Harry, McGonagall, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Molly, Percy, Fleur, George, Ginny
Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
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2009-03-15 07:07:55
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2017-04-20 04:26:11
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Gryffindor Tower

Harry wakes in is dorm the early hours of the morning after the battle of hogwarts.

733 4
2 Hospital Wing

"Don't even try get out of bed potter i'll know soon as you put a foot out of it."

1216 4
3 Elder Wand and the Fever

Will harry get well? you'll  find out

I have added more to his chapter sorry if it confuses people so if you have already read this chapter read it again

2650 5
4 Meeting Teddy

well it's all in the title

Sorry it took so long my head just went blank for ages.

3084 3
5 Funeral's

i am no good at sumarys , sorry about the long wait for this chapter my laptop died on me which unfurtunaley had the story on i've managed sort it for now. once this is validated the title might change for he chapter i'm still debating about it part from that hope i havent done to bad at this chapter.

2273 2
6 Ministry And Will's

Harry finds out what else his parents and godfather left him.

1027 2
7 Potter Manor

it says it all in the title

1525 7
8 Meeting the Family

Harry friends meet his family

1316 3
9 Godric Hallows

Harry visits is parents home

1877 1
10 First date out

This is Harry and Ginny's first proper date

1262 2
11 Gringott's And the Letters

Harry heads to Gringotts to see what is in his family vaults he might find some surprises.

2388 3
12 Plannning

Harry and Ginny sit down and plan a few things out

1162 1
13 Pranking the new comers

If you have been reading it you know what this chapter is about
 (just not in mood to right description)

2868 3
14 Maurders HQ

read and you will now

1084 2
15 Memories part I

Mauraders memories

884 5
16 Memories part II

Title says it all

559 2
17 For old times sake

Be continued

730 2
18 Family And Plans

Be continued

858 1
19 More trouble


917 1


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