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Harry, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action/Adventure, AU
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-12-14 10:28pm
Last Chapter
2012-08-19 12:40am
Last Updated
2012-08-19 12:40am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The New Guy

What will Hermione do when her perfect new beginning comes to a sudden and surprising halt?

1,539 17
2 His Secret

Hermione awakens in an unknown place alone with Draco Malfoy.  Why did he kidnap her?  Without her wand, is there any way that she can escape?  Most important of all: what is his secret that he's kept from everyone for years... and why does it involve her?

4,307 24
3 The Chase Is On

Draco reveals his true intentions... with a vengeance!  Against his incredible tenacity and unbelievable new strength and speed, does Hermione stand a chance?

2,719 20
4 Confrontations... and their Consequences

Hermione makes some interesting discoveries about Draco's home during a nighttime rendezvous, and Draco learns that his control isn't quite as strong as he'd previously thought...

3,772 16
5 Hypocrites and Hidden Passageways

Much to her shock and frustration, Hermione finds herself alone with Draco again.  When he layers on the charm, can she continue to keep him at bay?

4,274 11
6 Personal 'Quirks' in Action

Hermione begins to realize that spending time with Draco can be very enjoyable indeed, until she spends some time with him on the night of the full moon...

3,086 13
7 Hermione Gets Trapped, and Draco Gets Thunderstruck

Draco awakens to find that Hermione has had a revelation.  The only tricky part is getting her to admit it... 

3,713 12
8 Coming Clean

Draco and Hermione's walk is interrupted by some very unexpected visitors... and who should be leading the charge, but a certain wizard with unruly black hair and green eyes?

3,647 16
9 Best Friends, Allies, and Strangers

In which Hermione and Ginny have a heart to heart, Draco and Harry reach an agreement, and the face of a stranger nearly meets with Draco's fist.

3,379 12
10 Meeting With Wolves

Draco and Hermione stake out the mysterious address, and Draco proves that he doesn't respond well to threats.

4,335 13
11 Violations

The bond between Draco and Hermione increases, even as they are kept apart.  What does Agilolf intend to do with them?  Will he be able to do anything when up against a furious Draco?

3,883 11
12 Walking the Line of Control

Agilolf calls in some reinforcements when the first test goes awry, endangering Hermione and sending Draco to unprecedented heights of rage. What new schemes will the pack come up with to try to separate the impassable young man from his blazingly-spirited girl?

4,555 9
13 Self-Reflection on the Dance Floor

Draco's feelings for Hermione increase, but he manages to keep this new development from her.  Adding to things is the unexpected 'history' lesson he receives about their connection... from a surprising source. 

4,744 17
14 Precursory Dominos

A series of events take place within a short period of each other.  They all have the potential to make or break Hermione and Draco's predicament... which way will the pendulum swing?

3,968 11
15 A Gathering of Renegades

Lyulf has some news to deliver, in more ways than one.  To everyone's surprise, so does Draco... and together, the band of rebels meet at last.

4,251 14
16 Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures...

Life threatening situations have a nasty way of pushing people to instantly make decisions they thought they had their whole lives to make... what would you do?

4,632 17
17 Turning the Tables

War is officially waged, and Hermione and Draco launch into it after being connected in a way that's purely matchless.  Will it be enough, however, to protect her from Agilolf's unending thirst for power?

4,036 9
18 More than One Way to Make an Impact

Both spells and ideas fly as the renegades fight against the invaders, and each other.  What will it take to get Draco to obey 'common' little things like the law?

4,255 15
19 No...

When Draco finds himself facing his worst nightmare, what will happen to the surrounding fighters as they find themselves facing a furious, unpredictable blonde werewolf?

4,441 19
20 The Wolf's Den

Hermione has been captured, and this time, it's by someone who does not have her best interest at heart.  Will Draco be able to locate her in time to save her?  Or is Agilolf actually capable of winning?

4,669 17
21 Madness and Memories

Without Agilolf there to direct them, the werewolf clan meets Draco's wrath head on.  Under the rays of the dawn, how does Draco react when he's overtaken by a special memory of Hermione?

4,734 22
22 Survival Mode

Draco does everything in his power to locate Hermione, to the ultimate discomfort of those who happen to get in his way.  With every second that ticks by, Hermione remains trapped and at the mercy of the vicious Agilolf.

4,828 21
23 Man Versus Beast

Draco makes a realization that changes everything he's ever known about himself, and Agilolf is left to face the stuff of nightmares...

5,157 12
24 Safe...?

Draco seeks a safe haven for himself and Hermione... but at what cost?

4,810 16
25 Figuring Things Out

Hermione has found Draco in a terrible state.  How will she help him when she can't even piece together her own mental state?

4,865 12
26 Holy Cricket!

Hermione and Draco get a chance to spend some time together... almost.  Someone shows up at the door to her flat, but no one's supposed to know that they're there!  Who on earth could it possibly be?

4,621 19
27 Explaining the Inexplicable

Ron Weasley is in for many a surprise as he's treated to an unbelievable tale.  Hermione and Draco aren't the only one's who've changed, however, and when a few more unexpected visitors arrive, tempers flare and sanity levels are tested...

4,888 16
28 Complete

Early morning, an apartment full of friends, some life-long, some still at a tentative stage.  Relationships, like every other part of life, can only grow one step at a time...

5,104 13
29 Love, Laughs, Sandwiches, and Surprises

In the arms of the one you love...  

Draco and Hermione have to come to grips with the fact that, unwelcome though it may be, a real world still exists outside of their own.

4,443 18
30 Enter the Alpha

Draco and Hermione are reunited with Lyulf, Fennel and Bee-bom, while the Clan of the Dragon gets their first glimpse at their fierce new leaders...

5,233 33
31 Preparations for Delegations and Celebrations

 The Clan.  The Ministry.  The Charity Ball.  The Wedding.  Interviews to conduct, Assembly Halls to build, reporters to answer to... Draco and Hermione try to keep their heads (alongside their friends) amidst a flurry of activity almost more frightening than a full-on war.

4,154 7
32 The Christmas Charity Ball

 Photographers, Reporters, and Cormac McLaggen...  Need we say more?

4,150 14
33 Life

An onrushing of Beginnings...

5,602 22


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