James (II), OC
Romance, Young Adult
Next Generation
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-04-21 06:30:15
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2011-03-28 14:00:13
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2011-03-28 14:00:13
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 summer

theres a new girl in town...james decides he'll join a local sports team to keep in shape for quidditch and he meets her

1882 3
2 worlds collide

Leila begins to meet the people who surround James' life.

-mild language warning-

2325 3
3 everybody's free....to eat ice cream

james and leila grow closer...and are caught in action by photographers

language warning people...just a little fyi

2761 3
4 it's just a uniform...

a day at the beach, and more paparazzi coverage...just what every almost couple needs

2868 6
5 the way you feel about "us"

relationships progressing...and the media circus follows their every move...

3604 5
6 happy birthday wonder boy

james birthday...will he get all he wants?

2986 7
7 one seriously intense picture

james' birthday makes a splash in the media

2663 5
8 trouble on the train

the school year is about to begin...but not without its issues

2623 5
9 sorting out the good

more trouble ensues and leila proves just how talented she is

3311 5
10 i'm ok...i promise

leila encounters some trouble from another student and james and the others learn some things about her

sensitive topic (and stong violence) in this one guys...

2253 3
11 undercover talent

the winner of the contest is announced but prefers to remain anonymous. the girls go shopping for costumes and james and leila get closer

2807 3
12 all hallows eve surprises

halloween comes and the mystery performer is revealed....James and Leila grow even closer

2965 4
13 the power of love

an incident in the library forces Leila to consider the possibilities that come along with accepting James' necklace

chapter title from the song power of love - celine dion

1844 5
14 trouble in paradise

leila encounters trouble in dada...

1983 4
15 take me out to the ball game

gryffindor takes the final game before christmas, and celebrations ensue

2703 4
16 all i want for christmas is...

the christmas season is upon us, the christmas ball occurs and then the world as leila and james know it turns upside down

mature subject warning, and sensitive topics/situations...just an fyi

5101 6
17 baby it's cold outside..

christmas comes to pass...

3390 8
18 through the looking glass

 after the attack

2048 4
19 need you now

chapter title from need you now - lady antebellum

1577 2


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