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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Lily, James, Voldemort, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Draco/Hermione, Snape/OC
Drama, Action/Adventure, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-02-13 7:28am
Last Chapter
2011-02-08 6:34pm
Last Updated
2011-02-08 6:34pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 As the Years passed

“It’s calm… too calm… for too long. Something will happen soon,” Harry mumbled thoughtfully.

Hermione sighed. “I think so too. It has been a couple of months since the last attack. But let’s go inside now. The others are waiting and only sitting here and waiting for an attack will do no good. You should enjoy yourself from time to time.”

2,913 6
2 Proferre Tempus

I’m here… Harry turned around once again and there he saw him. Black robes fluttering around him, pale, spidery fingers holding a wand. They were not close, but Harry could swear that he could make out the slits of his nostrils and the burning red eyes.

2,217 3
3 Chapter 3: Friend or foe?

Four figures were coming out of the shadows and stopped. At the same moment their faces became visible, Harry’s heart missed a beat. In front of them four young men were standing. A pale one with brown hair, one with longer black hair that elegantly fell over his eyes, one with unruly black hair and a small, mousy haired one. Moony, Prongs, Padfoot and...

3,424 4
4 Reunion

“But one of them bears the Dark Mark,” Sirius interjected, “and we’ve only been able to catch them, because there was a Death Eater attack planned on the Weasleys last night and we only found them. This one,” he pointed at Harry, “attacked Peter without a reason.”

3,037 2
5 Talking Time

“You okay, Harry?” he suddenly heard Hermione asking. He had not even noticed that she was finished with her tale, and looked up startled.
“It’s… nothing…” he answered quickly. He’s angry, Harry thought. He’s angry that the attack on the Weasley’s failed. “I think we could all use some rest before we continue. I don’t think we’re of much help this way.”

2,631 2
6 Job Offer

“What are you doing here?” He noticed how the young man’s gaze flickered to the broom and back to him. Then something in his green eyes hardened and his back straightened.
“Flying. Is that a crime?” After having first been surprised, he now had gotten his confidence back.

3,535 7
7 Interlude

“You do know that smoking is forbidden in the whole castle.”
Harry had been wrong, when he had thought that the day could not get worse. It just had. Sighing, he extinguished his cigarette on the stone and turned the owner of the voice. “You worry too much over things that don’t concern you at all. If the Headmaster doesn’t want me to smoke here, I’m sure he’ll tell me.”

1,859 5
8 Fathers and Sons

"Albus?" James turned to the headmaster, who had a light smile tugging at his lips. He desperately longed for an explanation for this, or for something that might disprove what Dumbledore had just told them. This young man couldn’t be his son, he just couldn't! His son was in the hospital wing with his wife, still a baby and not a young man with a scar on his forehead, a scar on his right cheek and eyes that betrayed that they had already seen too much.

3,017 7
9 Friends and Colleagues

Harry slowed his steps, when he neared the Quidditch pit, not wanting to appear out of breath. He walked around the stands and saw James sitting on the bench for the reserve players. His father was already expecting him.

3,002 3
10 The Stag and the Fawn

Prongs! Harry’s face lit up with a smile and suddenly held his wand in his hand. “Expecto Patronum!” he cried and watched how the silver Patronus was born out of the tip of his wand. If this did not convince James, Harry did not know what else he could try.

2,159 3
11 Disrupted Lunch

Suddenly the portrait swung open and three men, laden with plenty of colourfully wrapped presents, were about to storm into the room, but stopped dead in their tracks, when their eyes landed on Harry holding the baby. A small present, wrapped in blue paper with golden stars on it, fell from the stack and hit the floor with a loud ‘Moo!’. Other presents followed suite, when Sirius Black got over the initial shock and whipped out his wand. “What are you doing here?”

2,783 3
12 Diagon Alley

“Oh honestly…”
“What is it?” Ron asked surprised.
“We’re being followed.” Hermione motioned with her head to a small dark alley between two stores, where a large, black dog disappeared in. Harry and Ron just saw how the dog became one with the darkness and Harry sighed as well.

