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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Molly, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Ron/Hermione
General, Mystery, Romance
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-12-16 7:52pm
Last Chapter
2011-05-09 8:45am
Last Updated
2011-05-09 8:45am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Boxing Day

It is the day after the Yule Ball, later on the same day HP & the Summer After the War ended: on Boxing Day. Harry and Ginny announce their engagement to the rest of the family, Mrs. Weasley can’t resist trying to control things and fun begins. Are you ready?

6,346 46
2 Dudley's Story

Harry is beginning to learn what happened to the rest of the world during the war. In this chapter he learns what happened to the Dursleys and the effect it had on Dudley. No wonder his cousin has changed!

7,375 28
3 Doers Rather than Talkers

It’s the morning after and Mrs.Weasley isn’t holding back. It takes courage to face Mrs. Weasley!

4,266 29
4 Time With Harry

Harry did make a promise to Ginny. Will he keep it? Could he possibly live up to Ginny’s expectations? This chapter explores just how our young couple decides to spend their day together.

Remember, you must be over 17 to read this story ... for this chapter at least!

8,213 33
5 New Brooms

Harry and Ginny start talking about their futures and Harry takes steps to help Ginny with hers.

4,534 20
6 Release Day

Harry’s training as an Auror enters a new phase and with it comes a new set of challenges. Will he be ready?

4,289 20
7 Field Work

Harry’s first days of field work arrive. Is it all he thought it would be? Harry discovers something in the process, something that surprises himself and nearly everyone else.

7,841 25
8 Harry's Map

Harry applies his knew found abilities at work and immediately gets results. What will they discover and where will it lead them next?

6,577 23
9 A Matter of Authority

A confrontation is brewing between Harry and the director of the Auror department. Harry’s instincts are working overtime and they are trying to tell him something, but what?

4,866 23
10 Practice

Harry spends Saturday with Ron and Hermione watching Ginny’s quidditch practice and he brings Teddy along. It’s a fun day for everyone.

8,594 17
11 Negotiations

Ron shows up for his visit with Kingsley. How will it go? What new things are in store for him and Harry?

3,766 22
12 Scouts

The day of the Gryffindor quidditch match against Ravenclaw arrives. Will Harry make it to the game? What other surprises are in store for Ginny, Harry and everyone else. And on top of that, Harry’s survival training begins.

4,334 21
13 Wendy's Training Ploy

Harry’s survival mission brings innovation and an unusual approach for several things, including Wendy’s idea of how to toughen up Harry for the job. How is he ever going to explain this to Ginny?

5,822 26
14 Ginny

Harry is planning to spend the rest of the weekend with Ginny. Is she going to suspect anything? And if she does, what is Harry going to tell Ginny about Wendy’s training methods?

6,905 21
15 Fun for Teddy and Ginny

Ginny is busy researching the mystery of her ring. In the mean time, Teddy spends his first night at Harry’s house. Just one more step in becoming a family.

3,864 23
16 Negotiations Part Two

Round two of negotiations with the DA gets under way. What are the latest developments within the Auror department and what will be the outcome of Harry and Ron’s efforts?

3,865 22
17 The Mission

Teddy’s birthday arrives. In the middle of the party Harry gets the call sending him back to the field. What will happen to Harry, and how will everyone left behind react when he gets so suddenly called away?

8,827 24
18 A Little Bit of Knowledge is an Awful Thing

Harry arrives home after his mission to encounter his friends waiting up for him. What will he tell them? What new information will surface? And what will happen next in the Auror department as they work to unravel this case?

7,581 25
19 Special Assignments

Harry’s friends and colleagues hear of some of the special assignments Kingsley has in store for him. What will they think of the latest developments?

6,180 22
20 The Anniversary

It’s the anniversary of the Battle at Hogwarts. For Harry, this is going to be a very long day.

5,891 21
21 Confrontations

The Director of the Auror Department gets wind of Kingsley’s plan and decides it’s time to have a word with Harry. Will this make things better or worse for Harry and his dealings with the DA? And what will Robards input do to Harry’s already very busy schedule?

