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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-02-25 3:15am
Last Chapter
2013-02-27 7:58am
Last Updated
2013-02-27 10:46am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Unsuitable Friend

Severus and Lily study potions and discuss plans for going to Hogwarts, Petunia is jealous and considers Severus an unsuitable friend.

2,325 17
2 House Rivalries

Sev and Lily have a rather nasty encounter with the Marauders outside the library.

2,560 5
3 A Helping Hand

After a quarrel with Lily, Severus storms off and finds a first year Slytherin being tormented.  He goes to assist him and discovers it's the younger brother of his enemy.

5,209 9
4 Repayment of A Debt

Snape's Worst Memory, with a different resolution, plus Reg repays his debt.

5,834 13
5 Stolen Moments

Regulus and Sirius quarrel and Severus manages to meet Lily down by the lake for a romantic interlude.

6,885 9
6 Hero Worship

Regulus opens up to Sev about his home life, OWL results arrive, and Severus and Lily, as well as Reg and Cindy have a romantic last picnic before school ends.

6,851 8
7 So You Want to Date My Daughter?

Severus and Lily arrive home and two days later, Severus goes to speak with Mr. Evans about dating Lily.

7,839 11
8 The New Assistant

Severus's first day working for Mr. Evans goes fairly well, but his date with Lily nearly ends in disaster.

5,368 4
9 All Because of A Letter

Severus' summer is spoiled when he recieves a letter from Regulus that causes Tobias to go ballistic

3,085 6
10 For Your Own Good

Eileen sends Severus away after fixing him up, saying it is too dangerous for him to stay at home.

2,046 7
11 At Grimmauld Place

Severus comes to stay at Grimmauld Place.

4,630 8
12 A Dreadful Pact

Regulus goes to the meeting and finds more than he expected.  Meanwhile, Lily comforts a distraught Petunia.

5,177 7
13 Dumbledore's Agents

Dumbledore talks with Sev and Reg about an important mission.

4,097 6
14 Oracle Dream

Lily has a prophetic dream and confides in Petunia.

2,046 8
15 Changes

A new term begins, but it brings turmoil for Sev and Lily.

3,717 7
16 Things Are Not What They Seem

Sev and Lily quarrel . . .will it spell the end of their relationship??

Read it and find out!

4,148 10
17 Spies Like Us

Sev, Lily, and Reg tell Dumbledore about Lily's vision.

3,154 8
18 We Were Only Foolin'

The Marauders try and play the ultimate prank on Severus

9,838 9
19 Grow Up!

Lily finally tells James off, but James refuses to believe it's over and follows Lily home during break.

4,652 9
20 Petunia's Knight In Shining Armor

James rescues Petunia from Vernon and meets Petunia and her parents.

5,264 6
21 Turning Over A New Leaf

James attempts to turn over a new leafand Lily and Sev go shopping.

7,594 7
22 A Date to Remember

James takes Petunia on their first date.

6,975 11
23 Happy Holidays

Christmas with the Evnas and Snapes.

8,828 14
24 Weekend At Potter Manor

Petunia's weekend at Potter Manor does not go as planned.

9,644 5
25 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Eileen tells Severus about several new changes in their life and James introduces Petunia to the wonders of flying.

7,234 8
26 Part of Your World

James takes Petunia on a wild ride, Severus and Lily get to know Dickon better, and Sirius comes home to Grimmauld Place

8,491 4
27 Sev and the Stargazer

Severus and Richard watch a meteor shower and much is discussed

4,468 7
28 The Woes of Regulus Black

Severus notices something amiss with his best friend and talks to him.

3,658 4
29 Dickon's Lesson

Sev and Lily's first Astronomy lesson does not go well.

6,030 6
30 The Warning

Sev recieves an unexpected warning from some older Slytherins.

2,646 4
31 January 9th

Happy birthday Severus!

4,323 7
32 The Attack

Enemies make trouble for Severus

3,823 4
33 Difficult Decisions

Severus and Lily must makea difficult decision.

7,400 7
34 Confrontations

Eileen goes head-to-head with Dumbledore and the Marauders and Reg confront the three bullies.

5,699 8
35 Broken

The fight to end all fights.

2,807 7
36 Anguish

Severus and Lily are hurting after their fight, can their friends help them?

4,422 7
37 Reconciliation

The beginning of a good summer

7,506 7
38 A Good Summer

The wedding of Dickon and Eileen occurs, plus some other good things

8,410 4
39 Family Matters

Lily struggles against her longing for Severus and the newest addition to the Snape-Marsh family arrives!

4,383 6
40 Together At Last

The end of school comes, and finally our two couples can be together at last!

