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James (II), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-02-06 7:09pm
Last Chapter
2010-06-21 1:43pm
Last Updated
2011-09-09 6:14pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Always Expect the Unexpected

A glimpse of what is to come.

770 31
2 Frazzled

In which Mara meets a Pervert.

2,943 22
3 Welcome Home, Mara Longbottom - Chapter Two

In which Mara finally comes home.

4,587 22
4 Eloquence is Difficult to Come By - Chapter Three

In which Mara becomes reacquainted.

5,369 24
5 The Remembrance of an Incredibly Altered Memory - Chapter Four

In which bombshells are dropped, both baby and blonde.

5,244 23
6 It’s Just One Plethora of Misunderstandings - Chapter Five

In which disruptions are made and misunderstandings occur by the teaspoon full.

5,095 25
7 The Missing Shoe and the Second First Impression - Chapter Six

In which Mara makes an impression.

4,943 14
8 How Is It That You Know Everything? - Chapter Seven

In which Mara goes to dinner and James finds himself incredibly bored.

7,588 31
9 Of Goblins, Bosses, and Redheads Galore - Chapter Eight

In which Mara encouters a surprise. Or two. Or three. Maybe even more.

6,976 25
10 Like a Sucker Punch to the Gut

In which the surprises seem endless.

3,425 25
11 Does Your Mother Know?

In which Mara and James start acting like adults. Sort of.

6,545 28
12 Scattered Black and Whites

In which nothing and everything happens.

6,624 37
13 The Truth Comes Out

In which the oblivious becomes enlightened.

4,769 52
14 A First Time For Everything

In which James reacts and Mara assumes responsibility.

5,088 30
15 A Quick Acceptance

In which James bonds with his son and things begin to get sticky.

3,777 30
16 Tense Coils

In which the tension mounts.

6,122 28
17 Toeing The Line

In which James comes to the Longbottoms' for a visit.

4,856 26
18 The Unusual Side of Normalcy

In which Mara returns to work and things that should be normal aren't.

6,930 23
19 Sweating Bullets

In which Mara has a date and stalkerish tendencies emerge.

5,557 24
20 A Slip of Tongue

In which Mara has tea with Sophie and there are so many slips of tongue, Freud would be proud.

Dedicated to Rachel (PenguinsWillReignSupreme) for being an endless supporter of this story and just an all-around amazing person. ILY!

4,866 31
21 Here Comes the Bride

In which the wedding happens.

7,999 50
22 Three Months Later

In which we flash into the future.

2,180 72


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