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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/Pansy, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna
Drama, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-01-11 4:24pm
Last Chapter
2009-10-21 4:42pm
Last Updated
2009-10-21 4:42pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Beyond the End

After Harry finally defeated Voldemort, what did he do next?

5,693 17
2 A New Life

Now the they've finished th work Dumbledore had for them to do, Harry, Ron and Hermione can finally begin to move on, and live normal lives. What do they want to do? Go back to school? get jobs? their whole lives are before them...

5,694 7
3 One Last Time

Harry Potter goes back to school for the last time. What has changed? What is the same?

6,056 8
4 Quidditch, Questions, and Quarrels

Something big is brewing. After a fight with Hermione (surprise...surprise..) Ron makes a life changing decision. How will it effect everyone else? Warning: some substance abuse.

5,966 8
5 Long Awaited Moments.

This is one of my favorite chapters. It's time for Ron to ask the question he's been building up to since he was 11... but how will he do it? and what will she say?

Warning; some substance abuse

5,660 6
6 Decisions

The Ministry has asked something of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and Harry decides it's finally time to confront Hagrid and force him to have it out...

6,466 8
7 Trials and Balls

Harry. Ron, and Hermione help out with the trials at the ministry. They have the long awaited Ball, and Harry asks some very important questions. :)

5,820 7
8 Christmas at the Burrow

The explanation is in the title. Also a wedding date is set, and some extremely embarrasing situations are narrowly avoided.

5,094 3
9 Far Away but Not Yet Gone.

Mr. Weasley gives Harry, Ron, and Hermione a unsettling message. The minister of Magic has asked for their help in a dangerous mission. They are the only ones that can help because of who they are. How will Ginny take it? They also meet someone from their past who they thought was gone forever, and Harry begins to dream again.

4,210 8
10 To Live and Let Luck

The Mission....

6,198 7
11 Clarity

Now that the dangerous mission is over. Harry feels the reprocussions, and makes some decisions about the way the rest of his life is going to go.

5,653 6
12 Where the Heart Is

With the help of Ginny, Harry finally begins to see  that being "Harry Potter" has brought just as many blessings as it has curses, and he begins to move towards true acceptance.

5,690 3
13 Secrets and Seekers

The quartet is invited to a mysterious celebration at George's joke shop, and over the Easter holdiay's they all go on an international vacation compliments of Ron's new job. While on the trip Ron is finally forced to confront an uncomfortable truth.

5,985 5
14 Words Unspoken

Back from their trip to Bulgaria, it's time for things to finally be brought into the open, and also McGonagall has some interesting news for Harry....

(my first cliff hanger, hope you like it. )

5,517 4
15 Something Old and Something New

Harry talkes with McGonagall about the mysterious matter they need to discuss. Ron finds out that even after his death Albus Dumbledore still has a few stricks up his sleeve, and Harry confronts some ghosts from his past.

5,997 6
16 Hogsmeade Happenings

The boys share some drinks in Hogsmeade with their pals from Hogwarts and catch up while reminiscing, exams are on the horizon, excitement is in the air, untill the unexpected and horrible happens. 

5,387 7
17 Examinations

It's time fro Harry Potter to take the last examinations he will ever take as a Hogwarts student, and also examine a few other things in his life as well.

6,105 9
18 Goddbyes and Hellos

It's time for graduation from Hogwarts, a moment that has been eight years in the making. Harry Potter says goodbye to one of the most pivotal places in his life, and prepares to move into the life he has been dreaming of for years.

6,052 4
19 The Aurors

Harry's first day in the Auror training program.

6,702 8
20 Four Walls Make a Home

The four decide it's time to move into their respective houses and start thier lives together... how will Mrs. Weasley take the news?

6,503 6
21 Changes Big and Small

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione adjsut to their new lives, and the first of many weddings is upon them.

5,669 5
22 New Arrivals

Harry take the Auror exam, Ron buys Hermione a special gift, Hagrid reveals his big secret, and wedding plans are made....

6,586 5
23 Auror Potter and the Tale of Dudley Dursley

Harry goes on his first mission as an Auror and is informed of a grave secret the Ministry has been hiding, and Dudley Dursely's tale of his lost year is finally told.

7,030 7
24 Victorie Wealsey and other strange events.

New arrival to the Weasley family, and Harry gets included in a special mission.

5,876 7
25 Werewolves in Rome

The epic mission!

6,209 7
26 Forever

The moment we've all been waiting for.....

6,894 11
27 Epilouge

What happened next....

4,622 21


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