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Harry, Ron, Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Rose, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
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Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing
Next Generation
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
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First Published
2008-12-26 7:29pm
Last Chapter
2011-07-28 3:35pm
Last Updated
2011-07-28 3:35pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Phone Call

Harry talked for a few more minutes and then hung up the phone.  He started laughing as he sat back down at the table.  "Just spoken with Dudley...."

    "Yes, I'd guessed that!"  Ginny said quickly,  "What about?"

    "You'll never guess...."

2,911 20
2 Exploring

"Mostly old Black family heirlooms and other stuff that belonged to the Black family.  But some of it is my mum and dad's.  When they moved in, they moved a lot of the stuff that was here originally into the attic,"  Albus explained.

    "It's not dangerous, is it?"  Matt asked as he peered into one of the boxes.

    "Nah,"  Albus assured him,  "My parents got rid of all the dangerous and dark stuff."

4,573 18
3 Kaden Dursley

"What's Quidditch?"  Kaden asked as they walked into the shop,  "Whoa!  There's brooms in here!  Are we going to be clean something?"  he asked skeptically.

    John burst out laughing,  "Clean with brooms?  No way.  We fly on them!"

2,796 19
4 Hufflepuff or Gryffindor?

"Whoa!"  Kaden shouted loudly,  "That's bloody brilliant!"

    "That's how the food always appears, Kaden,"  Albus laughed and served himself a large portion of steak and kidney pie.

    "I could definitely get used to this,"  Kaden grinned as he piled his plate high with everything within reach.

4,750 15
5 The New Dueling Club

"Albus!"  Kaden came running out of the door leading to the boys' dormitories, "How was dueling?  Was it fun?  Did you win?  Was the other guy unconscious for a while?  Is he still unconscious?"  Kaden sat down excitedly in the chair next to Albus's.

3,438 9
6 Try-Outs

"Albus, hey, Albus!"  Albus turned around as he was leaving the castle to see Kaden running out of the Great Hall.

    "What?"  Albus asked impatiently.  He was anxious to get down to the pitch and see how many other people were trying out.  He didn't want to be late.

    "Are you going to try-outs now?"  Kaden asked excitedly.

    "Uh, yeah,"  Albus replied.

3,425 13
7 Kaden's Promise

"And Albus fell asleep in Potions,"  Rose announced,  "I had to wake him up a few times."

    "I wasn't asleep.  I was just closing my eyes for a bit,"  Albus insisted.  "Slughorn was just talking and it was boring.  I had Quidditch practice yesterday and Astronomy. I'm tired."

3,209 14
8 Bothering Trees

For a split second, Albus considered giving Filch a fake name, but figured it would do no good with his dad as a teacher.  "Albus Severus Potter."

    Filch wrote his name down and a grin spread across his face.  "Following in your father's footsteps?  And your grandfather's?  Yes, yes, I have an entire drawer in my filing cabinet dedicated to your grandfather and his delinquent friends."

3,046 10
9 Three Nights of Detention

"Students out of bed!"  Peeves shouted gleefully as he noticed the boys.

    "Shut up, Peeves!"  Albus replied, very irritated at Peeves's happy tone.

    Peeves peered down at Matt and then looked at John and Albus.  "Dueling, have we?  It seems that you two have won.  But Mr. Filch won't like this!  No he won't!  Students out of bed and dueling, too!"

3,664 11
10 Broken Promises

"Someday I'll weasel it out of you,"  Kaden said.  A few seconds later he started to laugh.  "Weasel.  Get it?  Weasley, weasel!  And you're half Weasley!"

    "Very amusing,"  Albus murmured.

    "Oh, you're no fun,"  Kaden said, still grinning at his own joke.

3,438 14
11 The First Tournament

"But those aren't at all what the O.W.L.s will be like,"  Rose reminded them,  "We've got to get used to taking exams in charms."

    "Those are three years away!"  John sighed.

    "Two and a half,"  Rose corrected him,  "And it's better to start preparing early."

3,409 8
12 Four Paw Prints

"Oh, hi Albus,"  Ethan looked up from his book.  "How's practice going?  We're going to beat Slytherin, right?"

