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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-04-05 6:14pm
Last Chapter
2012-01-18 5:54am
Last Updated
2012-01-18 5:54am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Return To Hogwarts

School starts, Prefects are told, and Scorpius is strangely too popular for Rose's liking.

4,300 25
2 He started it.

Rose and Scorpius just can't get along for one minute. Even if its only at breakfast.

3,379 15
3 Oh, The Fun of Rounds

“I’ll pinkie promise,” I told him but he just looked as confused as ever. “It’s a muggle thing where you shake little fingers. Like the muggle equivalent of an Unbreakable Vow. But you don’t die if you break it,” I added as an after thought.

“Okay,” he agreed and shook pinkies with me, my heartbeat going crazy when our skin touched, “Pinkie promise. So what does red mean then? Am I secretly in love with the Giant Squid? Going to pursue a career in glass-making? Fabulous at opera singing?”

4,527 11
4 Studying Really Brings People Together

“You UN-prove it,” I countered lamely. He simply looked at me. “How exactly am I supposed to prove I’m not boring?”

“I don’t know,” He said as if this thought had never occurred to him. It probably hadn’t. “Stop taking notes for once, kiss a boy, annoy the Whomping Willow, take a bath in the Black Lake, run down the corridor naked, whatever you see fit,”

“Is that something you’d wish to share with the class, Mr Malfoy?” Came the annoyed voice of Professor Norton.

5,440 15
5 Arguing and Answering... Sort Of.

“Scorpius, hey... Scorpius!” I had shouted, accidently bumping into a Second Year as I hurried down the crowded corridor to catch up with my prey. He kept walking, possibly even faster. “Oi, Malfoy!”

I practically yelled at him, a few people turned to stare, but he hurried off, shoving aside a group of four or five First Years who all tumbled to the floor and were promptly trampled on by another, much larger, group of Fourth Years.

3,567 13
6 Quidditch Can Be Violent - Part 1

“You talk to Scorpius Malfoy?”

“Oh, my god, he talked to you!”

“Did you hear that? He called her Rosie!

“Alright, alright,” I tried to shush their immature behaviour towards boys. “It’s not that miraculous.”

5,051 10
7 Quidditch Can Be Violent - Part 2

We entered the Hospital Wing, all thirteen of us attracting the attention of Madame Pomfrey within a record time of about a second.

She hurried over to us and greeted Scorpius by taking a step back and informing him bluntly, “Dear me, Mr Malfoy, you look hideous.”

6,359 15
8 "Happy Hogsmeade Day,"

She pretended to look him up and down for a moment, (actually, knowing Angie she probably did take the chance to look him up and down) and then told him casually, “You’re probably about a seven or eight...”

“Nine,” I muttered automatically and then covered my mouth with both my hands.

5,044 17
9 Realisations Can Make You Laugh Or Cry

“Shut up, I’m not in class,” was my brilliant reply. “Seriously, Al, what are you doing in the girls dormitories?”

“We thought somebody was being killed,” came a voice from behind Al and Scorpius pushed himself off of the wall and joined his friend at the door. Oops, hadn’t seen him there.

6,909 23
10 I Couldn't Avoid Him If I Tried.

“What about you, Rosie? Where are your boyfriends?”

I swear, if I could have killed Scorpius without going to Azkaban, I would have. He looked just so... so smug. So what if I hadn’t had any proper boyfriends?

I quickly shot a glare in his direction and then turned back to Molly.

5,393 14
11 If It Was a Mistake Before...

I smirked at him. “I’ll beat you,” I warned.

“I’m undefeated.”

“There’s always a first for everything, Scor.”

4,427 10
12 Truth or Dare?

“Hello!” James grumbled. “I’ve still got problems.”

“I know that,” I muttered under my breath. Al high-fived me and James slapped me on the arm at the same time.

“Seriously, what am I going to do about Tory and Ted?”