4,169 26
22 Portkeys from France

It’s the beginning of June and Harry’s impossible schedule kicks in. Memory training begins and things are becoming more complicated. How will he cope with his commitments, responsibilities and problems; and what affect will his friends’ changing lives have on him? 

6,591 22
23 Celebrations and Doubt

Ginny arrives back at the Burrow after her tryouts, and Harry is there to greet her, but what kind of reception will she get? What is behind Harry’s anger, and how will his friends react? 

It is the end of the year at Hogwarts and Harry is there to see his friends finish school. This is a significant turning point for many of their lives. What will the impact be, at least in the short term?

8,639 31
24 Misunderstandings and Open Cases

Harry gets through the rest of his weekend with his friends help, then goes back to work with the French Aurors on Monday. Finally, he gets to use the training he’s been receiving.

5,579 33
25 Flats

The time comes for lots of talks. Harry spends the evening at home and he and Ginny get the chance to talk, Ginny has a heart to heart talk with her mother, and Harry has an illuminating talk with his fellow trainees.

4,674 25
26 Flashbacks and Memories

Harry experiences a more normal day working with the memory squad and finishes his week of working with the French, which has given him a lot to think about. 

3,457 23
27 New Digs

Harry has a very busy weekend, spent with Ginny and friends as the girls move in.

6,379 26
28 Colors, Scars, and Schemes

Harry spends a day with Teddy and a surprise visitor comes to call. Come Monday though, there are developments in the case back in France. Where will their clues lead them this time?

7,369 27
29 Hermione's Helping Hand

Harry needs time to regroup and to think about things. As always in times of need, he seeks out the company of his best friends. With Hermione at the ministry now, what will that mean?

6,962 25
30 The Note

Harry tells Hermione more of what he learned from Robards while Ron listens in, trying to figure it out. There have been developments in the case while he’s been gone.

5,469 23
31 New Ideas and Some Help

Harry is home and Ginny finally gets some time off, but still their schedules collide as the demands of being an Auror cut into Harry’s personal time. Harry and Wendy come up with an idea to force a development in the case. What will they come up with and what will they do?

5,579 22
32 The Plan

This is it. Harry and the French are going in. It’s time to carry out their plan to flush the Death Eaters out of hiding. Will it work? Will a battle ensue? What will happen next in this developing mystery?

8,307 41
33 Doves, Pigeons and Clues

Harry has a lot to think about now that he’s home. He’s exhausted, but will his active mind let him sleep? What path will he take to try to work through all that he’s learned.

7,872 31
34 The Case of Bananas

It’s the day after the raid, back in the Auror Office again. How will the department respond to this latest development and what will be the impact on Harry? 

4,229 28
35 Muggle Memories

How will Harry make up for his mistake? And what will be the outcome from his night of surveillance at the muggle hospital? 

6,037 25
36 See You On Sunday - Part 1

See You On Sunday
. Various people keep saying that to Harry, reminding him of the fact that his birthday is on Sunday. What kind of a day will it be? And what do those planning it have in store for him? - Part 1

9,147 28
37 See You On Sunday - Part 2

Harry’s birthday festivities continue, and activities planned for Sunday spill over into the next week. How will the rest of his day go? And what do those planning it have in store for him? – Part 2

9,055 31
38 Adventure and the Orient Express

Harry’s foreign training continues, this time in Persia. If only he’d known all that three years ago! Surely it would have helped … or would it?

9,808 37
39 Time with Ginny

With Harry’s foreign training done for a while and work slowing down slightly, Harry finally arranges to spend a day with Ginny. But this time it is her schedule that interferes and their full day becomes just an afternoon. But that’s better than nothing, right?