    "'Course we are,"  Albus gave a tired grin,  "They're pathetic."

3,564 10
13 Second Edition

"Either it's a joke or a highly advanced magical object,"  Rose remarked.  The four friends continued to watch as more writing appeared.

2,818 19
14 Distraction

"Albus!"  A loud voice jerked Albus back into the match.  He looked up and saw that Heather was glaring at him.  He shook his head and started flying again. 

4,630 11
15 Forgiveness

"Who's that old lady up there?"  Amanda pointed to the staff table.  There was a short old witch with a patched and frayed hat sitting where Professor Longbottom usually sat.

    Albus looked up and watched her.  For some reason she looked rather familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

    "Yeah, and where's Professor Longbottom?"  Matt asked.

3,567 12
16 Wormtail

"It's so quiet,"  John said, tapping his quill on his book.

    "Nice, isn't it?"  Rose smiled.

    "Not really,"  John replied,  "It's too quiet.  I've kind of gotten used to Kaden's loudness."

3,716 12
17 Animagi

"Why don't you take a break?"  Albus suggested while they were in the common room on Saturday night.  "You've been at it for days."

    "Maybe you're right,"  Rose sighed.  She had been trying for the past hour to reproduce her name onto another piece of parchment.  "I'll just relax for a while."  She pulled out her Transfiguration book and opened it to one of the later chapters.

4,047 12
18 Locked Out

"Yeah.  He can sleep all tomorrow if he wants,"  Albus commented as he ripped pieces off the roll of parchment.

    "Him and me both,"  John yawned.  "Wasn't expecting the tunnel to be that long."

    "Me neither, but it is a long way from the grounds to Hogsmeade, so it makes sense."

4,953 10
19 Chess With Kaden

"Good, good,"  Binns continued,  "And in 1866, British House Elves started to have contact with the American House Elves, which resulted in a kind of House Elf unity...."

    "Kill me now,"  John muttered.

    "Five more minutes..."  Albus sighed.

    "I think Binns was around during all this House Elf stuff,"  Amanda whispered.

3,686 11
20 The Missing Map

"We really ought to come up with a few good pranks,"  John decided as they were traveling through the hills on the train.  "That's what the Marauders did, was prank people, so we should, too."

3,282 14
21 Cloak and Map

  "What is it, Al?"  Harry got up and squeezed his way through the crowd over to Albus.

    "It's all right if I go to Rose's house on the 28th, right?  And stay a couple days?"

    "That would be fine,"  Harry said,  "But we're actually going to Dudley's house for New Year's Eve, so we'll come get you on the 31st before we leave."

3,574 14
22 The Stag

"Wait,"  Matt stood up and turned around,  "I think I hear something over there."  He pointed to a cluster of bushes a couple meters away.

    "I don't hear it,"  John replied.

    "Shush!"  Matt whispered,  "You know I can hear things you can't."

    Matt started slowly making his way towards the cluster of bushes.  Albus and the others followed behind, nobody saying a word.  "Wands ready,"  Matt whispered.

4,894 13
23 Dinner With the Dursleys

"I hate Aunt Marge,"  Kaden said loudly, causing Albus to snort into his juice.  "All she talks about is breeding dogs."

    "Don't say that about your aunt,"  Vernon scolded.

    "What?"  Kaden shrugged,  "Professor Potter must not like her either."

3,674 12
24 Evening Confrontation

You've got a letter!"  Kaden shouted eagerly.

    "I know,"  Albus rolled his eyes and pulled the letter off the owl's leg.  He gave the owl a few bits of toast and the large bird flew off.

    Rose, who was on Albus's other side, looked over his shoulder as he looked at the envelope.  John and Amanda were leaning over the table and Kaden was leaning over Albus's other shoulder.

4,391 9
25 Explosion Potion

"What is this stuff?"  Kaden pointed to a platter of some sort of meat.

    "Pheasant,"  Albus replied.  Slughorn always served pheasant at his meetings.  Albus tried it last year and hated it.

4,508 10
26 Filch? Dancing?!

Filch's main suspect was Kaden, which Albus found kind of funny.  Kaden of course had laughed the loudest when he heard the story.  Since Filch had developed an intense dislike for Kaden since their detention months ago, he gave Kaden ominous stares every time Kaden passed him in the corridors.  Kaden just found this funny, since he knew John had invented the story.

