Fred, George, Oliver, OC, OtherCanon
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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2009-02-05 21:28:41
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Janet or Juniper or JoJo

“Oliver sent me the address to his new flat,” I said confidently, helping myself to an apple out of the fridge.

“What area of London is it in?”

“The shady area with all of the rogue blokes with knives,” I said casually and smiled with the puppy dog eyes.

4884 53
2 Riffraff Reserves

“Where are you going?”
“What? Dad’s can’t go have fun?”
I gaped at him. “Not that I’m aware of.”

4190 52
3 An Awkward, Sexy Conversation

“What has you in such a good mood?”
“The weather is nice today.”
“You’re a bad liar.”
“At least I know you got that trait from me.” He smiled again, this time a little more maliciously.

4831 40
4 To Spinnet Cottage

I would never get tired of using that word. It was like a new piece of my Oliver-dating personality. It made me feel strangely dangerous. Like I was going to walk down a dark alley in London and stab someone all while not flossing my teeth.

4788 46
5 Hook, Line, and Sinker

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this,” Alicia said, groaning at Oliver’s gesture. “I just can’t get the image of them at each other’s throats out of my head. Fight or something, this is getting weird.”

“Perry, laps,” Oliver said and I splashed him.

3877 56
6 Flash of a Firefly

“What in Merlin’s name are you sorry about?” She yawned again. Angelina mumbled something. “I am the sorry one. I’ve screwed everything up.”

“I’m sorry for not being what you wanted.”

4764 54
7 Birthday Blues

“How about that toilet situation?”

I groaned. “Not on my birthday.”

“That excuse won’t work tomorrow.”

“I was hoping you would conveniently forget about it tomorrow.” I smiled wide.

3217 51
8 Bridget Lilion

She beamed and her teeth were very straight and white and for some reason I wanted to punch them all out.

Who was I kidding? I knew exactly why I wanted to punch them all out.

4264 46
9 A Crusting of Cake

Oliver let out a sigh. “Don’t hate poor Bridget.”
“And why not?”
“Because she’s dumber than a box of Bludgers and likes my pretty face.” He smiled.
“I’m not sure why, you’re quite the jerk, Oliver Wood.”

4946 52
10 He'd die, Lou Beckett


“He graduated this year actually—plays sports now.”

“Oh, football?”

Football is for prats! Huge sodding prats. Oliver would never be associated with it and its silly white and black ball.


4587 43
11 Short Skirt, Long Sigh

Ah, but I wouldn’t be walking. I could Apparate now and by George, I was going to. By Fred as well.

4749 60
12 Story Worth a Thousand Pictures

"It’s not like we ended in some huge disaster fight like Oliver and I did. We can still be friends and chat about life and problems and the color of draperies.”

“Do you think we’ll ever talk about draperies?”

“Probably not, but the possibility is there.” I shrugged.

7036 60
13 A Bouquet of Break

At the moment a cheesy soap opera was on with overacting and plots that went for days. I smiled, took a bite of my breakfast, and concentrated on who slept with whom and why someone had a baby without sleeping with anyone.

Okay, she slept with her daughter’s fiancé. He tried to cover it up by pretending he had a baby pre-engagement—who was that lady? I had no idea. It was too complicated to hold my attention.

5422 63
14 Measuring Tape Needed

“I don’t care about lemonade,” said Fred, clearly scandalized. “I was taking about Jane’s legs. Blimey, have they gotten longer. I think they have. Katie, do you have measuring tape up at the house?” He leaned down and stared at my newly tan legs.

4114 55
15 No Reasons for Restless Napkins

"Jane, what do you think about this one?”

I stared at a lacy dress with strange trim and a weird neckline. “It’s horrible.”

“Okay. Good. Just making sure you can be trusted with an opinion.”

3877 60
16 Playing Pretend

“I feel like I should get some really high heels and walk down a bit staircase with a banister.”

“Alicia, you would be sliding down the banister and you know it.”

“And I have a feeling Lee would let me.” She checked out her rear end in the mirror. Satisfied, she turned back to me.

“Lee would be right behind you yelling out bobsled calls.”

4697 62
17 Are You Loony, Jane?

“How’s Lee?” Alicia said, practically drooling on the table to figure it out. “He hasn’t sent me a letter since you boys left. Has be found a new woman?”

“He’s bleeding annoying, that’s what he is,” Fred replied. “Always whining—why can’t we go back? Leesh is gunna murder me! Blah blah blah, I don’t care. He’s a complainer, that Lee. Get him out of that habit, will you?”

4944 58
18 Dancing with Dishy Denters

“There’s a bird in your room!” she screamed. “Oh! I’ve read about this—Jane, it has rabies! Don’t touch it! You’ll get bird flu for certain. Jane—oh, God! You’ve got bird flu. You’re going to sprout wings in six to eight weeks. You’ll be a laughing stock! Your boyfriends in America won’t want anything to do with you.”

5099 93
19 Cheese to go with that Wine?

“Tell me about what your plans are for after graduation!”
“How many times have you caught the Snitch?”
“How does Liam Denters compare to Oliver Wood?”
“Have you donated to the cause?”