7,738 31
40 Auror Training

Harry arrives home after an afternoon with Ginny to find that Kreacher is sick again. Life is growing complicated as Harry begins to juggle Kreacher’s health needs with managing the incoming Auror trainee class and his regular work demands. On top of all that, it is Dudley’s turn to come to Harry for help with a lead. 

6,957 20
41 Office Politics

With all the new information Harry has from his cousin, now he needs to figure out what to do with it. Navigating the hazards of office politics lands Harry unofficially in a new position. What will he do next to get to the bottom of it all?

6,415 23
42 The Value of Mud

Finally they have a lead Harry can take action on. What will happen next and where will it lead them? Only time will tell.


5,833 20
43 Reconnaissance Missions

Harry puts his plan into place and the real investigative work begins. With his and Ginny’s schedule becoming more predictable, they are seeing one another more regularly, but will it help? And what will Ginny learn when she and Hermione spend an evening without the boys talking about their men?

5,387 27
44 Halloween

October brings more reconnaissance missions, training abroad, Halloween, and finally a break in the case. But will anyone listen to Harry when he needs them to the most? After all his training, will those with the experience he needs to respond, trust his instincts? This will be a Halloween to remember … most definitely.

6,966 33
45 The Magic of the Pyramids

The reports detailing the discoveries on Halloween night and the analysis of the samples collected from the beach are being delivered en masse to Harry and his team. But with all the information swirling about someone from the ministry is beginning to sit up and take notice.  What will the next steps be for Harry and his team? How will the ministry react? Care to guess? 

8,000 31
46 Working Too Long

Life continues on as November comes to a close and our story moves into December. The weather is turning bad as winter approaches, bringing with it the good and the bad. Harry is feeling an increased stress and a sense of urgency around his task force’s efforts to locate where the Death Eaters have moved. But on the bright side, the bad weather has triggered the annual break in the professional quidditch season. Ginny finally has a break and more time to spend with Harry. And that’s a good thing…right?

8,144 33
47 The Storm - Part 1

Harry’s gone flying with Laura again in the face of the oncoming storm. This time the dangers they face are as much from the weather as they are from anything sinister, causing Harry to be delayed in coming home once again. Will Ginny understand or will she be furious about the delay? And how does Harry handle the search in all the bad weather?

7,410 18
48 The Storm - Part 2

This is what it sounds like, the second part of The Storm.

4,289 37
49 Facing the Music

Ron and company have found Harry … the question is, doing what? How will he explain this? And what will happen between Harry and Ginny when he finally gets home?

8,897 46
50 The Cusp of Change

It’s the morning, days and weeks after Harry and Ginny’s long talk and the plotting of Death Eaters Cove. What’s next for our young couple and for Harry’s case?

3,236 31
51 A Muggle and Wizarding Legend

After an in formative yet frustrating day at the office, suddenly Harry’s life has been changed. No longer does he have to be away from home for long hours in the evenings, Ginny is home, and the holidays are bringing new surprises. What will he learn from his family and friends, just by staying home?

7,470 19
52 Solutions for the Holidays

It’s the holidays and Harry has some time off. How will he spend it and what will he and Ginny do, now that they have time off together?

9,618 27
53 Boxing Day and the Start of a New Year

Boxing Day and a New Year … what will each have in store for Harry? And are his guesses about what the new year will bring correct? Harry and Ginny hold their party, then it’s back to work and Release Day. What surprises are in store for all?

8,088 26
54 The Dawlish Dilemma and the A.M.A.S.S.

With Release Day behind them, now the work really begins. Once again Harry is being asked to prove himself but in a whole new way: now he is responsible for the official assignments of more than his small band of volunteers. What will they discover, where will it lead them next, and what the heck is the AMASS?

9,482 27
55 Dr. Summerby, Two Large Rocks and Some Scones

While Harry has been busy and making progress with his case, how has all of this been affecting Ginny? With Harry’s new levels of responsibility, how is he relating to the other people in his life? And what is Ginny learning that will cause her to want to help him all the more?

