Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Luna, Ginny
Drama, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2009-04-05 09:15:26
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2009-05-26 23:18:58
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2009-05-26 23:18:58
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One - The Cat and the Bag

Luna finds herself caught up in sorting out things between her two favorite Gryffindors while she tries to make amends for the actions of her oldest friend.

3819 7
2 Chapter Two - We Need to Talk

The line guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of wizards around the globe. Nothing good ever comes from hearing that.

Luna goes in search of Harry to find him and try to correct a problem that has existed for far too long.

4/13 - Chapter reposted, it was pointed out that I posted an early draft of the chapter that missed a couple of key points. Sorry about that!

3643 10
3 Chapter Three - ... But None to Beat this Paradox

Dr. Lovegood advises her patient to take two potions, and call her later. Luna and Harry talk about the past, and the future, and decide that Ginny needs a taste of her own medicine.
A/N - I don't own anything regarding Harry Potter, The Princess Bride, or the Pirates of Penzance

4869 4
4 Chapter Four - Operation Bad Chamberlain

Luna visits the Hospital Wing and discusses current events with the Headmistress, the Matron and the Potions Master. Minerva wants to know why and Professor Slughorn hands out a reward.

3482 5
5 Chapter Five - The Balance Sheet of Life

Luna keeps her promise to the Headmistress and tries to set her friend back on the correct path. But, before she can do that, she had to perform a emotional beatdown on the fantasy life of one Ginevra Molly Weasley.

4555 4
6 Chapter Six - All's Well, but it Never Really Ends

Luna returns to her quarters for one final word with the founder of her house, and finds that she's had a visitor. Dinner in the Great Hall brings surprises, and then more surprises as a special delivery reveals the truth.

7762 12


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