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Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, Draco, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Angst, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-02-02 6:09pm
Last Chapter
2009-03-26 11:52am
Last Updated
2011-07-27 4:26pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 An Unexpected Visitor

Severus hides away at Privet Drive after a DE meeting goes wrong.

Rated for implied child abuse and violence.

1,390 28
2 Petunia's Secret

After a heated discussion, Petunia reveals the secret she has kept for 13 years.

2,010 19
3 Not Such A Spoiled Brat

Severus realizes how the Dursleys really treat Harry.

5,880 17
4 What Goes Around Comes Around

Snape's retribution on the Dursleys

8,171 12
5 Ties That Bind

Severus and Harry speak with Dumbledore about Harry's situation

Warning some discussion of abuse in this chapter.

4,312 18
6 Spirited Away

Harry returns to Privet Drive, Severus kidnaps him, and spirits him away to Prince Manor.

7,475 13
7 New Beginnings and a Nightcap

Harry & Severus clean up the manor and begin to bond with each other.

6,610 14
8 Misunderstandings

Severus's reaction to Harry's drunkeness.

4,125 14
9 Lessons and A Letter

Severus teaches Harry some important skills, then gets a shocking letter from his godson, Draco.

5,177 12
10 Nobody's Son . . .But Mine

Severus goes to fetch Draco home and encounters Albus, and a long-kept secret is revealed.

5,165 13
11 Enter the Dragon

Draco comes to the manor. . .and nothing will ever be the same!

7,229 20
12 Sibling Rivalry

Draco and Harry's rivalry make Prince Manor into a battleground.

5,091 11
13 Snape's Punishment

Severus gives both boys what they deserve.

No, he doesn't turn them into toads, LOL!

3,335 8
14 Lost in the Dark

Harry has another harrowing nightmare, scaring Draco to pieces.

5,784 10
15 Shame and Envy

In the aftermath of the nightmare, Harry is ashamed of his reaction and Draco is jealous and afraid Severus likes Harry better.

Thanks for all the wonderful reviews, I really appreciate them!

5,344 7
16 The Death Eater's Son

During a potions lab, Draco reveals what it was like growing up as Lucius's son.

3,924 11
17 Just Like A House Elf

While doing some more punishment chores, Draco whines that he's being treated just like a house elf...until Harry reveals what it's REALLY like being treated like a house elf.

3,701 11
18 The Art of Being A Shadow

After a stimulating session of kin-sa-dor, the boys persuade Sev to talk about some of his experiences as a spy.

6,350 10
19 Shimmerling in the Garden

While Harry is flying his Firebolt through the garden, he hears a cry for help from an unusual magical creature from the Realm of Faerie.

2,030 10
20 A Healing Touch

Severus and Harry try to save the shimmerling.

3,391 12
21 Dreamweaver

The shimmerling wakes and tells Severus and Harry that she now owes them a lifedebt . . .among other things.

4,860 12
22 Smidgen's Solution

Smidgen takes Harry back into his memories to try and confront his nightmares.

7,900 12
23 The Face of Fear

Harry faces his childhood nemesis in an effort to free himself of his nightmares. Will he prevail in the face of fear?

2,727 7
24 The Dark Bond

Harry confronts Voldemort and learns of the link that binds them. Can he break it?

3,887 11
25 The Most Important Thing

Severus's guilt over Harry causes Smidgen to try and help him with his own awful memories

4,599 10
26 Hedwig's Surprise

Harry discovers that Hedwig has been keeping something from him, plus Severus discovers Harry's last term grades.

This chapter is longer than usual, but I felt it needed to be.

Happy reading all!

10,110 16
27 A Bit of Mud and Water

An argument over naming the owlets becomes a bit messier than expected, especially when a certain Potions Master gets involved.

2,957 12
28 The Wizard and the Warrior

The boys meet Sarai, who was once Severus' teacher, and learn about the world of the fae as well as something totally unexpected.

7,268 13
29 A Hunting We Will Go!

Severus speaks with his sons about his relationship with Sarai, and they get invited to join a hunt in the Faerie Realm by Prince Balin, where something nasty occurs.

9,373 8
30 In A Dark Dark Wood

A fierce battle ensues between the Unseelie raiders and the boys. Will Severus and Sarai come to their rescue in time?

5,245 6
31 Unexpected Tidings

Three letters arrive, bearing some unexpected news.

5,362 20
32 The Scales of Justice

The trial of the Malfoys, where secrets are revealed.

What shall be the verdict?

This chapter could not have been written without the help of my best friend Linda, who gave me the legal knowledge I needed about courtroom procedure and hostile witnesses and counsel. Thanks a million, Lin!

9,646 18
33 Brothers By Choice

Severus and Harry comfort a distraught Draco.

5,600 15
34 Medallion

The heir to Prince Manor is chosen.

6,156 14
35 Farewell to Prince Manor

Harry, Severus, & Draco bid farewell to the manor as they get ready to return to Hogwarts.

3,168 82


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