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Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, OC
Primary Relationship
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Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-04-04 2:22am
Last Chapter
2009-11-19 8:32am
Last Updated
2009-11-19 8:32am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Muggle Born

Godric Gryffindor confronts the other founders about Hogwarts accepting Mudbloods into the school.  Micaela Long finds herself thrust into a whole new world, where she will have to fend for herself...of course with a little help from a boy.

2,128 20
2 The First Years

Micaela finds herself in a whole new world filled with uncertain, magical things.  Has she finally met a friend who can help her through it all, or is there more to him than what meets the eye?  Can she truly trust him?

2,296 10
3 The Sorting Hat

The first years are about to be sorted and a secret about a certain someone is revealed. 

2,061 11
4 Salazar's Hatred

Salazar takes his hatred too far but the Mudblood has supporters he didn't plan on...

3,061 10
5 The Parsletongue

Micaela's first year at Hogwart's has a nasty and surprising little turn...

2,283 8
6 Amori Crede

A disaster of a birthday weekend awaits Micaela, from the injust media to an unequitable Head Boy and Salazar's neverending wrath.

2,407 8
7 Indifference

The end of Micaela's first year at Hogwarts is coming to a close and her future is uncertain. Will she be able to remain at Hogwarts? And will it be the same if she returns?

2,172 9
8 Losing Gryffindor

Micaela's second year at Hogwarts is not even remotely comparable to her first.  Some relationships are strengthened by the difference whilst others are destroyed completely, and some attributes cherished by Gryffindors are lost.

2,135 13
9 Inclusion

Micaela is now fifteen years old, and has grown into a young witch.  She is about to embark on her sixth year at Hogwarts, hoping that her maturity will pave the way to her future.  A few new faces arise and some friendships change (for the good or bad, I'll let you decide).

2,457 18
10 The Stand

The prejudice against Micaela and anyone who supports her is still in play even in her sixth year at Hogwarts.  When things begin to get out of hand with the Slytherins Micaela decideds to take the reigns and make a stand against all those who dare oppose her.

2,432 6
11 Bloody Climax

‘Let me rephrase that. Who allowed this to happen?’ Salazar questioned again. And once again silence reigned. ‘You all shame your house. You shame my name and you shame your own. Gryffindors? You blame this on Gryffindors? This is your lack of pride and your lack of self-respect. Get it back or you won’t be seeing the interior of this castle for much longer.’

3,098 21
12 The Collapse

And just like that, their world collapsed.

2,621 11
13 Zach's Defense

Salazar has departed Hogwarts but has left the castle in utter chaos with terrible rumours circulation that involve not only Zachary Slytherin and Micaela Long but also the revenge which Salazar might be planning on all those who took a stand against him.

2,798 7
14 The Funeral

The death of a loved one dampens the relief of Godric's return, and some of Micaela's friends can't seem to forgiver her for her previous mistakes.

2,569 10
15 Krick's Tale

Micaela and Zach desperately search for some hint as to his father's whereabouts.  When their adventure turns futile, they turn to an unlikely witness.

2,397 9


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