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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, Voldemort, Draco, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/Hermione, Other Pairing
Drama, Action/Adventure, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-05-20 1:26pm
Last Chapter
2011-12-16 6:28pm
Last Updated
2013-03-15 12:28pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Dark Guardian

Harry tells Ron & Hermione about his new brother Draco and in another place, a meeting with the Faerie Queen brings a new player into the game.

4,611 23
2 A Shocking Announcement

Severus and Harry reveal the truth about Harry's origins.

4,762 14
3 Den of Vipers

Beware of angry Slytherins!

6,069 14
4 Recovering

Harry and Severus spend some time in the Hospital Wing.

3,911 16
5 Ambushed!

An ambush sprung upon Harry and Draco results in a surprising rescue.

4,531 17
6 Vampire Bedtime Stories

Philip reveals his past to the rest of his family.  And the evil brats get what they deserve!

5,038 19
7 Yule Prospects

Harry gets closer to Katie and Draco finally talks to Hermione. Much romance  going on!

6,726 17
8 Dinner and a Discussion With Severus

Harry and Katie have dinner, and afterwards Harry and Severus have the dreaded "Talk".

5,907 16
9 A Witch Scorned

Pansy discovers Draco's new love interest and plots revenge, plus Sev gives a certain reluctant Slytherin "The Talk".

5,236 22
10 Hell Hath No Fury Like A Snape

Justice is served.

8,163 16
11 Arrivals and Departures

Severus and Dumbledore deal with Pansy and the other students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons arrive.

6,143 16
12 Cup of Wonders

Phil reveals the truth behind the Goblet and the champions are chosen

8,175 19
13 Accident or By Design?

The teachers discuss the four champions dilemma.

4,151 13
14 Defense Lessons of Different Kinds

Harry and Draco have Defense with Moody and then learn a different kind of defense lesson with Phil.

8,904 9
15 A Troublesome Afternoon

Harry and Draco have the afternoon from hell

6,583 13
16 A New Dueling Club

Severus gives detention to his Slytherins and Harry and Draco start up new version of an old club.

6,249 14
17 Myths Alive!

Harry faces the first task of the tournament and Ron attempts to find a date for the Ball.

8,062 14
18 It's All Greek To Me

Harry gets his scores & the next task is revealed

4,321 16
19 Merlin Help Us All

The consequences of the fight in the Three Broomsticks

7,162 20
20 Lost in Translation

The scroll is proving impossible for Harry to translate--is there anyone who can help him?

4,642 14
21 The Time of My Life

Harry reads the riddle for the first time, gets two unexpected letters, and the Yule Ball is held!

10,629 22
22 Silver Bells At Prince Manor

The Snapes celebrate Christmas at the manor and at Phil's cottage.

10,015 14
23 Riddle Me This

Part one of the second task

4,951 13
24 A Power Beyond Magic

Harry struggles to complete the second task

4,917 17
25 Warnings

Several warnings are delivered to the Headmaster plus Draco and Hermione have a spat

3,759 11
26 The Bookworm's Obsession

This chapter deals mostly with Hermione and Draco, with some Snape and Harry.

8,478 13
27 The Poison Pen

Rita starts a rampant rumor that may just destroy Harry and Katie's relationship.

4,132 10
28 Something to Talk About

Phil convinces Skeeter to back off and Harry finally has it out with Katie and Ginny too!

7,528 9
29 Darkness Rising

Harry struggles to prepare for the last task and Phil discovers some well kept secrets that might send him to an early grave!

9,291 11
30 Gauntlet

Harry competes in the third task

7,888 11
31 Call to Arms

The final battle in the graveyard. Don't miss it!

6,426 17
32 All Debts Paid

The final reckoning between Voldemort and Titania plus Dumbledore! And see if Smidgen lives!

5,960 21
33 Leavetakings

Many partings occur

3,508 10
34 Home Sweet Home

The Snapes return to Prince Manor at last!!

No, this is NOT the end--there's much more to come!

4,388 5
35 Come Sail Away

Harry, Katie, Draco, and a surprise guest go sailing and get more than they bargained for!

4,991 14
36 Summer Squall

The kids are trapped in the ocean, will they be rescued? Or will the sea claim them for her own?

3,413 9
37 Mariner's Surprise

An unexpected rescuer appears to help Harry and friends

4,925 12
38 Turn Back the Hands of Time

The Snapes return to the manor, where Harry receives a lesson about the timeclock and Draco receives a letter from the Malfoy solicitor. 

