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Drama, General, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-03-15 11:29am
Last Chapter
2012-05-27 1:33pm
Last Updated
2012-07-26 10:24pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

After twenty-five years in politics, Minister of Magic Artemisia Lufkin faces the end of her career in disgrace.

Beta'd by the fabulous Georgia Weasley

1,227 56
2 The Duel

In the summer of 1772, veteran Auror Dick Hart finds himself embroiled in a duel with a reckless young Ministry hopeful by the name of Artemisia Lufkin.

Beta'd by the awesome Georgia Weasley.

3,359 30
3 Pater Familias

Artemisia visits the family estate in Bath with some surprising news.

2,626 26
4 Beauxbatons

Artemisia finds herself bored and isolated in France as the secretary to the English ambassador. Restricted to the opulent and overly-extravagant Beauxbatons Palace, she makes the acquaintance of a strange, young philosopher/lawyer destined to change her life.

3,650 14
5 Maximilien Rondelet

Artemisia attends the salon of Madame Crevecoeur and is introduced to the Enlightenment by way of the writings of Rousseau. Meanwhile, Maximilien Rondelet proves his oratory prowess with a fiery speech of his own.

2,337 9
6 The Social Contract

Artemisia finds herself inspired by the writings of Rousseau and actively engages in politics for the first time. Rondelet offers a helping hand.

2,624 12
7 Madame Crevecoeur's Advice

Artemisia makes a momentous decision about her relationship with Rondelet and goes to Madame Crevecoeur for advice.

2,836 9
8 Incorruptible

Artemisia continues to pursue her beloved Rondelet, eschewing the misguided advice of Madame Crevecouer for her own instincts. Engaging in a philosophical debate on the nature of love, she challenges Maxime to accept her offer to become her lover. 

2,659 7
9 Paris

Artemisia accompanies Maxime to Paris and witnesses first-hand the utter destitution of the populace. Despite feeling sympathetic to their plight, she is troubled by Maxime’s stern sentiments of change.

3,112 8
10 The Radical Pamphleteer

Artemisia meets Maxime’s friend, Philippe Delmas, a man with a taste for revolution and an illegal printing press hidden in his flat. Later on, Maxime intentionally breaks the Statue of Secrecy to help a Muggle, leading Artemisia to question his radical opinions.

3,241 7
11 Rubicon

Ambassador Honorius expresses his concerns over unrest in England’s North American colonies, while Artemisia is forced to consider her opinion of the coming conflict. And at last, the unstable peace is shattered one April morning in the small Massachusetts town of Lexington, when the shot heard round the world signals the start of a revolution.

2,352 4
12 L'amour de Moi

Whiler preparing to leave France, Artemisia makes a decision regarding her relationship with Maxime.

2,399 3
13 London Lodgings

Back in England, Artemisia receives a visit from her brother Tarquin.

2,181 2
14 The Auror Office

Artemisia returns to the Auror office for her final interview and is shocked to encounter a familiar face.

2,715 4
15 Rebellion

Artemisia struggles to balance her new career along with her American sympathies. To complicate her internal conflict, a surprise visitor arrives at her flat to further test her values.

2,822 5
16 The Great Divide

Maxime's unexpected visit to London disrupts the status quo.

3,124 4
17 The Gentleman Soldier

Artemisia finds herself in rural Yorkshire, with a squib for a partner and a dangerous highwayman on the loose.

2,846 3
18 The Highwayman's Hide-out

With Captain Farrell's help, Artemisia investigates a series of highway robberies.

3,297 2
19 Stand and Deliver

Artemisia and her squib companion, Captain Farrell, come face to face with a notorious highwayman. McGreevy, however, proves to have an unexpected trick up his sleeve and an even stranger ally.

4,234 1
20 Of Whigs and Wolves

After bringing McGreevy to justice, Artemisia begins to contemplat her relationship with Captain Farrell and is surprised to discover just how well connected the squib really is.

4,324 2
21 Sarabande

In the fall of 1777, Captain Farrell and Artemisia attend Dick Hart's wedding. Farrell finds himself in the unfortunate position of being in love with a woman who won't commit and finds his trust in Artemisia shaken when he receives a letter of her's from a Maximilian Rondelet.

3,390 4
22 The Grand Deceiver

At long last, Artemisia reveals her deception and confesses the secret of her marriage to her family.

4,012 1
23 The Rondelet Family

Artemisia travels to France to reunite with her husband and, at long last, meets her in-laws.

4,204 2
24 Adieu, Adieu

Artemisia returns home to Bath for her father's funeral, intending, for the first time, to introduce Maxime to the Lufkin family.

3,589 3


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