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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-04-13 9:42am
Last Chapter
2010-02-19 7:22am
Last Updated
2010-02-19 7:22am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Beginnings

“Hi, I’m Sirius,” he said, interrupting her thoughts. “You’re Amelia, aren’t you?”
She nodded. “But call me Mia. Only my mother calls me Amelia.”
“Looks like we both are in Gryffindor,” Sirius said smiling.
“You seem surprised,” commented Mia.

2,170 10
2 My Own Birthday

Mia had never had a real birthday party in her life. Lulu had always celebrated it with her, frequently seeming like the occasion itself was more important to her nanny than to herself. She surely cared more that her parents, who had only been around once or twice to celebrate it.

1,814 4
3 Mia's Dark Day

Maybe it was their way of coping, but it just didn’t sound right. As it didn’t sound right the fact that they had gotten even more distant from Mia after what had happened. She was just a little girl, grieving too.

2,206 5
4 A Talk by the Lake

"I heard of that Voldemort guy before. I heard my parents talking about him when they were at home this Easter. Apparently, the ministry suspects he might be behind some muggle-supporters’ disappearances that happened last summer."

2,197 6
5 Quidditch Jitters

Since that Hogsmeade weekend when she had seen Sirius and his date snogging, Mia had decided to dedicate herself to forget him. She had too much to lose – their friendship was too precious to be destroyed because of a crush.

2,120 4
6 One Hell of a Headache

Everything happened really fast after that – her mind only registered Lily and Remus pulling her away from the mob and following the levitating stretcher to the Hospital Wing. Deep in her mind, she could also remember Professor Slughorn yelling at Avery on their way to the dungeons.

2,055 5
7 A Stupid Prank

He took a deep breath and stared right into her eyes. The eyes he constantly dreamed of at night for some reason he couldn’t understand. She was like a magnet to him, a constant in his life.

1,992 4
8 Rumours and Realizations

With a wave of her wand, Mia made the potion disappear of the cauldron and sighed – she had to start all over again all because of that idiot boy she had fallen in love with. Stupid, stupid arse!

2,163 4
9 Changing

She just stared for a few seconds before giving in to the curiosity and accepting the hand, following him. He led her to an empty classroom, closing the door behind them. Mia sat on one of the desks and waited for him to do whatever he was planning to.

1,874 6
10 First Date

She couldn’t help smiling too and the two of them kept strolling lazily though the village’s main street. Suddenly, Mia stopped in her tracks. “What the bloody hell is she doing here?!” she asked in a surprised tone.

2,868 12
11 Summer Break

Mia couldn’t believe they were actually snogging at her doorway but, to be honest, she would snog him anywhere now. She circled his waist with her arms and deepened the kiss and, they only broke apart when someone coughed behind her – Lulu.

2,467 5
12 Bring the Storm

“Well, that just sucks,” Sirius said when James told him he couldn’t go outside because of the storm. The two of them, along with Mia and Lily, were standing in the empty Entrance Hall. “Now we have to stay inside for the whole bloody day.”

“Would you rather I let you out and you freeze your arse off?”James inquired.

2,004 5
13 Still Christmas

Mia tensed, hearing that. Usually conversations starting with ‘Let’s take a seat’ were not destined to be pleasant. She swallowed hard as she followed her boyfriend to the bench and sat on the cold surface.

2,341 3
14 Going Home

Here she was, two days after graduation, getting ready to move in with Sirius, the boy that a year and a half ago she had found beyond her reach but turned out to love her just as much as she loved him.

2,595 3
15 Up on the Mountain

They were just nineteen. Two years. They still had two years of hard training ahead for their future jobs. Two years before they could will themselves to have the life of normal people, which would involve decent hours of work and time to spend with family and friends. Would he give her one of him smiles and tell her none of that mattered?

2,946 5
16 Fighting Back

“Everything was going so great,” he murmured, “We were together, James had gotten married and is having a kid, Remus found a job and Peter is probably dating someone, seeing as he is never around anymore… And then, he strikes again. You-know-who. He kills the only two great parents I’ve known. Will he ever stop? Will we ever have a chance to be in peace and happy?”

2,683 4
17 Hope is Born

Rare moments of peace would come from time to time, even though there seemed to be less and less as the months passed. Nevertheless, the very last day of July 1980 brought one of these moments in the form of new life.

2,376 6
18 Farewell

Mia knew they were trying to tail her and Sirius so they would lead them to their friend’s hiding place. That was the reason why they visited them so rarely – even though it was unlike that the Death Eaters would be able to break the fidelius charm, they could never be too careful.

3,386 30


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