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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Other Pairing
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-01-11 9:38pm
Last Chapter
2010-09-23 8:05pm
Last Updated
2010-09-23 8:05pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Social Event of the Season

It's Harry's wedding day, and the press won't leave him alone. Someone else thinks this might be a good opportnity to sneak back into England almost unnoticed.

8,696 21
2 Following the Ferret

Hermione's plans to help the werewolf community are threatened by Lucius Malfoy's return. Meanwhile, Gawain needs Harry's help with something far more serious than the Malfoys.

8,500 11
3 The Black Pearl

Harry and Ron go undercover at Pansy's party, but are surprised to find that they can't understand most of the guests. Meanwhile, Hermione is interviewed by Rita Skeeter and Ron is determined to find out what's wrong with Perdita.

9,407 10
4 The Secret-Keeper

Gawain reveals his plan to Ron.

7,840 11
5 Wolfsbane

Ron learns more about his new assignment, while Harry tries to think of a way to get closer to the Malfoys. Meanwhile, Hermione runs into trouble when someone decides they don't want the Wolfsbane Potion distributed.

6,037 12
6 Durmstrang

Harry and Hermione learn the story behind Perdita's estrangement from her family. Meanwhile, Ron gets his first look at Durmstarng.

5,431 10
7 The Chess Master

Ron survives his first day at Durmstrang, but things are getting uncomfortable at home for Hermione.

5,268 12
8 Dinner at Green Trees

Ron has an illuminating chat with Baranov, while Harry's eavesdropping confirms his suspicions about Jeremy Gamp.

5,546 14
9 The Secret Agent

Ron struggles to uncover the secrets of Durmstrang, while Hermione tries to distract herself with work. Meanwhile, Harry's impatience leads him to try a new approach with Gamp.

5,733 10
10 The Quidditch Weekend

Ron panics as the time for Krum's first visit draws near, but he may have news to impart after all. Meanwhile, Harry tries to get his spy to cooperate while Hermione stumbles across an almost-forgotten piece of information.

5,243 8
11 Halloween

Ron takes a risk to help the half-bloods at Durmstrang, while a chance encounter leads Hermione closer to figuring out where he is. Meanwhile, Harry borrows an idea from Ron to get closer to Jeremy Gamp.

6,721 9
12 The Meeting of the Brotherhood

Harry and Ron join forces to track down the location of the secret meeting place. Meanwhile, Hermione comes closer to incovering the truth.

5,264 9
13 The Spider

Harry calls on an old friend for help in identifying some of the strangers at the Brotherhood meeting, while Ron comes across some unexpected information. Meanwhile, Hermione's investigations are leading her closer to her husband.

6,207 7
14 December at Durmstrang

Ron finds the inhabitants of Durmstrang lacking in holiday spirit, while Hermione struggles with the idea of spending Christmas without her husband. Meanwhile, Harry gets a step closer to discovering the identity of Lucius Malfoy's friend in the dark-green robes.

6,758 7
15 All I Want For Christmas

Ron's desperate to get to see Hermione for Christmas - but someone at Durmstrang is trying to make sure he doesn't get the chance to do anything unobserved. Meanwhile, Harry has a sudden realization that might lead to the capture of at least one escaped Death Eater.

9,721 12
16 Making Predictions

A new teacher joins the staff at Durmstrang, raising Ron's suspicions. Meanwhile, Harry takes matter into his own hands and decides to visit Perdita.

8,138 13
17 A Job For Draco

Hermione & Ron continue to investigate at Durmstrang, while Harry is forced to call in a favor to help out his old enemy.

6,779 11
18 Crystal-Gazing

Harry gets some news that temporarily makes him forget about the Brotherhood of Blood. Meanwhile, an accidental discovery of Hermione's may be turning her into someone's target.

6,798 14
19 Opening Moves

Ron & Hermione do their best to spread suspicion among the Brotherhood members, while Harry goes undercover to insinuate himself with Jeremy Gamp.

5,671 7
20 Veritaserum

A Brotherhood member is caught in his own trap, but Ron & Hermione fear for their safety at Durmstrang. Meanwhile, Harry moves closer to uncovering Jeremy Gamp's plans.

7,931 13
21 Escape From Durmstrang

Ron and Hermione re-evaluate their escape plan with a little help from Rolf & Luna. Meanwhile, Harry - disguised as Malfoy - is initiated into the Brotherhood of Blood.

5,827 14
22 The Return

Ron & Hermione had hoped to escape with the halfblood students without anyone seeing them - but Kirilov & Etilka have other ideas. Jeremy Gamp's plans for the traitors have Harry worried.

6,210 9
23 Grimmauld Place

Harry fills Kingsley in, while Ron & Hermione try to visit the Durmstrang students.

5,863 8
24 Plotting the Return

Ron's plan meets with Harry's approval, but Hermione is less enthusiastic. Meanwhile, Ginny comes to a decision.

6,460 9
25 The Namesake

Ron plans his return to Durmstrang, while Harry uses his contacts at the Ministry to investigate further.

6,908 7
26 Eavesdropping

Ron discovers an unexpected ally when he returns to Durmstrang. Meanwhile, Harry agrees to let Hermione try her hand at undercover work.

7,123 6
27 The Twin Malfoys

Jeremy Gamp arrives at Durmstrang, putting Ron and Dorika in danger. Meanwhile, Harry comes up with a plan to discover who the real head of the Brotherhood is.

8,798 9
28 The Name on the Scroll

Harry plots to steal the scroll from the Brotherhood, unaware that Ron and Dorika have been captured by Miklos/

7,878 10
29 Preparations

Harry and Ron put their plans in motion.

6,766 8
30 Visitors Day

Harry and Ron prepare to take on the Brotherhood.

7,492 9
31 The Twins

Hermione and Perdita try to hold off Jeremy Gamp while Harry and Ron battle the Brotherhood at the Ministry.

6,653 11
32 A Cave in the Mountains

Harry reluctantly dispatches someone else to search for Dearborn, while he tries to focus on getting more information out of the prisoners. Meanwhile, Hermione worries that Ron may take matters into his own hands and go after Gawain.

7,683 9
33 The Organic Wool Farm

Harry and Ron attempt to get some answers out of the Brotherhood memebers. Meanwhile, Perdita decides she's ready to go back to work.

8,201 6
34 The Rescue Mission

With Harry and Ron out of reach in New Zealand, Hermione is forced to step in to help a friend.

5,197 7
35 Paienjen's Wager

Harry, Ron and Hermione are forced to bargain with Paienjen in an attempt to rescue Gawain.

6,636 9
36 The Ring of Fire

Harry has finally located Gawain - but will he be able to rescue him in time?

10,230 36


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