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Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Angst, Young Adult
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-01-26 6:58pm
Last Chapter
2017-02-12 11:14am
Last Updated
2017-02-12 11:14am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Lighting the Fire

Artemis encounters friends, foes, and troublemakers.  And so it begins... (Haha, I suck at summaries.)

4,198 7
2 Here Goes My Life...

Artemis eats a yummy dinner and discovers that life at Hogwarts has suddenly gotten harder that it had been.

2,604 3
3 A Big Old Hunk of Crazy

Artemis reaches an all time low, attends a Herbology class, and garners detentions.

4,324 5
4 It's All Part of the Plot

Artemis plays Quidditch and faces more trials, and Sirius plots revenge.

3,309 3
5 What a Nightmare...

Artemis discovers that life is like a nightmare and that revenge is only fun for the revenger, and NOT for the revengee.

3,982 4
6 Just a Bit of Regret

Artemis and Sirius share some detention, and Artemis finally loses her cool.

4,246 6
7 Something New, Something Scandalous

Artemis gets a new look (though perhaps not the one she imagined), goes for a walk in the rain, and gets some good news.

4,719 5
8 But Whoever Heard of a Giant Cake?

Artemis rants about men, sees a giant cake, and attends a Quidditch practice.

5,069 4
9 As Fate Would Have It

Artemis makes a deal with the devil (or rather, forces the devil to make a deal), and then attempts to save an angel (well, a kind-of angel).

5,506 6
10 What Can Go Wrong, Will

Artemis has breakfast, goes on a date, and... hates it all.

4,528 4
11 The Shirt Bandit

Artemis converses with brothers, sees through a lie, and has her articles stolen.

5,805 2
12 This is Blackmail

Artemis ponders legilimency, prepares for Quidditch, eats breakfast, and has a, er, friendly conversation with an enemy.

4,182 7
13 A Challenge

Artemis plays some Quidditch and discovers that maybe her feelings aren't as clear as they should be.

4,475 3
14 Time For a Change

Artemis wakes up at 2:37 AM, writes a Transfiguration essay, and somehow mucks things up.

4,721 4
15 Get Some Guts

Artemis apologizes to Lily for her rude behavior, laughs up a storm, and confronts Melanie.

6,035 3
16 Breaking and Epiphany

Artemis sets a plot in motion, and someone has an epiphany.

5,808 6
17 No More Ms. Nice Girl

Artemis gets told her fortune, recieves bad news, and experiences a moment of weakness.

5,542 4
18 The Lost and Found

Artemis remembers something important, makes plans, and discusses her mediocre Charms skills.

4,639 4
19 Of Love and Of Sorrow

Artemis is confused by Lily's plan, sneaks around with Sirius in Hosmeade, and spies a greasy-haired Severus Snape.

6,305 7
20 Repairing What's Been Broken

I'm back!! and ready to go! What's going to happen next, you ask me?  Well, instead of my normal summary, I'll just let you find out for yourselves!! Enjoy!

6,532 5
21 Paradise?

Artemis finds herself in paradise.  Right?

4,563 6
22 It Never Lasts

Artemis gets a letter, has some bad news for Sirius, and begins her Christmas Holidays.

5,291 4
23 A Very Unmerry Christmas

Artemis regrets decisions, makes a discovery, and has a very unmerry Christmas.

7,622 5
24 Somewhere Safe

Artemis is confused, cries, and tries to fix her problem.

3,952 1
25 The Best Not-Christmas Ever

Artemis tells her story, has a nice dinner, and winds up in another mess.

4,562 1
26 Peer Pressure

Artemis returns to Hogwarts, talks to Sirius about sex, and has a kind of conversation with Melanie.

4,232 2
27 Break

In which all hell breaks loose.

7,113 0
28 Sometimes Love Sucks

Artemis grieves, is punished, and is scolded.

8,130 3
29 Betrayal

In which Artemis hatches a plot and puts it into action.

8,780 2
30 Revenge Isn't Always So Sweet

Artemis learns that, sometimes, revenge is not the answer.

3,832 2
31 The Consequences of Our Actions

In which Sirius suffers and Artemis finds new resolve.

5,204 5
32 Bit By Bit

In which everyone tries to cope.

4,362 3
33 Sickness and Solution

Artemis works too hard, gets sick, and finds a solution to a problem.

6,082 0


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