“Make them a present, Jay,” I smiled at him. “Now I’m going to talk to people I actually like, goodbye.”

7,328 9
13 A Weasley Christmas

“You idiot, my cousins will possibly kill you if you ever say anything like that in front of them again.”

“Relax, Rose,” he smirked. “I was testing them.”

“For what?”

“In case they catch us,” he laughed.

6,845 8
14 "You better watch your back; one of them will catch your heart some day,"

Victoire chose that moment to make eye-contact with us and grinned as tears sprung to her eyes too. Rose beamed back at her and I put my thumbs up as encouragement.

When she turned back to face her soon-to-be husband, Victoire sighed dramatically in an ‘I can’t believe he can’t do one simple thing when I’m not there’ and reached forwards to re-tie Teddy’s tie. He grinned stupidly at her.

5,473 15
15 Going into the New Year

“Rose...” Dom started. “Tell me truthfully, have you kissed Scorpius Malfoy.”

I think my heart stopped.

“N-No,” I argued. It was a terrible lie

9,862 14
16 Progress

“You know I would answer you anything, Rose.”


“Anything,” he confirmed seriously.

“Well, I’m going to use that to my advantage later,” I mumbled teasingly.

7,466 15
17 Sharing Secrets

“He deserved it!” Al defended himself.

“Only the one punch!” I grumbled.

“See,” Al pointed at me, still looking at Rose. “He even admitted it.”

5,567 18
18 All Different Relationships

“I’m great,” I replied as he placed me back on my feet. He was the only one who got away with calling me that, just as I was the only one (apart from his mother) who could call him Georgie. “How’s business?”

“Much better now that Hogwarts has been let loose for the day.”

6,117 16
19 The Truth Comes to Light

"Come on, Rosie,” Uncle Harry smiled. “Tell us.”

I looked at my feet. “I don’t want to now…”

“Why not?” Aunt Fleur asked.

“Because dad’s head will explode…”

6,432 14
20 One Malfoy in a House Full of Weasleys

“It’s not as if she just announced she’s going to marry the poor boy,” Uncle Harry tried to reason.

“She better not!” My father scoffed.

My eyebrows pulled together. Sometimes my dad was so narrow-minded.

7,809 19
21 Family

“Lily thinks you might be having ‘Scorpius-withdrawal-symptoms’,” She looked genuinely worried, like it was an actual disease.

I laughed. “That sounds like something Lily would say.”

6,854 9
22 Dinner with the Parents

“Sorry we’re late,” I told them all as my mother stood up to embrace me.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Astoria smiled as she gave Scorpius a kiss on the cheek and his father shook his hand. “Your mother and I were having a lovely time catching up.”

I looked at Scorpius over my fathers shoulder as we hugged, and we both smirked. Catching up? More like trying to stop the conversation from going dead.

5,717 24
23 Limbo

I rolled my eyes at him and didn’t answer. “Where is everyone?”

“Maybe they’re all under invisibility cloaks?” Alice offered as she sat opposite me.

“Or maybe they’re all getting in last minute revision before the exams start,” Scorpius said.

2,956 10
24 Changes

“I thought you were her deep dark secret?” Alice asked seriously.

“I was,” He looked proud of himself, smirking at me. “But that’s old news now.”

“So what’s the secret?” Dom evidently couldn’t stop herself from asking.

5,196 17
25 A Fresh Start

“I’ve missed you!”

“I missed you too, dad,” I smiled as he put me down. “I… need to tell you something.”

5,708 24
26 Epilogue

“Stop with the lovey-dovey ness,” Roxanne told us seriously, but there was still amusement in her voice.

Her eye roll and tone reminded me of someone suddenly and, instead of addressing her, I blurted, “Hey, where’s Dom?”

A wolf whistle went round the group, and Alice raised her eyebrows suggestively at me.

My own crinkled in confusion as Scorpius asked, “What does that mean?”

5,990 20


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