4,708 3
13 Of Lies and Protective Instincts

Harry could only stare at his father. Whenever he had seen him in the memories of people that had known him, he had never seen him this insightful. This was a completely new side to his father that he just got to know. While James' words slowly started to sink in, many others emerged in his mind, so, after a brief moment of silence, he sputtered, "Dumbledore is keeping something from you, too."

6,520 2
14 The Welcoming Feast

“Your new teacher for Defence against the Dark Arts will be Professor Harry Potter. Some of the older students might still know, if in person or by legend, his cousin James Potter.” The students who had heard of James Potter and his friends and what they had done during their Hogwarts days, applauded loudly, and again most of the older girls started to whisper to their best friends and giggle behind hands. Harry felt his cheeks heat up and only vaguely registered that he got up and nodded at the students, before he sat down again.

3,896 3
15 Facing your Fears

“As you see,” he continued after a moment’s hesitation, to let the information sink in, “Voldemort is just a wizard – a powerful one, I admit – but he’s still just that. He had been wronged more than once in his childhood and this formed the man you’re now afraid of. I’m not saying that you don’t have to fear him, but by fearing his name you only give him more power over you!”

3,348 2
16 Roses from No One

“Phew, this has been one hell of a day,” she muttered, as she put the roses on the table and set her bag on the floor. Hermione wiped her forehead with the back of her hand before also shedding her outer robe and sitting down in the last armchair. She made a flourish movement with her wand and a vase appeared on the table, already filled with water. She put the roses inside of the vase and, after having given them one last look, turned to Harry and Ron, who were watching her warily. “They really aren’t from you, are they?”

4,166 2
17 A Boggart, Quidditch and an Announcement

“Good morning,” Hermione greeted them brightly, helping herself to some scrambled eggs. “Isn’t this a beautiful day? Perfect to squash Slytherin.”

4,268 1
18 The Halloween Ball

“May I have this dance?”
Harry saw that Hermione blushed slightly, as she nodded and took the offered hand of this stranger.

8,168 7
19 Repercussions

Again many concerned witches and wizards doubt the Headmaster and his reasons for keeping an obviously dangerous man like Mr. Potter employed. A man, who always claims to only have the best interests of his students at heart, should choose his employees more carefully. This is an advice from the Prophet and worried parents out in the Wizarding World, whose children are attending Hogwarts.

5,057 7
20 Damage Control

“And I hope he has damn good reasons… And that there is a damn good explanation for the reason why my son is a Parselmouth! There’s never before been a Potter, who was able to talk to snakes,” James growled, but apparently he wasn’t going to yell again, something Harry was rather grateful for.

4,125 4
21 Dinner with the Potters

Harry’s eyes landed on a small figurine of a ballerina standing on the windowsill and suddenly his eyes widened, as something that could only be a memory shot through his mind. “I blew that one up…”
A chuckle from the door tore him out of his thoughts, as Lily and James came through the door, both carrying some bowls and putting them on the table. “Not yet,” Lily said with a grin. “But thanks for the warning.”

5,472 2
22 Past Mistakes

There was once again this hard look in her eyes, challenging him – to do what, he didn’t know… Maybe she thought that he was angry about what she had done, about the way she had interfered. But maybe it was something else entirely. Whatever it was, the thing in Harry’s chest responded and without knowing what he was doing, or why he was doing it, he crossed the distance between them and just kissed her, forgetting everything around him.

5,377 10
23 Norton Lewthwaite

Hermione and Lily exchanged another glance, as if silently communicating with each other, after which the brunette explained, “Because we believe we found someone who has used this spell and returned to his own time afterwards.”

4,233 2
24 The Truth in Rumours

“I really lost her, didn’t I?”

