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Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-05-15 12:06am
Last Chapter
2010-03-15 9:50pm
Last Updated
2010-03-15 9:50pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Date and the Study Partner

Emily Smith finds herself attracted to a young man of whom her study partner does not approve.  After an aborted first date, she decides the study partner may be right.

2,514 3
2 Dancing with Destiny

The Yule ball is a disappointment to two young men; Emily is drawn closer to Sirius.

2,902 3
3 Moonlit Danger

Emily and her study partner learn a dangerous secret as sixth year draws to a close.

1,889 3
4 An Immodest Proposal

As the students go through their seventh year, they ponder their adult choices.  Emily makes an offer that may not be refused.

2,888 3
5 The End of School

Emily and her classmates prepare for their adult lives.

2,457 3
6 After School

Emily and her classmates finish their Hogwarts educations and move on to their adult lives.

2,463 4
7 Stag Party

Emily finds herself to be the hostess of an impromptu event.

3,629 3
8 Repercussions

Severus struggles with the after-effects of his time with Emily and thinks he has found the perfect solution.

3,742 4
9 Further Repercussions

Severus and Emily discover the magical effects of their actions.

3,704 4
10 The Prophecy and a Day to Remember

Severus goes on a job interview.  Later, Severus and Emily celebrate an important event.

2,805 4
11 No Other Option

Voldemort makes his intentions clear. The Snapes get help and make a choice.

2,574 3
12 Settling In

Professor Snape takes up residence at his new place of employment.

2,296 4
13 An Awkward Moment

Emily is injured at work and shares a moment of truth with someone.

1,640 5
14 A New Trap

The Snape family experiences the escalating war during the summer and fall of 1981

3,150 3
15 November 1

The Snapes deal with the aftermath of October 31 and its great triumphs and personal losses.

2,632 2
16 November 2

The Snape family settles deeper into the aftermath of the end of the war with Voldemort.  Warning:  character death

2,738 3
17 After the War

Life settles down for the Snape family and for the Wizarding world in general.

2,586 1
18 Intermission

The years between 1981 and 1991 are quiet and somewhat relaxed for the Snape family.

1,351 1
19 First Year Begins

Hope Snape starts school with her famous classmate.

2,150 2
20 Hexes and Quidditch

The Snapes adjust to having a daughter in school as Severus takes on new duties. 

2,374 1
21 A Day in the Life

Every day is its own adventure.

1,998 1
22 Dragons and other Monsters

An adventureous school year finally ends.

2,395 3
23 New Year, New Faces

The next school year begins at Hogwarts.

2,513 2
24 An Odd Friendship

Two students from different Houses form a unique friendship.

1,916 2
25 Hope and Luck

Margo and Neville learn something embarrassing about each other.

1,176 1
26 Second Year Ends

"...did you send that poor fool down into the Chamber of Secrets the same way Sirius sent you to the Whomping Willow tree?”

1,043 3
27 Worrisome Tidings

"As it happens, Azkaban does have one less prisoner..."

1,306 2
28 Third Year

" feels like we're living the worst five years of our lives from before all over and all at once right now..."

3,601 3
29 Hello Again

“What did you expect, Sirius? Even if your story is true, you and James were horribly naive, and a bit overly impressed with your own cleverness..."

3,184 2
30 Fifteen Years

“I didn't realize then that what we share is true love. It's one of the reasons I'm glad that we're not nineteen any more.”

2,408 2
31 Out of the Blue

Severus had seen that face before, but wasn't sure when. An old memory bit at the edges of his mind. “Emily, what happened?”

1,642 3
32 Until the Yule Ball was too odd to consider. Yet, when they were dancing, wasn't it the best time she had all night?

3,185 3
33 Something New, Something Old

“I know now that it's really going to happen. People's lives will be affected by it.”

3,231 4
34 Back into the Shadows

“Is there a decision to be made, Severus? Are we to survive at all costs, like the Malfoys, or do we have a preference in this fight? Is one side truly better than the other, or do we play both sides against the middle and hope for a better day?”

2,183 3
35 Headquarters

“Ah, Black, I see you plan to spend this war sitting home and chatting up the witches while others go out and actually fight.”

2,170 3
36 The Naughty Older Man

“I know you lost twelve years, Sirius, and you're now surrounded by people and things that remind you of Hogwarts years, but you are no longer a teenager...

2,509 3
37 Young Love

It's far more complicated than it should be.