3,848 10
39 Petunia's Surprise

Petunia reveals a startling surprise, plus Severus gives his sons a shaving lesson.

5,128 9
40 Sirius Misconceptions

The tension between the families explodes

So glad I got this in before the queue closed!

6,796 12
41 Uneasy Truce

An uneasy truce is formed, due to one person's intervention

4,636 8
42 Earth Bond

Sev gives some advice to Petunia and Sirius on how to handle Dudley, talks to Draco, and teaches Harry about another special power he inherited by being the heir.

5,321 10
43 Fairy Revel

The Snape's attend a fairy revel and meet some new fae relations

8,426 18
44 Titania's Request

Titania requests a favor from Severus

3,722 13
45 Wild Child

Nesmay's attempt to fit in at the manor results in several unexpected surprises

5,857 9
46 Explosive Magic

A visit to Ollivanders results in disaster!

4,787 9
47 Trouble's Shadow

Severus deals with the fallout from Nesmay's outburst--and Nesmay.

7,444 12
48 Making Reparations

Ollivander puts Nesmay to work in his shop and also Harry and Draco. What will they learn from the wandmaker?

5,379 13
49 Captured

Something terrible happens

3,024 12
50 Among the Missing

Severus and Sarai realize the children are missing

2,646 10
51 Heart of Winter

Sarai and Severus face off against some icy foes while Draco and Harry try and match wits with Prince Jarillion

4,424 10
52 A Bleak and Dismal Journey

Severus and Sarai and Cafall travel through the Unseelie realm in search of Jarillion's fortress


2,690 7
53 Frost Creeping

Jarillion reveals a sinister plan to the boys

2,816 8
54 Dire Wolves, Banshees, and Tygrens, oh my!

Severus and Sarai's quest continues, with mishaps along the way.

5,216 9
55 Blood Trail

Severus and Sarai arebadly injured, who will help them?

2,430 11
56 Evil is a Choice

Nesmay must face her own fears if she is ever to defeat Jarillion. Can draco and Harry convince her to play the game even though the stakes are high?

3,028 12
57 Baba Yaga's Bargain

Baba Yaga makes an offer that Severus and Sarai can't refuse

5,752 10
58 The Darkness Within

Jarillion seeks to corrupt the children. Will he succeed?

5,843 9
59 Jarillion Triumphant

Is it the beginning of the end? Who will win? And who will lose?

6,306 6
60 The Thawing of the Winter Prince

The final battle between Jarillion and the Snapes! Who will emerge victorious?

6,519 24
61 The Queens' Judgment

Jarllion and the traitors are punished. see what happens!


7,475 15
62 The Healing of Harms

The children get some healing from Titania and the fae Healers

6,792 13
63 A Family at Last

Severus makes Nesmay an offer plus the wedding of Severus and Sarai occurs at last

6,629 12
64 Afterglow

The wedding reception! Ron dances! Draco puts his foot in his mouth! So does Harry! And Severus and Sarai finally have that moment alone!


6,460 6
65 Hijinks at the Burrow

The Snape children spend a few days at the Burrow with the Weasleys . . .pranks and trouble ensue!! Please review!!

10,941 11
66 Taking the Consequences

The kids must face the consequences of their midnight ride, plus Sarai has a surprise to share.

4,174 13
67 Plague's Hand

The Snapes face a worse enemy than Voldemort

8,897 7
68 The Runespoor's Hatchlings

The family recovers from the onslaught of the plague and Harry and his siblings are asked something special by the runespoor

8,608 18
69 Family Time

the Snapes get some much needed family time

7,143 12
70 Of Patience and Compromise

Sarai's pregnancy tests all of their patience

6,420 14
71 New Arrivals

The newest Snapes arrive

4,281 12
72 Darkest Before Dawn

The Snapes grieve over their loss

4,935 12
73 A Time to Mourn and a Time to Heal

Slowly, the family begins to get  past their tragedy

5,607 10
74 The Precious Gift

Severus has a few issues that need to be resolved regarding baby Victoria

7,754 21
75 Changes

Many things change for the Snapes

5,576 10
76 Bringing Up Baby Snape

Join the Snapes and Hogwarts students and staff as they raise baby Victoria

10,547 6
77 Family Ties

The bonds of family sustain the Snapes

11,995 9
78 Accolade

The final chapter--but NOT the end of the story yet!

2,044 4
79 Bedknobs and Broomsticks

The end of the story!!

4,682 32


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