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Harry, Dumbledore, Lupin, Tonks, Sirius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Remus/Tonks, OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, AU
Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-04-16 5:02pm
Last Chapter
2017-07-17 12:19am
Last Updated
2017-07-17 12:19am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 There's A Ghost in This Room, I Think I'll Name It After All Of You

Anna and Sirius travel back to Hogwarts to discuss what will happen with Harry.

1,817 50
2 I'll Give a Little Bit of My Life For You (Ye - Wait! What?!)

Time Warp - from about 1983 to 1990. A move. A job. A crazy household.

3,195 36
3 Back In Black

Aldan's first time at Hogwarts . . . Eventful, to say the least.

4,619 46
4 Take a Chance and Make it Big

A montage of Aldan's First year at school.

2,827 54
5 I'm Good to go, and I'm Going Nowhere Fast

Aldan has to deal with the trials and tribulations of being a sixteen-year-old wizard with the responsibilties of a slightly fruity younger brother and a dangeously devious younger sister, as well as a passive agressive issue with his former nemisis.

4,981 27
6 We Thought Those Days Would Never End

It's the end of summer and Lupin's about to start her Fourth year. But what kind of last day would it be without havoc and visits from friends?

8,023 6
7 Maybe It's Not My Weekend, But it's Gonna be My Year

Lupin is clearly the only sane one within her friends. Things just don't seem to be going well this month.

5,210 7
8 It's My Feeling We'll Win in the End

Remus, Sirius and Anna contemplate the exciting youth they had, and how much calmer their lives are. Anna makes a gutsy suggestion and leaves Sirius and Remus with a difficult choice. 

7,046 2
9 I Wanna Live a Life Like That, I Wanna be Just Like a King

Al chronicles his life of ladies, friends, and family. 

2,567 5
10 Can We Forget About the Things I Said?

 Something as afoot at Hogwarts when mild-mannered Lupin finds herself with a lot more to say than usual!

5,199 1
11 And I Wish It Could Get Back There

Al rather enjoys the chaos and get's a game-changing shock.

6,861 3
12 Get Me Out of my Mind

 The fiasco at Hogwarts continues from Al's P.O.V.

4,746 2
13 We Are a Hurricane

 The first part of the epic and shamble-tastic conclusion to the three-chapter series about Al and Nicki's trouble-making antics.

6,108 1
14 We Are (Still) a Hurricane

 Finally, the conclusion! Al gets a rude awakening. 

3,023 5
15 You Mean So Much to Me

While the kids are at school, Anna and Sirius deal with issues of their own.

2,247 1
16 Bad Moon Rising

The kids head home for winter holidays, but something is amiss when they arrive. Lupin, Will, Al, and Cat try to sort it out. Also, Al has an overnight guest. (And the bad moon that rises is a figurative bad room . . . In cast anyone was wondering.)

3,377 0
17 Talking to Myself, Anything to Make a Sound

Following his parents' separation, Al is listless in his ghost-town of a house and reconnects with an old friend.

1,816 1
18 I'm Ready to Give This All I Have

 After a strange and jolting Christmas, Al returns to Hogwarts with one (or two) things on his mind.

4,629 0
19 We've Got a Big Mess on Our Hands

 Lupin learns all about figurative messes, and revisits the ideal of a literal mess, too.

3,861 0
20 Nights Like These I Wish I'd Said Don't Go

 Anna's life without Sirius has become a New Normal. 

5,402 1


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