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Albus, Hugo, Rose, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
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Drama, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-01-15 1:00am
Last Chapter
2010-09-12 3:33pm
Last Updated
2013-06-30 6:56pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Catacombs

She winced before speaking. "Did you manage to dismantle it?"

Black shook his head. "It's a Pest, Lawless, so even if I did manage to do so, it would regenerate, come back stronger. You were the one who suggested we ignore all the Pests that got us until out of the tomb." Grace nodded, still wishing she had known - or at least heard of - the particular Pestilence that had attacked her. She made a mental note to ask Hugo as soon as they were in contact back at the camp.

1,756 42
2 A Goddess's Wrath

"Fine, fine. Just stuff these beauties in that pretty old vase in the back and let's get the hell out of here, yeah? You're about as weak as a newborn kitten right now." She growled, her lip curling in that cruel, mocking way, and he had to swallow hard to keep from lunging at her. But she complied, not dropping her gun, and wrapped her free arm around the dusty vase.

1,784 31
3 15 Kilometer Voyage, Part I

"That's no storm," she told him slowly. "Those are raiders." Black's jaw tightened.

"Bandits. Get the hell out of here," he ordered. "You're in no condition to fight. I can try to hold them off, but make for the Sphinx. There will be too many tourists around there for them to try and follow you."

1,974 16
4 15 Kilometer Voyage, Part II

"Where did you get this?" he asked.

"Five thousand EGPs says no questions asked." Hugo ran the calculation in his head - it was approximately 900 dollars - a substantial amount. He cleaned his spectacles.

1,940 14
5 Arrakis

"And here I was thinking you'd actually be grateful I came and saved your sorry skins!" Hugo yelled back, miffed. But he sank his fists into the tassels and shoved forwards, shooting away from the Jeep.

"It's called deus ex machina! You make us look like a bad cliché!"

3,251 15
6 Baby Alone In Babylon

A flash of gray, a flash of black, and they were back to the edges, three-toed feet pressing into the dust. And unexpectedly, a pang of pity washed over her. Here were two beasts - once kind, once mellow - forced into a deadly competition with only one chance at survival: kill the other.

1,822 8
7 The Pomegranate Sirens

Wordlessly Grace followed her, her eyes darting into corners hidden by the shadows. Rahima was right. After days of strenuous activity - fighting, hunting, raiding, the list went on - a long, soothing sleep would only be well-deserved.

2,994 6
8 The Sight of the Earth


3,149 4
9 Jailbreak

"Marcus. News, I presume?"
"Of course there's bloody news. Do I ever call you to talk about your mother's bleeding gardenias?" he snapped. Flume could already picture Delilah Fengate rolling her eyes exasperatedly at him, one hand rubbing her forehead.

"Would you," she started, "be so kind as to share it?"


There was a pause.

"Which one?"

2,156 3


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