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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-01-05 8:21am
Last Chapter
2009-09-22 11:37pm
Last Updated
2009-09-22 11:37pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Last Ride Home

“ I see that you haven’t changed much throughout the summer. You still find pleasure in tormenting the younger students. Why am I not surprised? ” 

The girl froze, her words cut off short in the middle of her rant. Slowly, she turned her head to look at me and for a moment I was surprised to see her face so expressionless. A second later though she leaped into me, making me take a few steps back as she flung her arms around me, crying with delight.

“ LILYYYYY! ” she squealed. ” I’ve missed you sooo much! ”

1,243 3
2 Things Change

“ Careful not to fall down. ” I warned as I opened the compartment door.
She rolled her eyes. I smiled and walked out. Just then the train made a swift stop and I had to put my hands on the walls to stop myself from falling. Once I had recovered my balance I leaned back and peaked through the glass window into the compartment and sniggered. Marlene was grumbling on the floor, trying to get up. Well, I did warn her.

1,485 1
3 New Home

“ M, I never thought I’ll live the day to say this but ” I paused to look at her meaningfully. ” you’re more annoying than James is. ”

“ James, huh? ” she smiled sluggishly.

I hit her again.

3,078 2
4 Dark And Light Times

“ Remus… ” James grumbled warningly.

“ You asked for it. ” Remus grinned at him. ” There was this one time, in forth year, that Mary McConner had a big crush on Prongs… ” he began.

“ Oh, no, please, Moony, not that one. ” James wined.

2,896 1
5 Bounding

“ What’s a plane? ” he asked, bemused.

I laughed.

“ It’s so strange to hear someone ask such a question. ” I said. ” In the muggle world everyone knows what a plane is, even a three-year-old. ”

“ That doesn’t make me more comfortable, Lily. ” he said.

1,812 1
6 Going Out

“ It seems that girls are more territorial when it comes to chocolate than boys are about their girlfriends. ” Sirius commented.

Upon hearing his words, I looked away from Marlene. All four boys where staring at us with the strangest expressions on their faces. I had to laugh. Marlene joined me in a second.

“ It’s a girl thing, I guess. ” I said when my chuckle had subdued enough.
“ That’s what I thought ” James said.

3,565 3
7 Night Walks

“ So… are you coming? ”

A shiver ran down my spine. He had whispered the words in my ear. Suddenly, I was hyper aware of our proximity. I could sense his smell, feel the heat of his body, hear his soft breaths… I could tell his lips were still close to my ear, his velvet voice echoing in my head.

I froze on the spot.

1,708 5
8 Truth

“I’m okay.” I assured him. “Are you always so hyper when there’s a quidditch match?”

He chuckled.

“Pretty much, yeah.”

I rolled my eyes.

“And I thought I knew what hyper was when I’d eaten too much chocolate.” I shook my head.

3,754 9
9 Past to Present

“Me? Scared?” Potter took out his wand and pointed it at Lily. “I’ll show you who’s scared.”

He muttered a spell and sent it flying at Lily Evans, but she was no idiot. She ducked and escaped the spell, before she spun around, hair flying like a red inferno, and released a spell on both the boys...

"Little Miss sunshine knows how to protect herself..." She spit at Potter, before shifting her gaze to Black. "...and her friends."

3,568 3
10 Moonlight

“You know, I understand why you like that book so much.”

“You do?” I asked, perplexed.

“Yeah, sure.” She said and smiled wickedly at me. “It’s kind of the story of your life, only Lily Evans starring as Elizabeth Bennet and James Potter as Mr. Darcy.”

5,201 8
11 Moonlight Part 2

“Maybe. I guess I liked you playing healer on me.”

I put a finger to his bandages and pressed, not too hard. His laughter cut off, and he winced.

“Funny.” I said, grimacing. “A clue – so not.”

“James, mate, you should know better than to intimidate our little, sparkling Lily flower.” Sirius said, as if he was explaining to a small child what he should and shouldn’t do.

I grabbed his freshly bandaged hand.

“Point taken, I’ll shut up now.” Sirius said

3,697 6
12 Sensations

I blushed and scolded him for not saying he was awake.

“But you looked so adorable, just reading your book, smiling and frowning and wrinkling your nose here and there – I couldn’t bear to disturb you.”

His words brought on another blush and the way he smiled as he was watching me made me think my embarrassment somehow pleased him.

2,795 4
13 Games & Holidays

“What are you doing?” James whispered again, his lips a breath away from my skin.

As that thought registered, a shiver ran up and down my body. I tried to answer, but the words were stuck somewhere in my throat. I swallowed hard and tried again.

“Reading,” my voice came out in a whisper almost inaudible, though I knew at his proximity that he had heard me.

A pause followed, in which all I could think about was his breath on my skin and his alluring sent.

2,953 7
14 Shadowed Snowflakes

Then she lifted her head, and for a moment I was stunned by her big sparkling eyes gazing down at me. Her nose was gently brushing against mine and the heat of her skin was wafting over me in almost visible waves. My eyes shifted on their own accord down to her soft full red lips just as they parted a little.

When I looked up at her eyes again, I saw her eyelashes flutter and fall over the emerald orbs. She leaned ever so slowly towards me, and without thinking about it I closed my eyes as well, wanting to feel the sweet taste of her lips on mine and to know nothing else.

4,912 8
15 The Potters

“Sorry ‘bout the mess.” James said, catching my eyes.

“It’s okay.” I shrugged and moved to sit at the edge of his bed.

He was propped up, a pillow behind his back, frowning.

“What?” I asked, suddenly worrying that he was in pain.

“Nothing, I was just surprised you didn’t tease me about my ‘tendency to make everything a mess’ or something.”

I chuckled.

3,104 7
16 Passion

“Really, Evans, you shouldn’t be here! What do you want, detention? Because if that’s your wish, then you’d-“

But I didn’t get to finish my cocky remark, ‘cause Lily’s hands caught the collar of my shirt and drew me in. And then her lips were on mine and I was in shock.

Completely and utterly frozen.

The girl of my dreams was kissing me and I just stood there, dumbfounded.

6,257 10


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