3,998 10
27 Slytherpuff

"Maybe it's got to do that he's been flying around in a blizzard for the past two hours?"  Rose suggested,  "If they'd just have canceled the match-"

    "They don't cancel Quidditch!"  John shouted and then turned to Matt,  "You understand this, don't you?"

    "It's true,"  Matt agreed,  "Quidditch isn't ever canceled for trivial things like blizzards."

3,774 13
28 Scavenger Hunt

"Albus,"  Kaden said more quietly as he sat down in an empty chair at their table.

    Albus eyed Kaden's clipboard but he couldn't read what it said.  "Hi Kaden."

    "Hi,"  Kaden replied,  "Will you sign my petition?"

    "Petition?"  Albus asked,  "What in the name of Merlin are you petitioning for?"

4,133 13
29 Light Saber Conquers All

  "Yeah,"  Albus agreed,  "Even though we were with Slytherins.  Willinson wasn't too bad."

    "That's good,"  John said,  "I caught a glimpse of him in the Gryffindor robes.  Priceless."

    "Yeah, I thought so.  Until I had to put on the Slytherin ones,"  Albus replied.

3,411 13
30 Wizard's Finger Print

Kaden ran back to Albus and the others, blushing furiously.  "It worked, but now everyone's going to think I'm an idiot."

    Albus laughed,  "No they won't.  But that's good that it worked."

    "Yeah,"  Kaden grinned,  "Definitely worth it."

3,664 15
31 Success

"Look in the index,"  Rose instructed as she dumped a huge pile of books onto the table,  "Just look up 'Wizard's Finger Print' and if it's not there, don't bother searching that book."

    "What would we do without you, Rose?"  John laughed as he took the book that was on top.

    "Oh, it would take you until sixth year to figure this out,"  Rose grinned.

3,652 16
32 Riddles

Albus was completely ignoring Professor Binns' boring lecture the following Wednesday and focusing solely on the clue.  A place to sleep, he thought as he tapped his quill on his book.  He sighed and lifted his head up.  Rose was the only one actually taking notes.  John's eyes were drooping and Albus was sure he'd fall asleep soon.

3,735 16
33 May 2, 2018

"I think Al wants to know what we're talking about,"  Ron grinned, looking up at Albus.

    Albus quickly looked down at his plate and shoved a piece of roll in his mouth, blushing.

    "I think you're right,"  Harry laughed,  "It's ok, Al.  If we talk about work stuff at the table, it's our own fault if you overhear it."

    Albus nodded and swallowed the roll.  "I wasn't, er, listening in, or anything...."

3,878 16
34 The Marauders' Den

"I just don't see the point, Rose,"  John said as he tossed a chocolate frog up into the air,  "If I haven't learned it by now, I'm not going to learn it in time for exams."

    "Might I remind you that you said 'I don't need to study it now.  I'll just forget it by the end of term anyway.  I'll just wait until May to learn it' a few months ago?"  Rose sighed and shook her head.

3,848 12
35 Kidnapped

"Yes!"  John shouted as his queen smashed Matt's bishop,  "Another one of your pieces destroyed!"

    "At least I still have my knights,"  Matt smirked.

    "At least I've got my queen,"  John pointed out.

    Albus grinned to himself and settled down to watch the rest of the game.  One of  Matt's knights was in the process of killing John's queen when he heard a faint tapping on the window behind him.

3,460 11
36 Bravery

"Do you have the Cloak?"

    "Yeah,"  Albus nodded.

    "Good.  But don't give it to him.  Listen, I let you lot come along because I figured if I didn't, you'd sneak out anyway.  But I don't want you getting involved.  Stay behind me at all times and obey whatever I tell you,"  Harry said sternly.  "I don't want a repeat of last year."

3,586 12
37 Possibilities

  Everyone nodded and followed Harry up the stairs.  They were stopped no less than three times by various students wanting to talk to Kaden.  Albus and John broke out in hysterical laughter after the third person asked for his autograph.  Eventually, they did manage to make it to the Room.

2,526 35


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