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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-01-11 2:09am
Last Chapter
2015-03-24 12:28pm
Last Updated
2015-03-24 12:28pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Our Time Now

Every Second Counts

2,391 9
2 Hey There, Delilah

Whoever's great idea it was to birth my father on such a day should be slapped.  Then again, maybe I should be slapped for insisting to be born on the same day.

Either way, someone should be slapped and I would prefer it not to be me.

I vote for the dumb people who decided to make this day a Wizarding World national holiday.

2,358 5
3 At My Party

Am I having a heart attack?

No.  That doesn't make sense.

It feels so warm in here.  Why doesn't anyone else seem bothered by it?

3,909 2
4 Tearing Us Apart

I remember exactly what she had been wearing tonight . Why can I picture that so clearly?

I close my eyes and try to remember the last thing I'd seen Julia wearing.


I can't even remember what color her eyes are.

Meredith's are the deepest blue I've ever seen.

3,077 2
5 Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk

Why?  Why is this happening?  Is it so much to as that i could just act normal around Mer?

I'm starting to act like I fancy her.

This thought causes me to choke and I end up coughing loudly.

3,737 0
6 So Damn Clever

She hisses, "You're going to regret this," before storming away towards her waiting friends.

3,451 1
7 Hate (I Really Don't Like You)

"Chang?  You didn't get detention, did you?"

Mer cocks an eyebrow.  "Do you really not know the answer to that?"

"So... 'yes', then?" She smirks and rolls her eyes in response.

3,266 0
8 Trial and Error

"Aww... Poor 'ickle Jamesie is tired.  Did you stay up all night thinking about how you couldn't live with your all-star seeker?"


I just let out another moan, trying to to say anything out loud this time.

4,079 0
9 The Aftermath

 "Mum, are you implying that you think I'm pregnant?"

3,860 0
10 Figure It Out

 "Where were you headed?"

"The Library."

There is a moment of silence as Teddy just stares at me blankly.  "No, seriously. Where were you headed?"

4,755 0
11 Frustration and Confusion

 "Sounds like you've been thinking with your head for once."

"What would you know about thinking, Julia?"

"Enough to know when a guy thinks with his head or with something else."

3,800 0
12 Come Back to Me

Rose pops up on my left. "What was that about?"

"What was what about?"

"Don't act daft," she says slapping my arm.  I stare at her blankly, hoping she'll drop the subject.  "The gentle embrace.  Thes soft words.  The googly eyes." She says this last sentence while batting her eyes dramatically.

3,624 0
13 Facing the Truth

 "What's the supposed to mean?" She asks as she titles her essay.

I smile and lean forward.  "I mean, if I didn't know better, I'd say you didn't want to be alone with me."

The sharp tip of Meredith's pen pokes through her parchment.  "Bloody hello," she whispers under her breath.

3,229 0
14 If I Told You

 "Professor Chang thought that I was responsible for the boils on her arm."

"And were you?"

"Professor McGonagall found no evidence of my involvement."

"That's not what I asked."

4,568 0
15 You and Me

 "Yeah," I say hotly, falling back on my pillow. "Everything is bloody fantastic."

"Okay... you just seem in a sort of a strop."

"Do I?" I ask sarcastically.

1,579 0
16 Causing Her to Run

 I thought it was weak to feel anything like this. I thought that it would make me into the kind of sad chump that couldn't function without their 'better half' around.

I've seen those guys.  I don't want to be those guys.

4,086 0
17 An Unexpected Change

Did I miss a scene in my life where everything went back to normal... or better than normal?

3,574 0
18 Gimme A Chance

"I noticed that you were..." Fred seems to be looking for the right word, now smirking a bit. "You were distracted." I give him a get-on-with-it look and his smirk becomes more pronounced and he raises his eyebrows.

"Drop it, dumb arse," I hiss.

"Yessir, Captain."

I flip him off for good measure.

5,442 0
19 Innuendo In the Game

 "Did she slap you?"


"Did she hex you?"


"Did she cause you any bodily harm at all?"


Fred stares at me and brings his palm to his forehead.

4,348 0
20 Haven't Told Her

That's it?

No duel? No curses? No fight?

That is unexpected.

3,095 0
21 Let Me Take You There

Meredith is in the shower. Right. Now.

No. No. No. No. No. My mind cannot go there right now.

3,386 0
22 Together At Last

"We could have sent him a Howler proclaiming the good news to the entire Great Hall..."

"or charmed all his jumpers to say 'I heart Prisca Fenn'."

5,131 1
23 Making a Memory

"Meredith Blount," I say to her as I raise an eyebrow.  "I never thought you would ever say anything that would possibly inflate my ego even more."

"I will only say these things when we're alone," she replies sticking her tongue out playfully.  "If anyone else is around, don't expect me to be so generous."

4,710 0
24 Every Second Counts

Every Second Counts

2,515 4


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