5320 111
20 Linked Umbrella

“You’re home early,” he said, yawning.

“It’s one-thirty.” I laughed a bit, kicking my heels onto the rug.

“Oh. Well then you’re home late.” Another yawn and he stretched.

4500 66
21 Missing You

“Ah, I see.” Oliver looked nervous. I hadn’t seen him nervous in ages. There were girls eyeing him from the table over but he didn’t notice. I liked that, but I’d never tell. “They’re too good together. We have to fix this.”

He said we.

4145 88
22 Brownies

“Okay. Are you ready?” The door shut.

“I guess,” I said, chuckling. “I really have no idea what I’m ready for, but I’m ready.”

Oliver leapt out from the hallway, standing in the light from the window, and I gasped. Literally, I nearly choked on nothing at all.

4807 90
23 Slytherin Sweater and the Sixties

"Yes, sorry, Amanda, Jane does have me on a rather short leash. I just can’t do anything about it.”

“Well.” She looked put out, smoothing the mix into the crust. “When you can, call me, okay? She goes through them like the plague.”

5394 71
24 Malicious

“Jane, what on earth are you doing?”

I smiled maliciously. I even felt a little malicious. That sounded like a good name for a kitten. Little Malicious, walking around causing trouble and whatnot. I wanted a kitten. Mental note.

4935 56
25 Ginger Wits and Brute Muscle

"You’ll just have to live with that being with Jane. You’ll also have to deal with other people hitting on her and George having a picture of her legs in his room. That Fred took.”

7498 58
26 Who Knew it was a Girl?

“Erm,” I mumbled. Drat! “I’m not really sure, Mrs…”

“Call me Valerie, love,” she said, smiling. “Prefixes are for newlyweds and nineteenth century England.”

5986 31
27 Luxe Bevington and Shrimp

“Think of it as improv,” Alicia said cheerfully. “We can all play characters! I’ll be mysterious, yet light and airy since no one knows I really hold lots of secrets in my full, luxurious head of shiny hair.”

4437 32
28 Raising the Drama

“How’s the Quidditch world, Captain?”

Ang coughed.

“Erm, ex-Captain,” said Alicia, rolling her eyes.

6529 36
29 Pride, Prejudice, and Pleasantries

“Can I cut in?”

4970 55
30 Threatened.

“Don’t worry, none of the raunchy details.”

“Did we even have raunchy details?”

Roger cocked a brow.

“Nevermind,” I said blushing

6299 35
31 Matchy-Matchy Mismatches

His brown eyes made me freeze, unaware of the muffin dropping with a soft thud onto the tile floor.

“Gunna eat that?” Fred asked, grabbing the muffin off the ground and taking a bite.

Angelina nudged him. “You’re gross.” He bit her in response.

5217 24
32 Hostages

“We have twin-connect. It’s like mind power.” He paused dramatically and turned around, peering at the forest. “For twins.”

3969 37
33 Infatuation with Ice Cream and Idiocy

“She hits on Roger?” Fred said, his nose wrinkling. “I’m going to come over and set her straight. Gryffindors are the only ones worth fancying. Obviously.”

“You’re not going near her,” Angelina said, plopping down on Fred’s lap. “She might club you over the head and drag you back to her hut.”

6209 39
34 Obliviate.


Please come over. I need your help.


5013 45
35 We Need to Talk

"I’d leave Lee for Wood.” She snorted. “I’m only joking.” Pause. “Or am I?” Pause. “Of course I’m joking.” Pause. “You’ll never know.”

7755 34
36 Fred, Phineas, and Georgette

“Our first session starts in an hour.”

“What is it?”

“Facials.” He grimaced. “Please don’t tell anyone.”

“She might not,” Alicia mumbled against Roger’s chest, “But I will.”

5812 27
37 The Lighthouse

“What are you fears then?” I said, my body weak with vulnerability.

“Mine?” he said. “I’m Oliver Wood. I’m not allowed to have fears.”

7016 35
38 He Knows Everything

"The poor thing. I slammed the door in her face and told her to focus on herself.” He smirked. “Then I opened it and grabbed her and kissed her like I’d never kissed anyone.”

5627 26
39 Arrows, Puddlemere, and Magpies

“So what?” Fred said impatiently. “What are you two, anyway? Obsessive snoggers? Perpetual saliva-exchangers? Something else cleverly thought up be me that I can’t think of?”

7757 22
40 Why don't you stay?

Lee dipped his finger in his ice cream and smeared it across my face.
“How could I forget you?” I grumbled.
“You can’t. Since you love me and all.” He shot me a wink. “Romantically."
He got my entire cone in his face.

6486 21
41 The Bucket List

“I hope Oliver hears about this,” I teased.

“I’ll even tell him we were shamelessly flirting,” he said, kicking off from the benches and soaring over the pitch.

4528 20
42 Really Quite Happy (part 2)

Two weeks three days.
The left side of my bed is cold.
This is killing me.

4523 38
43 Epilogue

We still keep a bottle of red on top of the fridge. Just in case we need it.

5627 60


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