Harry, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), OC
Mystery, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Mild Language, Mild Violence
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2009-05-09 18:55:45
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2009-07-26 18:19:17
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2009-07-26 18:19:17
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue – Beer and Reflections

Sometimes, mate, you can out-weird Trelawny; you know that?”

Harry and Ron enjoy a rare day off to do some early Christmas shopping and begin with an early lunch in the Leaky Cauldron. Harry confides his two main worries: Ginny, who is close to giving birth to their first child and his fear of being thrown out of the Auror training program.

3174 0
2 Chapter One - Welcome Home Stranger

You really didn’t know? Someone must have put him up to it and I assumed it was you.”

James arrives back to an empty home after a spending the entire summer holiday away and he has a little time to think before his family arrive back. He returns with a new determination for the year ahead.

5402 1
3 Chapter Two – An Apology or Two

Would you care for a seat? Be careful of that purple plant in the corner. It has a rather unpleasant bite and the antidote is at the other end of the train.”

On the train journey to Hogwarts, James wastes no time in offering some long overdue apologies for his behaviour during the previous year.

6155 2
4 Chapter Three - That Mysterious and Ancient Art

“Dribbling wombats!”

James arrives early for his first lesson with Mr Ausa, but finds Jenny hay have already anticipated their subject. Once they can understand each other, the Montis Monk reveals he actually wishes to teach him a little about time travel.

5506 0
5 Chapter Four – Professor Aberforth

“Unless your Grandmother pops in for a triple Firewhiskey, we should be okay.”

James learns of a rumour that something significant happened at the school during the holidays and that it somehow concerned himself. Returning later that evening, he overhears Neville and the Headmaster discussing him.

4924 1
6 Chapter Five - Storms

“Um, we drove off the bridge and into the canal again, Professor.”
Bode’s new greenhouse is finished after a week of feverish activity. James feels a little exploited by Aberforth’s latest money making scheme. He later attends his favourite lesson after which Jenny asks for help with selecting a present for Harry but James suggests whom she should be asking. James and Albus clash.

5099 0
7 Chapter Six - Hogsmeade

There’s something more. What is it that you’re not telling me?”
James and Jenny visit Hogsmeade and she decides it is high time he told her the truth about his actions of the previous year.

4752 1
8 Chapter Seven - The Two Professors

“Could I tempt you with, say, ten minutes, or so? What’s the worst that could happen?”

James is sent back in time a few minutes. He is supposed to return immediately to Ausa, but instead follows two strangers down to the dungeons where Albus is waiting for them. Ginny arrives at the school with a Professor Nadel.

5601 0
9 Chapter Eight – The Trophy Room Memorial

"He’s always gets a bit emotional when he looks at this stuff. He knew all of them personally."

James speaks with Professor Nadel as he looks at the Hogwarts Memorial. Nadel confides his concerns to James. Ausa and James assess the problems with the present timeline and finally resolve to fix things. James is shocked to discover his relationship with Jenny is more different than he thought.

6639 0
10 Chapter Nine – Falling into the Past

“I’m afraid Quality Quidditch Supplies is in a bit of a mess. I know I shouldn’t take these things personally, but there are limits. I’m mean, not even You-Know-Who went that far.”

James travels back in time to the day of his birth to make contact with the younger Ausa who is keeping a terrible secret. Unsure what to do, James discovers the ambush waiting for Ron and his father.

6136 2
11 Chapter Ten – The Terrarium Opened

“Well, I was honestly expecting the, ‘I was named after Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape’ speech. Why don’t you recite it now for the Professor? It’d probably numb his pain!”

Nachus escorts James safely back to the present day. James is overjoyed to find Lily safe and well, but Aberforth tells him Harry has fallen suddenly ill. The hunt for Professor Rector begins, but Albus and Nadel are also missing. The sealed Second Floor is opened.

7192 2
12 Chapter Eleven – An Invitation

“I can’t tell you how much I wished my wards could have excluded you from this school.”

Bode and Jenny help a troubled James delay meeting his parents. Alone in the Headmaster’s office he finds the Pensieve and witnesses for himself the argument between Bode and his father.

4924 0
13 Chapter Twelve - The People

“Why would a pet need to know his master’s name?”

James and Jenny meet the mysterious People in their new home. Jenny makes a good first impression but James does not. Nachus explains a few things to James but refuses to let James read the messages Ausa left for him. Harry finally catches up with James but it turns out he himself is only avoiding Nadel. Harry sets out some of the career choices open to James, but it seems Professor McGonagall has already decided.

7374 1
14 Epilogue – The Forest

“You’ve travelled in time, so deal with it.”

James and Jenny enjoy a solitary walk in the forest, where James finally plucks up the courage to show her the envelope his father returned to him unopened.

2069 3


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