11,741 5
41 Marked

After a brief happy interlude, Severus is summoned before Voldemort to take the Mark

5,187 4
42 Comfort

Lily helps Severus recover

3,808 6
43 Something Meaningful

Petunia struggles to adjust to her new role as Lady Potter and find something meaningful to do to help with the war

2,830 10
44 Malevolent Brews

Petunia meets her new patient and Severus brews dark potions for Voldemort

5,199 6
45 One Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping

Letters to Petunia, Severus, and Lily arrive and Lily's summons to participate in a raid leads to guilt and horror for both herself and Severus

4,255 4
46 Innocence Regained

Severus borrows Albus' Penseive and attends his sister's party. A partly serious partly funny chapter.

4,469 5
47 Orion Speaks His Mind

Orion has a long talk with Sirius and Jess goes head-to-head with Severus in her first real tantrum.

4,013 5
48 Dark Bargain

Severus has a conversation with Voldemort

3,756 4
49 The Prodigal Son Returns

Sirius returns to Grimmauld Place, what reception will he recieve?

4,735 10
50 A Friend in Need

Sev, Lily and Cindy try and help Regulus recover from being Marked

4,160 10
51 First Days

The first days on the job for Regulus, Sirius, James, and Severus occur

6,533 6
52 Lessons Learned

Jess learns a lesson from Eileen and Severus from Dickon

6,117 7
53 Field Trip

Severus takes his class to St. Mungos

2,944 6
54 "You Can't Save Them All"

James and Sirius must face a sad truth

4,060 5
55 Regulus' Discovery

Severus comforts Stephens and Regulus makes a shocking discovery

4,264 6
56 Bittersweet Moments

Reg has a chat with Sev and Lily, Petunia reveals something to James, and Sirius has a good time with Annie

6,695 3
57 Love Me Still

Regulus goes through a crisis and Sirius talks with Peter and Remus

5,018 8
58 The Charms Mistress

Reg and Cindy's wedding iccurs and Lily attempts to create some new charms to help her fulfill a new vision.

6,000 6
59 Voldemort's New Rule

Voldemort comes up with a diabolical new rule that will change everything for his followers--and Lily and Sev!

6,240 5
60 Unprecedented Complications

Lily and Severus discuss options and Severus goes to visit Dickon and gets a shock

3,676 7
61 Family Crisis

See how Eileen reacts to Dickon's injuries and if Sev tells them about the baby.  Thanks everyone for reading and reviewing, please continue to do so as it encourages me to keep writing.

7,086 6
62 Wizard's Duel

The culprits are discovered and Eileen challenges them to a duel. Will she win?

4,129 10
63 Three Expectant Witches

Lily, Cindy, Tuney, Eileen, Polly, & Jess have a girl's day out, while Sev discusses some important issues with Dickon

6,438 7
64 Choices

Several choices are made

5,842 5
65 Accidents and Alliances

An accident occurs and some new alliances are made Please review!

7,588 7
66 Dinner Conversations

Several dinner conversations occur

5,971 6
67 Schemes and Dreams

Many things occur

3,055 7
68 The Witches Defense Society

the witches learn defense from Eileen, and bond together

6,009 8
69 Of Weddings and Students

Sirius' wedding occurs and Severus confronts some students

4,538 7
70 The Lake of Fire

Art and his friends take on some bullies and Lily and Regulus travel to the secret cave as seen in her vision.

5,568 3
71 The Power Within

Lily and Regulus struggle to get to the island Severus speaks with his Slytherins and Arthur

3,781 3
72 Hogsmeade Burning

Severus goes to help at Hogsmeade and Reg and Lily try and escape the cave

2,118 3
73 Aftermath

What happened after the fire

4,265 5
74 Wormtail, Whimpers, and Worries

Several funny and not so funny things happen

8,101 5
75 Red Herring

The Aurors get sent on a wild goose chase, how will it end? Plus Art and his friends meet Rhys Morgan.

4,459 5
76 Sorrow and Truth

The Blacks and friends mourn Orion

5,368 4
77 The Reckoning

The wirches take their retribution on Dumbledore

8,313 3
78 Diabolical Plot

Voldemort has a new plan

1,901 2
79 The Potters' Heir

Petunia and James' baby is born

6,607 2
80 A Startling Discovery

Something startling happens

3,031 1
81 Doing What We Must

Several things happen at once, some good, some bad

3,552 1
82 Crucible

The children ponder their fate

3,740 1
83 Gathering Allies

Allies are gathered and Peter is questioned

2,783 3
84 Three Together

The final battle between good and evil

5,423 5
85 A New Prophecy

Epilogue of what happens next

1,908 13


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