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    Scorpius, Albus, Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Other Pairing
    Fluff, Humor, Romance
    Next Generation
    Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2009-02-05 5:14pm
    Last Chapter
    2009-09-24 9:04pm
    Last Updated
    2009-09-24 9:04pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Preface

    Just a little preview.

    695 4
    2 First Glance

    First day of Hogwarts for Rose and others.

    840 3
    3 Academically Excited

    Id just picked up a strip of bacon when Hugo burst in. Prefects badge pinned to his Chudley Canons tee shirt. "Morning lazy." he said pulling my pony tail.

    "Id rather be lazy then a nerd." I retorted, taking a fork full of eggs.

    "Im not a nerd. Im academically excited." he stated proudly sitting down.

    2,477 9
    4 Civil Conversation

    She giggled and asked, "You didnt take Muggle Studies, did you?"

    "Nope, so how does it work?" I asked, still curious.

    She giggled again and began untwisting the silver cone thing on the bottom. She held up a thin straw like thing, with something blue inside of it. "This straw thing here, lets out a small amount of ink when I press it to the paper. Kind of like a pre inked quil." she said, putting it back together again.

    "The things Muggles come up with" i muttered quitely, amazed

    3,346 6
    5 Messing with Malfoy

    "Hows your day going Scorpius?" asked Kelcie, smirking.

    "Amazing." he said, still staring at the opposite wall, "And yours, Miss Scandle?"

    "You know just seeing you makes my day baby." she said, rolling her eyes at the side of his head.

    "As it should." he nodded and began the hair rubbing again.

    4,778 5
    6 Dancing Delirium

    "Are you going to put some cloths on?" she asked, glaring at me towel.

    "I might. But I never wear cloths when im getting ready, might get them dirty. So you’ll just have to suffer through having to see me half naked every day." I said, walking over to the shower and picking up my boxers.

    "God, your so- so." she hissed, trying to find a good enough word.

    "Hot? Sexy? Irresistible?" I suggested, standing next to my open door.

    "Full of yourself!" she shouted, and slammed the door.

    3,040 9
    7 The 'Almost Date' Part I

    "Of course he would notice." muttered Liam, picking up a bowl of soup.

    "What do you mean?" I asked.

    "Just that he's a bit obsessed, is all."

    "I wouldn't call it obsessed.." i said, looking down, blushing.

    2,674 12
    8 The 'Almost Date' Part II

    “Lets say I did know about this ‘Missy and the Hobo’-” he started, smirking.

    “Its ‘Lady and the Tramp’.” I corrected.

    “Yes, yes.” he waved me off. “Anyway, lets say I did know about this moosey from His Knee, do you think you would do the scene from ‘Lassie and the Bum’?” he asked, smiling charmingly at me, totally oblivious to how stupid he had just sounded.

    2,985 8
    9 A Cornucopia of Confessions

    “Oh come on, Malfoy. Its not like I don’t know what your like.” she hissed, rolling her eyes.

    “What Im like?” I asked, wondering why she said it with such venom.

    “Hogwarts Heartbreaker. Stood up Scorpius. You’ve made a few names for yourself, Malfoy.” she hissed again, eyes flashing angrily. 

    2,968 10
    10 A Missed Breakfast

    "I'm glad to hear that." he said, smiling hard "So, how bout posting that 'I JUST SNOGGED SCORPIUS MALFOY' sign on your forehead?"

    "I think i can stick it on, for ten minutes only." I replied, leaning down and attentively touching my lips to his.

    2,382 6


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