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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Hermione/OC, Ron/OC
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-02-03 6:33pm
Last Chapter
2014-09-09 5:13am
Last Updated
2017-10-30 9:47pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Predictable Appointment

It's off to Hogwarts again...

2,753 56
2 The Sorting Hat's Warning

As everyone returns to school, the Sorting Hat issues another warning...

2,552 49
3 A Broken Vase

Hermione and Theodore finally talk, and someone breaks a vase...

2,417 39
4 Slytherins

Hermione meets the Slytherins...

2,688 32
5 Just a Saturday Afternoon

The Slytherins meet the Gryffindors...and what's Draco up to now?

2,488 27
6 A Sickening Discovery

What they find at the bottom of the stairs rocks the calm that Hermione and her friends have felt all day...

2,393 20
7 Plans

The Heads plan for future events in Hogwarts...

2,646 17
8 Carnival

The Halloween Carnival is a success in more ways than one, and Draco is acting even more strangely than usual...

2,358 24
9 Hogsmeade

Hermione's date in Hogsmeade would have gone perfectly...except for the murder right under her nose...

2,731 20
10 Pandemonium

Chaos ensues after a body is found in Hogsmeade...

2,424 19
11 A Place to Hide

Hermione talks to Theo about how he's coping; the second Quidditch game of the season is held; and Hermione and Draco look for a place to hide...

2,355 13
12 Making Peace and Promises

Hermione and Draco talk to Ron, Harry, and Theo...

2,669 14
13 Goodbyes and Good Faith

The Christmas holidays begin, and Hermione and Draco have a heart-to-heart...

2,284 12
14 December and Death Eaters

Hermione spends time with Draco and speaks to Professor McGonagall...

2,720 18
15 Camping

Draco gives Hermione an opportunity to calm her nerves...

2,410 17
16 Christmas

Hermione and Draco discuss his side of the things that have happened this year, and Christmas comes to Hogwarts...

2,957 17
17 Choices

Hermione writes to Ginny in the hope that her friend will help her make a very difficult decision...

2,557 14
18 Harry, Ron, and Horcruxes

Hermione and Theo discuss the Death Eaters, and the trio works out the details of destroying the Horcruxes...

2,762 7
19 Circumstances

Hermione talks to Professor McGonagall, and Draco still hasn't returned to school...

2,629 8
20 Anxiety and Apprehension

Another week passes and Hermione still hasn't heard from Draco...

2,270 14
21 Healing and Heartbreak

Draco tells his story...

2,651 10
22 Ravenclaw versus Slytherin

Theo and Hermione begin planning another social event for Hogwarts, and the Ravenclaw/Slytherin Quidditch match has arrived...

2,427 11
23 The Fire

Professor McGonagall addresses the school in the wake of the latest disaster...

2,433 5
24 The Valentine's Day Ball

The Valentine's Day Ball presents a fun opportunity for Hogwarts and shocking revelations for Hermione...

2,509 5
25 Incensed

Shouting ensues...

2,369 7
26 Quidditch Accidents

The Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff game doesn't go exactly as planned...

2,488 5
27 Consideration

It's not always easy to understand others' circumstances...

2,309 6
28 Ripples in the Pool

Hermione decides to stay...

2,327 5
29 Frustration and Forgiveness

Hermione is at Hogwarts as the Easter Holiday begins...

2,318 9
30 Correspondence

Hermione sends a letter and receives one in reply...

2,502 6
31 Plotting the Impossible

Harry, Ron, and Hermione hone in on another Horcrux...

2,609 3
32 No Turning Back

The Gringotts break-in begins...

2,879 2
33 The Heist

The heist continues...

2,586 4
34 Ill at Ease

 The trio returns to Hogwarts...

2,485 3
35 From the Ashes

Hermione confronts the Death Eaters...and herself.

2,518 5
36 The Following Day

Draco and Hermione wake up in the Hospital Wing...

2,527 2
37 A Mixed Reaction

In the aftermath, Hermione and Draco have one another...

2,561 1
38 Hogsmeade Again

The first Hogsmeade weekend since November does not go as planned...

2,741 3
39 The Prince's Return

Severus Snape has returned to Hogwarts...

2,769 3
40 Tales of Trials

 Snape tells his does someone else.

2,433 1
41 The Grounds for Mistrust

Things are beginning to add up, and the solution is not good...

2,648 3
42 The Quidditch Cup

Gryffindor and Ravenclaw compete to decide the winner of the Quidditch Cup... 

2,934 3
43 Looming

The war is growing ever-closer...

2,815 4
44 NEWTs and News

NEWTs begin and an edition of the Evening Prophet changes everything...

2,512 3
45 Aftermath

Hogwarts reels after the shocking development in the war against Voldemort...

2,516 3
46 End of the Term

The end of the trio's time at Hogwarts has arrived...

2,491 1
47 The Siege

The Death Eaters' siege on Hogwarts begins...

2,446 2
48 The Battle

The Death Eaters have breached the castle, and the final battle has truly begun...

2,477 6
49 The End

The battle rages; the losses mount; and the stage is set for the final duel between Harry and Voldemort...

2,895 4
50 Epilogue

In the hours after the battle, the healing begins.

3,219 8


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