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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
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General, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-05-04 2:43pm
Last Chapter
2010-12-17 10:50am
Last Updated
2010-12-17 10:50am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 And Then Petunia Had Purple Lipstick . . .

And then, after the train departed from Hogwarts, Lily discovered that the whale man was utterly repugnant, Petunia had the worst taste in shoes, and the summer heat was bloody awful.

2,609 26
2 And Then Rose Bennett Found Her Next Victim . . .

And then, after Lily did her best to prepare herself for an undoubtedly horrific summer, she marched to art class, reconciled with old friends, and remembered exactly how much James Potter annoyed her.

2,433 27
3 And Then James And Lily Simultaneously Hated Mrs. Briarwood . . .

And then, after a grueling day of charcoal, James is rewarded by an entire week of painting, but punished by being forced into the WORST partnership of the decade.

2,213 14
4 And Then James Realized He Was An Overgrown Sap . . .

And then, after coming to the shocking realization that he did, in fact, have a heart, James was forced to form an unexpected and tenuous truce.

1,864 15
5 And Then Petunia Is Overwhelmed By A Napkin Crisis . . .

And then, after an outrageous wedding planning incident, Petunia nearly destroys the Evans household, Lily discovers an easier way to paint, and James find an unexpected evil streak.

4,515 18
6 And Then Lily Is Rudely Interrupted . . .

And then, on her only day off, Lily's personal space is threatened, the ice cream girl nearly suffers a heart attack, and James comes to a sudden (and terrifying) realization.

3,872 18
7 And Then James Witnesses A Tantrum Of Epic Proportions . . .

And then, after nearly splitting his head in two, rearranging his priorities, and discovering a newfound power, James sees art burst before his eyes.

3,682 18
8 And Then Lily Is Confronted By Something Ghastly And Orange . . .

And then, after being harassed by itchy, orange, frilly fabric, Lily is forced to miss art class, which curiously enough seems to unreasonably bother James and absolutely delight Rose Bennett.

2,825 17
9 And Then The Two Art Students Experience The Indescribable Arrival Of Sirius Black

And then, after dabbling with pottery fragments and bits of glass, James receives a battle wound, Lily further irritates her enemy, and a certain Mr. Padfoot finally arrives . . .

5,299 14
10 And Then Logic, Sweet Logic, Finally Appears In The Form Of A Lovable Werewolf . . .

And then, after Lily is forced to handle mutterings of antique lace and white satin, James and Sirius visit a friend, the full moon rises in the summer night sky, and James takes a moment to reflect on himself.

3,081 28
11 And Then James Nearly Loses His Composure And His Sanity . . .

And then, after Mrs. Briarwood gives them a rather unique art assignment, Lily grows fond of purple and James despises black lace.

5,937 32
12 And Then Lily Finally Gets To Use Her Sweet, Beloved Charcoal . . .

And then, following a set of orders from Mrs. Briarwood, Lily and James go on a nature walk, Lily unexpectedly falls asleep, and James faces his absolute worst artistic enemy: charcoal.

6,687 25
13 And Then The Marauders Faced An Inexplicable And Utterly Unsolvable Dilemma . . .

And then, after James issues a cry for help, the marauders converge to ease his worries, unravel his problems, and attempt, courageously, to defeat the monster at hand.

3,807 40
14 And Then Peter Becomes Very Well Acquainted With The Creek . . .

And then, as Sirius, Remus, and Peter watch James draw Lily, she learns the truth about Sirius' writing habits, becomes deeply impressed by Remus' patronizing smirk, and grows accustomed to Peter's addiction to whining.

3,374 31
15 And Then James Comes Face To Face With His Worst Nightmare . . .

And then, after a week of pranking and a day of drawing, Lily witnesses something horrible and James gets up close and personal with his greatest fear.

3,779 39
16 And Then The Marauders Create A Plan To Avenge James' Honor . . .

And then, after Lily witnesses something terrible and has a fit of rage, the marauders create a plan, Remus utilizes his immense vocabulary, and James has a moment of surprising intelligence . . .

4,109 41
17 And Then James And Lily Have A Much Anticipated Conversation . . .

And then, after receiving James' note, Lily goes to the creek, James struggles with words, and the night grows very late indeed.

4,729 111


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