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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Pomfrey, Snape, Pettigrew, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Angst, AU
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-04-13 7:11pm
Last Chapter
2009-05-23 7:36am
Last Updated
2009-05-23 7:36am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Rescued

Harry is rescued from the Death Eaters unexpectedly by a very unlikely person

2,505 22
2 Shattered Magic

Severus and Poppy discover an awful truth about Harry

1,225 12
3 Harsh Truths

Harry is told of his loss of magic and Poppy calls Severus to help her with the distraught child

4,409 18
4 Depression Cure

Dumbledore comes up with a way to cure Harry of his depression--have Snape take him to McDonalds!

4,411 17
5 Lily's Gift

Harry receives an unexpected package--from his mother!

2,975 9
6 Done With It

Sev discovers the secret Dumbledore kept from him for 11 years--and he is not happy!

Warning--manipulative Dumbldore & a very angry Snape *read boiling over like a volcano here*

2,391 14
7 Safe Haven

After a discussion and some pondering, Harry and Severus leave Hogwarts

6,322 9
8 Past Imperfect

Harry reluctantly reveals his past with the Dursleys to his newfound father

3,790 11
9 Remember When?

Severus reminisces about Harry and Lily to Aurelia and his son!

A warm fuzzy chapter & hugs to all my reviewers!

5,422 18
10 An Issue of Trust

Harry must find a way to trust Severus with the truth about his nightmares and what the DE really did to him

And how Harry's magic was shattered is also revealed.

4,190 8
11 Always There

This chapter features young Sev, Lily, and the Marauders! See how they all met and became friends and rivals. Also contains an intimate glimpse into Sev's troubled childhood.

6,178 8
12 Sev Meets the Big Bad Wolf

Sev follows the Marauders and meets his worst nightmare!

5,736 7
13 Promises To Keep

Harry and Sev's relationship continues to grow and they meet Mia, Aurelia's granddaughter. She's a trip!

9,298 11
14 Beagles, Brooms, and Trouble

The beagle and Harry's attitude drive Severus insane!

Now, did you really expect Harry to stay out of trouble forever??

Also includes the infamous Pensieve memory as told by Severus!

6,142 8
15 A New Friend

Harry makes a new friend with the help of Mia & Rosie.

5,765 9
16 Sparks

Harry's magic is gradually mending, though his smart mouth lands him in trouble--again!.

2,366 9
17 Moony Arrives

Harry goes to spend the night at Neil's, and Sev gets a letter from an old friend, and a visit too!

3,136 8
18 One Wild Night

Harry's sleepover at Neil's turns into one wild party thanks
to Mike, Neil's older brother.

Warning: Alcohol use by minors

3,767 11
19 The Morning After

Severus's reaction to Harry's return home and the aftermath of the wild night.

6,452 9
20 In Magic's Shadow

Remus and Harry talk about what happened and Sev has a very angry conversation with Neil's parents and brother.

4,885 6
21 A Sudden Illness

Harry celebrates his first Christmas with his new family, but soon after contracts a mysterious and life-threatening illness! Can Severus save him?

4,460 15
22 The Choice

Now that Harry's magic is back, he must make a difficult choice--to be either a hero or an ordinary wizard.

2,809 14
23 Always A Snape

Harry's decision changes everything.

A heartfelt thanks to all who have read and reviewed this, I really really appreciate it!

2,939 11
24 A Sorting and An Apology

Dumbledore apologizes publically to Sev and Harry.

A new student comes to Hogwarts and is Sorted.

3,050 10
25 Warnings

Severus and Harry discuss Harry's upcoming class schedule and Sev warns Harry to be alert and ready for anything.

3,084 11
26 The Professor's Son

The Gryffindors reaction to Harry being Sev's son.

1,999 11
27 The Shape-slipper

Severus and Remus discuss Remus's niece and family, in the morning Severus speaks with his newest House member.

5,846 8
28 Potions Partners

Snape assigns a lab where Slytherin partners Gryffindor

1,638 7
29 Dead Man Walking

Trelawney's prediction turns Harry into a boy that is marked--by death!

2,594 8
30 A Beagle At Hogwarts

Harry's sweet beagle runs amok and Draco has a canary!

6,207 8
31 Midnight Intruder

Severus punishes Harry for attacking Malfoy, but later on Gryffindor Tower is invaded by a prowler!

4,620 7
32 Chimera Dreams

Demons from her past haunt Aria in a dreadful nightmare, setting the Slytherin girls' dorm on its ear.

Can Sev & Remus help her overcome them?

Also, the chimera in my story is not a traditional one, as it has three heads, not two.

5,020 14
33 Squabbling and Rumors

After failing to catch Sirius, Severus pulls rank and insists Harry sleep in his quarters until Black is caught, resulting in more friction between Harry & his Housemates.

Also Aria has problems of her own with students who regard her talent as something shameful and ostracize her.

7,003 8
34 Vanishing Act

Severus gives Draco detention, and Scabbers vanishes, making Ron accuse Rosie of eating him.

5,422 11
35 Unexpected Gifts

Harry receives some unexpected gifts from the Headmaster & the twins.

2,703 9
36 End Game

Harry's bad mood earns him a detention--again!

The Slytherin vs. Gryffindor Quidditch game, with some unwelcome and unexpected results!!

5,931 15
37 Patronus Rising

The aftermath of the Quidditch game
& Lupin teaches the Patronus spell to our hero.

7,303 5
38 Permission Denied

Harry asks his dad to go to Hogsmeade but is denied because it is still too dangerous with Black loose. An argument follows

2,361 11
39 Family Matters

Sev goes to help Mia & Melody and give Devon what he really deserves!

3,277 7
40 Forbidden Territory

Harry makes a forbidden trip to Hogsmeade--and gets more than he bargained for!

4,412 9
41 Caught!

The title says it all.

3,635 8
42 An Unfortunate Discovery

As promised, Harry faces the wrath of Severus!
And . . .
Draco becomes suspicious of Lupin and starts snooping
and Severus contracts a nasty flu!

7,697 14
43 To Save A Life

Buckbeak is scheduled to be executed! Can Harry & his friends stop it in time, without getting caught?

5,591 4
44 Hidden Truths

Harry confronts Sirius at last and discovers a truth that was hidden away for eleven years.

4,276 9
45 Rogue Shifter

Peter Pettigrew reveals all!

5,348 5
46 Jailbreak

Who will rescue Sirius?

It's not who you think!

4,456 9
47 The Consequences of Disobedience

Harry and Aria must now face the consequences of their actions with Severus.

3,458 10
48 Remus Revealed

The Ministry & parents are up in arms over Remus's shocking secret! What will happen now?

10,137 8
49 Back Where We Belong

Harry & Sev return to NJ for the summer & a surprise visit from the Lupins.

1,641 39


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