4,802 2
25 The Moment of Truth

“While I was doing this, I always thought that I would return to a future where everything was changed, but I was wrong. After nine years I came back… to the exact date when I left, but nothing had changed at all. I had aged nine years, but everything else was the same. I was still working as shop assistant, my flat was still a rathole and I…”

5,064 3
26 Turning Points

“It’s… it’s Draco,” she cried, finally allowing the tears to fall. “He won’t wake up. And he’s burning up!”

7,166 4
27 The new Potions Master

Hermione simply looked at her with a challenging look on her face. “I’ve received eight Outstandings in my N.E.W.T.s and one Exceeds Expectations. I would say I’m more than qualified to help you, at least with your research concerning my boyfriend’s condition. I will help you, whether you like it or not.”

5,254 5
28 Harry's Scheme

“Harry! What are you doing?” Hermione asked shrilly.

He gave his friend a lopsided grin. “Giving in to my saving-people thing.”

6,034 2
29 Answers

Harry really had to congratulate him on his poker face, but he knew that the look on his face wasn’t much different, as he regarded Voldemort calmly, his whole body poised and ready to hurl any spell he might need. “Hello Tom,” he greeted him, his lips curled with a smirk. “I’ve been dying to meet you.”

6,015 4
30 The Spy's Decision

“In your time,” Clara suddenly began, a bit hesitantly, “we’re not alive. I mean, Jocy, Sel and I died, didn’t we?”

6,113 3
31 Ron's big Day

“I haven’t done anything to them!” Harry defended himself. “I’ve just taken a leaf out of our teacher’s old book. Maybe she’s been sad about the bunny.”
“You used a bunny?”

5,588 2
32 Hogwarts' Seven

Upon seeing the pout on her husband’s face, Lily asked, “What’s happened?”
“Harry’s,” he shot Harry a dark look, “mystery girl appears to be at least twice his age!”

5,158 3
33 The Princess' Tale

“M-my L-lord…” the rat-like person in front of him stuttered, shaking. “I’ve… I’ve got news…”
“Speak, Wormtail, I don’t have all night,” he hissed.
“M-my Lord… I-I have reason t-to b-believe that…that…”
“What Wormtail?”
“P-professor Potter a-and his f-friends are from the future…”

5,176 3
34 Sanctuary

“Yes,” Harry told him gravely. “I had a vision. Voldemort knows that we’re from the future.”

5,262 3
35 Hermione times two

“Miss... Evans, was it?” Hermione nodded tersely, at her father’s question. “I’m sorry, but did you just say that our daughter is a... witch? And that you are a witch, too, and that these young men are wizards?”

5,370 1
36 Godric's Sacrifice

Here, in his hands, he was holding the key to Voldemort’s defeat.
And, by killing him, Harry would also forfeit his own life.

6,561 5
37 No Rest for the Restless

“Ron! What’s wrong?” he asked, more than ready for battle.

“It’s... it’s time...” Ron breathed.

4,960 4
38 The Fidelius Charm


6,835 4
39 The Lie

Voldemort is going down!

4,227 4
40 Godric's Hollow

“Good evening, Harry. It’s nice to see you again,” Voldemort hissed. “Especially knowing now, who you really are...”
“I’d like to say the same to you, but unfortunately, I had other plans for tonight, which you ruined,” Harry quipped.

4,411 2
41 Going Home

On his left, he saw Bellatrix Lestrange run up to them with her wand raised in the air. She yelled something and Harry knew that it was over. A jet of green light came shooting from her wand, directed at him. Trapped by the storm, there was nothing he could do to dodge and he could only hope that the storm would swallow the spell before it hit him.
It all seemed to happen in slow-motion, as just as he wanted to close his eyes, hoping to finish the incantation before the spell hit, he saw someone run up to them, right between the spell and him.

5,055 4
42 Healing

"There's only one choice I can make, the easiest for everyone. I will come with you," Harry said decidedly.
"Are you really sure? I mean, why?" Ron appeared to be honestly confused now, as he looked at Harry with questioning eyes. "Why are you so eager to die?"

5,756 25


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