped. “I was talking to Parker. What are you doing here with her?”

7,155 7
14 Sometimes Sorry Isn't Good Enough

Ron’s hands darted suddenly forward and latched onto her arms, drawing her abruptly to his chest. “Parker Gale is not the right man for you.” He snarled through gritted teeth.
Hermione stared unblinkingly into his blue eyes. “And you think you know who is?”

6,378 6
15 Top Priority

Parker stared quietly at the dark dwelling for several minutes. He wished one of the two people barricaded inside had taken the time to put on some lights. If he could only spot their silhouette in a window, just to know that they were both still alright, he was sure the tightening in his stomach would lessen.

6,365 4
16 Held Accountable

Parker snarled using his foot to shove Ron back to the floor when he made to get up. “Stay down.” He warned as he withdrew his wand with the speed and agility honed from years of training. “By Merlin, if you hurt her…”

6,040 3
17 Falling Apart

“Or perhaps I’ll let it slip to Mum while I’m helping her wash up where exactly you’ve been sleeping at night.”
Hermione’s mouth dropped open in horror. “You wouldn’t.”

5,683 3
18 The Blythe Baby

“You mean the Blythe Baby?”
“No,” Ron said firmly. “I mean Blake. She’s my daughter. I named her. Blake Kinley Weasley. That is her name."

5,667 4
19 Don't Do Anything Stupid

“I’ve gotten on just fine the past five years without people watching every move I make.”
“Look, we know you can take care of yourself.” Harry assured him. “You just...”
“You’ve just been short on patience lately.” Parker finished.

7,012 4
20 Jillian Oldham

Jillian Oldham leaned back in her seat and watched Hermione intently. She was a stubborn witch, she had to give her that. They had kept her in isolation for the past three days, interrogated her heavily using all their most productive tactics but she still hadn’t changed her story.

6,031 3
21 An Interview With Hermione

“If you think you can come in here after all that’s happened, after everything we’ve talked about, everything I’ve been through, and say that to me, you are seriously mistaken.”

7,157 6
22 She Said What

On the floor near the door was one rail of the cot, the obvious sound of the thud she had heard.
With an angry growl, Ron detached the other rail and let it drop to the floor.
Ginny jumped at the sound, a hand automatically going to her chest. “What are you doing?”

7,081 6
23 Me over Them

Anger flashed behind his green eyes, lighting up his face. “I won’t do it, Ginny. I won’t pick between my brother and my sister. That’s what you’re asking me to do, and I won’t."
“I’m not asking you to do anything. Ron really is your brother. He’s family.”
“And Hermione really is my sister.”

9,257 4
24 Try and Stop Me

“It’s all there.” She assured him. “Every coin.”
“It better be.” He tugged the drawstrings firmly closed. “Or the location of your portkey might just slip to the next Auror I meet.”
“How about me?” Ron leapt lightning quick to his feet, wand drawn. “Will I do?”

8,168 3
25 She's Damned Herself

“You can feel it happening already. You’re getting lost inside your own head. It’s becoming harder to fight. Harder to find your way back.” Jillian leaned close so that her mouth was right next to Hermione’s ear. “Eventually it will be impossible.” She whispered. “You’ll be lost forever.”

9,056 2
26 Coming Home

“I thought about what you’ve said.” Ron said in a cool, collected voice. “And I understand what you’re saying. I get it. I do.”
“Then what’s the problem?”
“I…” He bit back the words. He paused a moment, taking a breath. “I just don’t know if I can do it anymore.”

8,909 2
27 Confessions

Jillian’s nostrils flared. She stomped forward until her toes were inches away from Hermione’s face. “You and Potter both think you’re so smart. That no one could possibly figure out what it is you’re doing. But I’m on to you. I know Harry took one of those Muggle flying brooms to Spain. It won’t take long to get confirmation of the fact.

12,289 2
28 In Greene's Office

“That’s it?” She asked. Tossing the paper back on his desktop in what she hopped appeared to be a flippant maneuver. “You called me away from my work to read that?”
Blood pooled in Greene’s face, altering it a bright red in the effort to restrain his anger. “Do you have any idea,” he asked slowly, “what you’ve done?”
“Yes.” She crossed her right leg over the other, perfecting a relaxed pose. “I got a confession out of our friend Ms Granger.”

12,110 4
29 Did what I think just happen, really just happen?

“Harry.” Ginny clutched at his sleeve, using it as leverage to help her to her feet. “Did what I think just happen, really just happen?”
Harry turned to her, his smile growing broader. With a shout of joy he swooped down and kissed her full on the lips, stealing her breath away. “Yes, Gin. It did.”

6,444 14
30 All Roads Lead to Madrid

“Jillian Oldham is here, in the city. It’s only a matter of time before she comes knocking at your door.”

11,099 12
31 Where Have You Been?

"Where the hell have you been?" She asked with no preamble. "I've been trying to reach you."

9,069 19
32 The Best Laid Plans: Part 1

 “I am fighting, Mr Peel.” She turned her body just enough so that she could see him over her left shoulder. “You might not see it, but I am.” 

5,437 5
33 Best Laid Plans: Part 2

“I just assumed…” She stammered. “I mean you didn’t show up to testify the other day… and you’re not there today… I thought you’d made your decision…you know…about what we talked about.”

“Testify?” Ron’s lips formed the word, but there was no air to push it out. It had all poured out of him in a moment of surprise. “Her trial?”

8,575 13
34 Times Up

  Now that Harry was here there were no more excuses to keep him from going home. Hermione was waiting for him and there was no more time left to think and plan and know what exactly he was going to say when he saw her.

13,729 11


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