2,499 4
38 Fifth Year

"Are you serious? It's easier to count the number of people at that meeting who are not finks..."

3,581 4
39 Almost

 “That's that, then. He's not coming back. Sirius, what will I do? What is to become of me, or of my children?”

2,342 2
40 The Fateful Night

“What can I have, trapped here, Emily? Do you know what I've been thinking and dreaming about, alone in this house?  I've been imagining you, Emily...

2,963 3
41 A New Trap

"It may be time, soon, to show my true allegiances..."

3,870 1
42 The Masters

"...Please realize that in all the plans I have made, I think this will have the best outcome for as many people as possible, including your family.”

1,767 1
43 Fall at Hogwarts

“If only it were so easy as to balance it. Today I helped save a life, will it balance the fact that soon I must take one?”

4,111 2
44 Preparing for Battle

 “It's going to be soon, Emily. I really have to do it, and it will be soon.”

1,761 2
45 After the Tower

His greatest praise was for Severus Snape, whom he embraced like a brother, if one's brother was as cold as a reptile and very nearly as soulless as one.

3,994 3
46 Small Comforts

...he discovered a small book in a pocket of his coat. He recalled that Emily had slid her hand into that pocket as she kissed him goodbye. This, then, was a parting gift from her...

2,663 2
47 A Vacation of Sorts

"...I'm supposed to stay with you until I'm summoned. Can we go someplace safer than this?”

2,315 2
48 Back to Hogwarts

“Somehow I feel as though the school accepts me..."

3,095 2
49 Light and Dark

“What if you're wrong, Neville? What if there's something we just don't know?"

2,815 2
50 Winter Holidays

Severus swore to himself that, from now on, he would always use the Muffling Charm whenever he so much as asked the time.

1,874 1
51 The Sleeping Dog Wakes

She told herself that her 1 pm appointment would arrive soon, but as she walked in the other direction she questioned whether he would come, knowing the animus between this wizard and her husband.

1,995 2
52 From Bad to Worse

“Emily, I'm sorry, but it's time.”

The smile vanished, replaced by a look of distress which was quickly erased by resignation. “What has happened?”

3,303 2
53 March

"...The theory is that whenever a murder is committed, the murderer's soul splits. If he does it while using this spell, the split part can be trapped in another object and this binds the soul to an Earthly existence.”

“And that's how he was able to come back?”

2,838 2
54 April

He was saying goodbye as if it were forever. A tear stole down Emily's cheek. He cupped her face in his hands, brushing at the tear with his thumb.

2,209 2
55 The First of May

...having committed murder himself, Severus knew that this was not regret. This was the pang of discomfort one might feel at the smashing of a wand, or the blunting of a favorite Potions knife. This was not the rent soul that he had experienced the night Albus Dumbledore died. There must be barely any soul left in the Dark Lord.

2,385 3
56 Found

She looked around the office with tears in her eyes and looked again. “His portrait isn't here. There must still be time. Please, where did you leave him?”

1,738 2
57 The Second of May

They stood, shoulder to shoulder, hexing and cursing Death Eaters as they passed while casting Shield Charms to help the others.

3,184 2
58 Aftermath

“Have you died as well, or has Heaven come to Earth?” he murmured.

The hand in his hair stroked his head lovingly, and the other hand rubbed down along his back. “When you're better, it will be Heaven on Earth,”

2,225 2
59 Visitors

“Well, Potter, are you going to join us, or have you taken up a calling as fly-catcher? Shut your mouth and come sit down.”

3,167 1
60 Summer at St. Mungo's

“I have a statement to read,” said Minister Shacklebolt, “and if there are any questions, I will answer them afterwards.” He took a drink of water, cleared his throat, and began.

3,789 2
61 Rebuilding

Margo Snape found herself the object of many reporters. Now that various gag orders had been lifted, the press were eager to learn everything they could about the Snape family.

2,657 2
62 A Year Passes

For all that she had embarked on an exciting career and she was living a glamorous social life, things were a bit flat these days.

1,382 3
63 In a Muddle

“Hope?” asked her mother, “are you in love with Theodore Nott?”

“No,” she whispered with a shudder.

2,498 2
64 Hope Realized

He found her in the gardens of St. Mungo's.

3,444 2
65 Two Special Events

Suddenly he remembered the event at hand. He looked over to the side, giving a signal.

4,225 5


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