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Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, General
No Warnings
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-02-22 1:21pm
Last Chapter
2004-06-30 12:50pm
Last Updated
2008-01-29 3:27pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Sighs and Owls

Image hosted by Harry Potter was the son of Lily and James Potter, who loved each other very much. But in their school days, their relationship was a little less than loving. What happened in between to change all this? A not-so-typical (and now complete!) Lily and James romance with lots of twists and laughs! Ah yes, I know, a new banner. Sorry for the confusion! It's the same story!

1,524 66
2 Shopping and Greeting

Lily reenters the wizarding world at Diagon Alley after a lonely summer in the muggle world. She meets up with friends and someone else...

1,541 26
3 Dress Robes and Dates

Lily and her best girl friends discuss the upcoming dance at Hogwarts, and who they might like to go with...

1,499 8
4 At the Aibee Manor

Surprises and fun await Lily and her friends spending the last week of term together.

2,265 12
5 What the Letter Said

On the Hogwarts Express, Lily finds anguish in the antics of James and someone unexpected who writes to her...

2,251 12
6 Chocolate Frogs and a Shared Smile

Will James cover up for Lily's absence? Also, the reason never to give Wormtail a chocolate frog is revealed...

1,257 8
7 A Plan, A Flirt, and a Fresh Start

Sirius is up to something... Tracy thinks that Lily might have feelings for WHO?... and Emma Donaldson is on the warpath, I mean FLIRTPATH...

1,414 8
8 Potter's Girl and the Perfect Plan

Someone has become "Potter's Girl" despite her wishes, and Sirius's perfect plan put itno action brings more mayhem than it's worth...

1,376 7
9 Just Punishment

James goes to Dumledore's office and receives some very handy advice, but is it Dumbledore or someone else who will give James his just punishment?

1,496 5
10 Lilies and Snivellus

Hundreds of lilies appear in the dormitory, and Lily has a shrewd idea of who's behind it all. James's punishment has only just begun, but will it end when he askes someone special to the dance? And why does Snivellus have a cactus flower for a nose...?

1,701 5
11 The Dance

Lily finds out about James's date, but her reaction surprises even herself. We meet Freddie, and see how good a kisser (or a misser!) someone is...

1,994 6
12 Of Kisses and Quidditch

Lily's reccuring dream is back, and so are feelings towards someone who is no longer in her reach. But He might not be as far gone as she expected...

1,412 9
13 Telling the Truth

It's the first Quidditch Match of the season, and Crystal has gone off of food. James asks Lily a question, but will she be able to tell the truth this time?

1,383 8
14 The Day at Hogsmeade

Lily and James spend their first date in one of the most unlikely of places. Lily finds out his secret. And James is lucky he doesn't miss this time...

1,295 20
15 I Won't Let You Fall

A stony-faced (literally!) Snape is out for revenge, and he's not the only out to get James. Sirius needs to work on his Charms, not just for him but for James' sake as well. And will Lily be able to trust James enough?

1,780 16
16 Just the Two of Them Together

Sirius is squishing rat spleens. The Potions Master receives a letter that he doesn't want anyone to see. And what is so romantic about a thunderstorm and a puddle of mud?

1,752 16
17 Interrogation and Valuable Information

James has become a maniac over Quidditch practice, and something else that has him avoiding the Common Room. Lily is having trouble with a singing primate, but that will be the least of her woes after Emma finishes interrogating someone...

1,624 12
18 Apologies and a Great Catch

James is avoiding Lily, will he tell her why when she asks? A blizzard is raging, and teeth are ch-ch-ch-chattering. Will James be able to catch more than just the snitch in the wintery weather?

2,025 13
19 Loopy Raving

Will Crystal be able to recover, not only her health but also her memory? Remus performs an action of kindness straight from his heart. And when Lily and James hear some "loopy raving", will it sound as "loopy" as it really is?

1,860 16
20 Sirius takes a spill and a bow

We find Lily's true passion.... SHOPPING! We find the one thing James and his fellow Marauders dread more than anything.... SHOPPING! And why is Sirius taking a bow after an unusual "accident" involving flying butterbeer?

1,736 17
21 A Full Moon and the Yule Ball

Lily introduces her friends to a favorite muggle pastime, causing them many thrills, chills, and spills. James and Lily show off their unique dancing abilities, but when the moon comes out something happens in the rosebushes that shouldn't...

2,224 17
22 Falling into the Cauldron

Crystal, Tracy, and Erica want answers to why Sirius is lying in a pool of blood... and Dumbledore wouldn't mind knowing the truth either. And Lily pieces together the meaning of her reoccuring dream after realizing she has already fallen into that cauldron...

2,185 13
23 Poppy, Pent up Energy, and The truth about Redheads

Erica knows Lily's got it bad, and Sirius is shocked to find that James is gone beyond the point of no return. And why is a certain Madame Pomfrey fed up with an overly hyper patient?

1,862 26
24 A Runaway and a Secret Order

Remus is having a nightmare, but will it lead him to extremes? James is lucky he doesn't trust Sirius, and stops someone from doing something very foolish. And James isn't the only one sneaking around at night on secret business...

2,533 14
25 Broken Trust and Shedding Tears

Everything seems like it's back to normal when Sirius and Remus are released from the Hospital Wing, but Lily's friends make her choose between the truth and trust, and more than one person's feelings are going to get hurt...

2,688 20
26 Jealousy

James and Lily are through, right? So why are they trying so hard to out do the other one? Who will come out on top? And will James's anger at Lily be greater than his loathing for Snape?

1,853 18
27 Delivery Boy

James tells his friends what he heard in Dumbledore's office, and Sirius speaks about his family life. Lily's owl askes a favor of James, but what started out as a simple gesture of kindness ends with a lot of shouting and a crumpled letter. I think we'll all find out where Harry gets his lung capacity for shouting....

2,473 21
28 Coming Home

Lily's letter brings unexpected news from home. The Marauders try to find some good therapy for James, but he finds his own ways of making himself feel better. And Lily's friends really want to talk, but Lily really needs someone to listen.

1,963 11
29 Forgiveness and James's Rage

Lily and Petunia have a sisterly heart to heart, and Lily returns to school in a mood for forgiving others who have hurt her. James isn't the only one looking at Lily, and boy is James angry (and so is Dumbledore!) And poor Sirius gets duped....

2,699 20
30 A Damsel in Distress, A Ring, and Shared Thoughts

What started out as an interesting Valentine's day, ended with things getting even more unusual. The third years are placing bets, so who ends up winning? And getting Lily and James to share their thoughts proves to make things weirder....

3,142 40
31 Snape Learns His Lesson

Hogwarts is tense... but Lily hears some good news that makes her smile. This full moon looks to the Marauders as the most eventful yet, and Sirius's attempt to teach Snivellus a lesson makes it just that!

2,683 20
32 The Smartest Marauder of them All

Lily realizes something, but is it too late for her and James? Remus gives Sirus some good advice. And when Peter's had the final straw, where will he turn, and will it change the rest of his life?

3,669 16
33 She came

Everyone expects the worst when Lily and James remember the traditional Head Boy and Girl Dance at the End of Year Ball, but what will happen when the worst might really just be the best?

3,822 46
34 Eavesdroppers

It seems like everyone is all ears at the End of Year Ball, and those who eavesdrop might find out more than they anticipated!

3,568 39
35 Bravery and Love

Lily and James know what to expect when Dumbledore approaches them, but are they ready? Sirius releases some anguish, and Lily feels anguished. But what could be more important than Bravery and Love?

4,703 82


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