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Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Hagrid, Arthur, Molly, George, Ginny, Teddy
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-03-27 3:22pm
Last Chapter
2009-11-02 11:44am
Last Updated
2010-06-29 10:44am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Bottles Four, Nine and Twenty-Six

Takes place on the evening of January fourth, two thousand and two. After a dinner attended by family and friends, marking their first wedding anniversary, Harry and Ginny spend a quiet night alone.

5,009 28
2 Bottles Ten, Eleven and Seventeen

The story continues immediately following the first chapter. After viewing the first few bottles, and a brief romantic interlude, our happy couple decides to try three more bottles.

4,366 22
3 Bottles Twenty-Nine, Five and Nineteen

Story picks up the next morning. Follow Harry and Ginny as they begin the day after their first anniversary. A little vacation time and a little time to delve back into the box of wizarding tradition.

5,465 18
4 Bottles Thirty-One, Fourteen and Twenty-Two

Warm tropical breezes, sunshine and romantic nights, what else could our vacationing lovers want? Three more bottles of course! The journey through the past takes another set of turns when three more bottles get picked. We’ve seen some of our favorites, but there are many still to go. Who’s next?

6,077 24
5 Bottles Twenty Eight, Three and Twelve

Harry and Ginny’s second day of vacation enables the couple to relax further. Together they explore the island, before returning to the beach house and delving back into their anniversary gift.

7,512 16
6 Bottles Thirteen, Two and Twenty-One

Harry and Ginny have more fun on their tropical vacation, enjoying some muggle water sports, and feeding the fishes. They also spend another evening delving into their gifts.

These selections will put us past the half way point. Can you remember whose we’ve seen and whose we haven’t? Are there any surprises lurking?

8,759 21
7 Bottles Twenty-Seven, Fifteen and Seven

Vacations in warm climates during winter months are always a good thing and Harry and Ginny have enjoyed theirs so far. Spending time alone, together, is the perfect way to celebrate their first year of marriage. Follow along as the couple begins the third day of their break.

6,765 18
8 Bottles Eighteen, Thirty and Six

Another day in paradise allows our favorite couple to continue relaxing. Both Harry and Ginny have relished in their time off. And as they have done many times, they take another trip through the supplied memories, wondering where the day might take them.

9,147 20
9 Bottles Twenty-Five and Twenty-Three

As the storm engulfs the island Harry and Ginny settle into the beach house for the night. The storm may be raging outside, but inside they’re together and just might delve back into their wedding gift. Well, if they don’t, there isn’t much use in writing the chapter is there?

11,314 17
10 Bottles Twenty, Twenty-Four and Sixteen

The island and the vacationing couple managed to survive the stormy night. As always seems to be the case, after every storm comes a new morning full of hope and promise. Harry and Ginny embark on a new day together, but as another day in Grand Cayman arrives the last day of vacation and their imminent departure looms before them.

8,289 19
11 Bottles Eight and One

Vacation ends in a surprising fashion. But before they leave for home Harry and Ginny take the time to finish the last bottles of their anniversary gift. So join them as they complete the journey started twenty-nine bottles ago.

9,817 39


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