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Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
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2009-01-10 13:42:37
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Cullens come to Hogwarts!

A new family has come to Hogwarts. They are pale white and they don’t interact with other students until one of them sets their eyes on Hermione, and they both start to fall for each other but how will Ron react  especially when he is Hermione’s boyfriend.

1833 30
2 Arguments

Hermione and Ron get back to the common room and have a huge argument.


808 8
3 More arguments and Break ups

Ron just pushes Hermione over the edge and she has enough

1845 10
4 Trip to Hogsmeade with Edward.

Ron tries to get Hermione back will Edward tries to comfort her but will he say something he shouldn’t?

1603 7
5 The Truth is out

Hermione confronts Edward and finds out all the truth and also finds a little romance

1955 8
6 Ginny's and Hermione's Girly Night.

Hermione and Ginny have a girly chat.....but is someone listing to them??

1276 9
7 Are you really Magical?

Hermione starts to wonder if the Cullen’s are witches and wizards, but as she finds out, she also finds out exactly why the Cullen’s are here.

1294 9
8 The Volturi?

Edward told Hermione the truth about why the Cullen’s are hear but she tries to find out more details.

1216 7
9 It's my business not yours!

Hermione loves being with her new boyfriend and her friends are really happy for her too, but some people aren’t to happy about there relationship, Ron isn’t of course but someone else she thought was her friend, tries to talk her out of loving him.

2593 5
10 The Talk With Alice.

Hermione talks to Alice about everything that happened with Remus.

1392 6
11 Trouble is coming

Everything seems fine, Ron is back to normal, Remus, well he is still glaring at the Cullen’s so no change there, but everything does change when Alice has a vision. What does she see? And how will it affect the Cullen’s safety?

1914 8
12 Trouble is here (Part 1)

There is a long and hard fight for the Cullen’s, and for Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny and the Order of the Phoenix. Will Hermione get hurt? Will Edward help her if she does? Or will he be too late?

1202 8
13 Trouble is here (part 2)

What happened in the room between Greyback and Hermione? Is she ok? And where did Harry disappear to? Does he return? Just when things couldn’t get any worse, 3 people turn up, to cause more havoc.

1548 9
14 Trouble is here (part 3)

James still has Hermione, and Edward gets angryer everytime he touches her.
Jasper goes and gets help but will they be fooled by what he come's back with? 
Also a surprise guest shows up, just at the right moment, but who is he? And is Harry okay?

1746 7
15 The Battle is Won

Harry’s dead! Or is he? Will he come back and end all this slaughter once and for all? Will there finally be peace at Hogwarts?

2091 6
16 Beautiful Beginings

The war is over and everything is now peaceful at Hogwarts, Sirius has now become a free man and is new love blossoming at Hogwarts?

2215 5
17 What's it like?

Hermione escapes trouble but leaves an angry Draco to think of a way to get his revenge, and they all go to the Cullen’s common room, and does Rosalie become a little nicer?

2187 3
18 Shopping Trip!

A week has past and Alice is true to her word and takes Hermione and Ginny to Hogsmeade to shop. Rosalie also comes along, will her softer side come out or will she remain bitter.

2841 4
19 Don’t even think about it!

The exams have started and everybody is busy revising. Alice has a vision that angers her and shows that everything will change over the summer, but what did she see?


2055 1
20 Nearing the End

It has been two weeks since the exams were on, two weeks since Edward started to avoid Hermione. How does Hermione feel about this? Will she finally get answers to why he is avoiding her.


1562 3
21 Be Strong

Hermione tell her friends about the break up and why is Alice shouting at Edward again?

1647 1
22 Please talk to me!

The last week at Hogwarts goes slow for everybody. Hermione avoids all of the Cullen’s at all costs with the help of her friends. Alice misses her best friend and tries to get her to talk to her

3883 7
23 The Last Day Of Hogwarts

Three days later and Hermione is still in the hospital wing recovering from her injury. Today was the last night at Hogwarts and Harry asks Madam Promfrey to let Hermione go to the Feast for her, but a visitor visits Hermione before she can leave. What do they want?

3907 2
24 Epilogue

Everybody is on the train to go home for the summer holidays. Harry isn’t looking forward to the thought of spending another summer at the Dursley’s but what he doesn’t know is that he is for a little surprise and why does Edward want Hermione to go into an empty compartment together?

2427 3


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