9,284 23
56 Breakfast With Muggles

With Harry working such long hours, just how is Ginny filling up her time? She and Hermione have been spending their time together with the boys working nights, resulting in a day of shopping and some fun.

6,495 21
57 A Lesson in Elf Magic

Hermione and Ginny are home from their shopping and Ginny has an idea. Will her fashion statement turn into a way to help Harry? Only time, effort and a lesson in elf magic will determine if her latest idea to help their relationship will work.

4,297 17
58 The A.M.A.S.S. Meeting

The AMASS is finally meeting. What will evolve as the muggle and wizarding investigative forces begin to more openly work together?

***** A short chapter, but hopefully it stands alone***

2,710 21
59 Harry's Explanation

The day following the AMASS meeting turned out to be fairly eventful…there were explanations to be made, things to be done and surprises for all. What will happen next in Harry’s effort to unravel the Death Eater mystery?

8,864 21
60 The Secret of Magical Glass

It’s time to visit the glass specialist. Is it possible that a muggle scientist could tell the Aurors anything they didn’t already know about magical glass? Is that even possible?

7,583 18
61 Valentines

Gathering the data needed by Harry and his team is going to take the rest of February. In the mean time, there’s Valentines Day to take their minds off of things. Harry and Ron plan a surprise for the girls. Can you guess what they have in mind? 


9,708 19
62 Kingsley Intervenes

It’s March and the upper management of the Auror Department has noticed that Harry seems to be just waiting around. They have a solution for that, one that Harry isn’t immediately keen on. What do you think it will be?


6,271 17
63 Art, Babysitting, and Progress with Sonar

Another two weeks of Italian training go by and the family is beginning to think about Teddy’s birthday, while back at the dig site the sonar scans are finally done. Harry finds time on the weekend to spend time on other things as he considers what is coming next. 

10,244 26
64 Birthdays and Meetings

It’s Teddy’s second birthday and the investigation enters its next phase. Is Harry ready for all the things he has going on in his life?


5,352 11
65 New Work for the AMASS

It’s time to discuss Harry’s plan with the muggles and to put that plan into action. What will happen when the muggles do finally go in?

5,863 16
66 Workdays and Memories

Viewing the muggle memories turns out to be very enlightening, and sets the team up for what will happen next. What will they discover and where do they go from here?

7,277 22
67 The Magic of Fiancees

The team needs more information to plan what to do and it will be up to the AMASS to help Harry get it. What will they have to do and what will they learn in this latest installment of the case.


10,429 18
68 Behind the Glass

Harry and his team take the time to analyze what Harry saw … and to plan their next steps. That’s the short version of what this chapter is about.


8,283 19
69 Best Laid Plans of Wizards & Muggle Men

The AMASS and the leadership of the Auror department are putting plans into place for the main event. Supplies are being readied and tasks planned. From the look of things, they don’t have much more time to prepare before it all comes to a head.


7,481 23
70 The Main Event

After a day when everything goes incredibly smoothly, Harry has time to spend an evening with Ginny. What will happen with his team while Harry is away? And how will Harry and Ginny spend their time together?

10,101 32
71 The Aftermath

With the main part of the raid behind them, everyone’s attention turns to those who were injured. Who was hurt? Will they recover? And who did we lose? Everyone from the Minister of Magic down to the Weasley family members are eager to find out.


7,566 26
72 Healing and Loss

Harry finally wakes up to find his friends and family have been waiting by his side. What will happen now that he’s awake?


10,446 15
73 All Part of the Job

As Harry is released from St. Mungos, he learns some final lessons about the life of an Auror, what it means to have been hurt on the job and what his recovery will entail. What news is waiting for him, from his Healer, Robards and the Minister of Magic as the case of the Death Eaters in the Hidden Palace officially comes to a close.


7,427 18
74 Medical Leave and the Coming of Spring

Harry’s trip to the office has left him knackered, leaving the women in his life worried about his recovery. Find out what happens as the story concludes with our young couple fully embracing the coming of Spring.


7,528 196


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