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Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/OC, Other Pairing
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Next Generation
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-05-23 7:12am
Last Chapter
2011-02-07 11:39am
Last Updated
2011-02-07 11:39am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 My last mint double-scooper

Little Roma Drinino thinks that today is a day like any other. When she arrives home to her parents she sees that not all is what it seems. Her parents have been mysteriously murdered and she is left an orphan. That is until a very famous Auror takes her in as his own...

1,000 5
2 Stealing, Blood and Singed Clothing

6 years have passed and Roma is one of the family. But does James think of her as a sister or something else? And what's wrong with Lily?

1,903 10
3 The White Bow

A blue dress, hair dye and an announcement from Teddy has Rose seeing red. Or blue... Praise, discomfort, heartbreak, excitement, premonitions, nerves... It's all here.

1,685 7
4 D for Drinino

The fantastic foursome get their O.W.L results...DUN DUN DUN!!!
What is it about divination that has Roma in hysterics and what request shall she receive?

1,914 6
5 Flagged Territory

It's back on the Hogwarts Express and back to school for a very 'special' Roma and the gang. What will confusing events will occur? Who's feathers will be ruffled on the long ride to the castle? We all know that James is to blame, but which unexpected 6th Year Slytherin will also be in the thick of it?

1,836 7
6 Michael The Skeleton

Roma is severely freaked out by her weird encounter with one Scorpius Malfoy last night, but was it real or was it fiction? Perhaps we'll find out. Classes begin and potions now includes one more person that Roma doesn't like... what shinnanagins will Roma get up to all in the name of getting her 'Thrills'?

1,867 5
7 The Fame

As Roma and Scorpius learn more about eachother, James sees a threat on the horizon. What event in Defence Against The Dark Arts has Roma in such a need of mint ice cream?

1,899 5
8 Rejection Is Brutal

Rose questions Roma about her disappearance earlier and James asks questions about religion. Though that's not the only odd thing James Potter does within the short space of a few hours.

1,125 6
9 That Makes Two Of Us

A mortified and depressed Roma makes her miserable way to Hogsmeade with an unlikely pal. Which old friend will she meet and what favour does he ask of her?

2,746 5
10 The Woman Who Saw

While Roma is busy avoiding some asshole she stumbles upon something that may help her in her mission for Teddy. What could James have possibly done to get himself into the hospital wing this time?

1,625 3
11 Regrets and Regurgitation

The qidditch season begins with a deathplot, a punch, a bang and a bucket... and as life couldn't possibly get any better, Malfoy has to be a git too.

3,421 3
12 Stupid Love Triangles

Losing sucks! What do you get when you mix Roma and alcohol? How many people will she kiss? and why on earth does she wake up in James Potter's bed? Things are so complicated...

2,578 5
13 Ginavladova Anchovi and the Autumn Tulip

The date is set! The deed  is going to be done! But will Roma chicken out or will she follow through and save Teddy's relationship with Victoire?? Harry takes Roma for a bit of a wonder around as they reopen old wounds and find a little girl doing a very special trick.

2,545 5
14 Knock Knock

After a long game of Hide and Seek Roma finally gives up. How will she explain her whereabouts and will James and Scorpius accept what she has to say for herself? And why is James receiving so much praise for his mental capabilities?

921 4
15 Halloween

It's a very special person's birthday and Halloween. It's also a bringer of news and as James and Fred receive a very special offer. How does this offer change things for Roma and what does Scorpius say that has her so skeptic?

2,084 5
16 Lily In Bloom

Roma spends way too much time in the girls' bathroom. Lily has disturbing news and James finds a way to defy an ancient protective charm to the dismay of the female members of the Quidditch team. But, why does Scorpius deserve a slap in the face?

2,366 4
17 Indecision

Gryffindor are number one, Roma spends time with the girls and Roma, James and Fred make asses of themselves. What role does firewhiskey play in helping Roma make her decision? And why does Al think she's made the wrong one?

2,824 6
18 S.P.E.W Meets D.I.E

It's back on the train, though this time Roma is not surrounded by family and friends. Her decision has her gutted and unable to function around others and so she secludes herself and grovels in her own misery. What makes Liana Zabini cry and why is Scorpius so disapproving?

2,237 4
19 Tears, Talks and Treacherous Sneezing

It's Christmas at the Potters though Roma is far from cheery - for the most part at least. Teddy acts out of character, Victoire wants to apologize to Roma and wands are drawn at the dinner table. Honestly, what is all this about? And who will let the fox out of the closet?

3,170 5
20 The Lonely Lark

Wedding bells ring for Teddy and Victoire...finally. Scorpius prefers the private method while James makes a public effort to win Roma over. Why does Roma regret it? What happens when she goes off alone? Which ghost of her past will present itself in danger?

2,496 7
21 Drinino Is...

Roma needs an explanation. What unusual thing did her father do to get her into this mess? James and Scorpius give Roma something to smile about and Astoria Malfoy strikes a curiosity in Roma. What has Roma thinking about motherhood?

2,650 6
22 Potter Princess or Promiscuous Party Girl?

Aunt Audrey makes a huge mistake and ruffles the wrong feathers. What has she got to say for herself? What is Uncle Ron's ingenious idea and what announcement does Harry make that threatens Ginny's composure?

3,416 9
23 Tea and Sympathy

Is Mr. Weasley seriously hurt? Or is there a rather comical story behind his hospitalization? An old family feud is ignited by a hospital bed and the love triangle is beginning to take a toll on Roma who begins seeing scary things. Why does Roma freak out over a friendly photo?

3,166 12
24 The Sting of love

The Wisbourne Wasps vs the Brighton Beetles in what's sure to be a spectacular match! Is Roma considering a future in Quidditch? And who wants to get their hands on Al?

2,045 6
25 Flashing Lights

It's the night before the gang return to Hogwarts and Roma, Dom and Rose have their long awaited girl's night. On this night innocent fun turns into a night mare for the girls as they begin to feel like caged chickens. They'll be caught like a deer in a flash of headlights.

3,230 6
26 Cell Blocks and Urges

Roma and the girls rely on Teddy to get them out of jail, but can he manage alone? And why does aunt Audrey always have to be there at the worst times? Harry decides that he must do the fatherly thing, but can you say AWKWARD?

1,526 7
27 Frustration

Frustration is the word of the day. Frustration of all kinds. Frustration over her public life, frustration over her private life, frustration over her friendships... In what way will Roma crack?

2,798 5


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