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Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Snape/Lily, Remus/OC, Other Pairing
Romance, Angst, Young Adult
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2008-12-12 6:28pm
Last Chapter
2012-10-02 2:23pm
Last Updated
2012-10-02 2:23pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Forgotten.

Some people are scared of the dark. 

Some people are scared of heights. 

I, Mary McDonald, am scared of being forgotten (and frogs).

(edited, 2012 - beta AccioHPFF)

1,009 102
2 Average.

Just an 'average' 1st September... (as told by Mary McDonald).

(edited, 2012 - beta MangaGirl)

3,250 70
3 Tough and Powerful.

I, Mary McDonald am tough and powerful... Almost.

(edited, 2012 - beta Snapdragons)

5,145 56
4 Fed up.

Five steps to a good first day according to Mary McDonald:

1) Look acceptable and awake- fail
2) Have good and enjoyable lessons-fail
3) Don't get detentions or lose points-fail
4) Don't spill family secrets- fail 
5) Avoid Sirius Black- fail


(edited, 2012 - beta AccioHPFF)

4,292 58
5 Annoyed.

People are annoying.

(edited, 2012 - beta MangaGirl)

5,795 46
6 Bad Day.

Tips on how to avoid a bad day by Mary McDonald...

Stay in bed.

6,386 46
7 ...Eventful.

Of setting the common room on fire, enthralling conversations about foundation, headlocks, pointless team building activities and phsycopaths. 

Joy to the world.

9,666 54
8 Even Worse.

You know when it's going to be a bad day, you can just tell. Say two or three things go wrong and you just know you'll end up in trouble, in the hospital wing, or in floods or tears. 

Then on thoes really bad days... you get all three.

8,257 53
9 Good Day?

When you wake up in a good mood, it's generally the sign that something bad is going to happen. If you're me.

10,431 43
10 Sincerity.

Hogsmeade, make ups, break up's, hair cuts, yelling, unexpected truths and unanswerable questions. 

All before ten O'clock.

7,099 60
11 Unforgivable.

Because some things are just unforgivable.

5,509 51
12 Civility.

Expecting the unexpected only get's you so far in life. 

When you throw in Sirius Black, my Family, the Marauders and Lily Evans into the mix it's easier said than done. 

Then, what isn't these days?

10,724 52
13 Quizzical.

In which lots of things happen over a few days which fly by and Mary McDonald (or you know, me) finds out something of great importance...

9,069 68
14 Unexpected.

On crying on people you shouldn't cry on (eg Sirius Black), getting annoyed at people you should get annoyed at (eg, Sirius Black), telling people some stuff you shouldn't have told them (eg Sirius Black) and being happy when someone's proud of you when you shouldn't care less (eg Sirius Black). 

And other non-Sirius related subjects too. Honest.

8,692 71
15 Mischevious.

There's just something about Mary McDonald...

10,023 91
16 Scratching the surface.

Who could have known that everything could be even more complicated than I realised? That all along, when I thought I knew what was happening, there was so much more, hidden just below the surface. 

Turns out, I'm only scratching at it.

11,168 53
17 Devious.

It’s simple; all I need is a bit of leverage.

3,708 38
18 Insignificance.

Crying, hysteria, vomiting, the book of my life and the extreme relevance of toast.

7,810 46
19 Inevitability.

You can always count on Quidditch to govern people's moods, cause paintings to yell at you, lead to unavoidable conversations, turn everything into a big game that you didn't even realise you were playing and leave you with even more questions than when you started. Fantasic.

9,986 52
20 Inevitability II.

The comprehensive guide of how to stop wanting Sirius Black according to me:

-          Try to ignore him*

-          Realise how freaking annoying he is*

-          Remind yourself of previous situations*

-          Stare at the back at his head for hours on end*

*this does not actually work

7,572 60
21 Pain.

Just a few reasons as to why you should read your mail immedietly...

8,007 62
22 Tranquillity.

Some people have more sides to them than you could ever realise.

10,246 43
23 Consequences.

Because every action has a consequence, and every consequence hits you sooner or later.

9,561 39
24 Clash.

Who would you run to in the middle of the night when life (or nearing death) is getting you down? Things aren’t exactly what you would assume, life is never simple. One thing for sure, needs, dreams, ideas and wants always seem to clash, one way or another.

5,504 60
25 Progress.

Is it possible to move forwards, in the wrong direction?

9,488 71
26 Progress II.

Then, once things have gone fantastically backwards, they start to move forwards again... Well, that's what I've been hoping for...

11,306 44
27 Comfort.

Of snow days, boyfriends, cats, detentions for the rest of forever, best friends and other issues.

8,370 44
28 Unwelcome & Unforeseen.

Lessons for life (or what's left of it):
- Things you dread will always come quicker
- Good moods tend not to last
- If something goes right, the world will balance it out again soon enough.

10,218 51
29 Shift.

Shift is good - run with it.

8,817 55
30 Alienation.

The road to making very bad decisions starts with a healthy dose of alienation (apparantly).

12,369 40
31 Acceptance.

In which my life becomes even more of a joke (which actually isn't that funny).

11,584 40
32 Marauding.

It's how we roll.

10,236 69
33 Closure.

Break ups. Make ups. Eavesdropping. Vomit. Calming solutions. Weddings. Dancing. Rain. Kissing. Yelling. Flirting. Drinking.

And bucket loads of tears.

All in a day’s work for the terminally ill.

9,851 57
34 Disintegrate.

Then, just like that, things get a lot worse than they were before.

11,003 49
35 Chaotic.

Lists, being just-friends, lying about how you really feel, realisations, Nadine Fisher, coming-of-age-parties and alcoholic substances lead to one thing... Chaos.

10,572 47
36 Humiliation.

The aftermaths of being inebriated include: broken heartedness; painful hangovers; dealing with confessions; mixed signals; lots of detentions and attention from classmates. Or, in other words, complete and utter humiliation.

11,372 52
37 Empowerment.

Teasing, arguing, kissing, running, instructing staircases, being slapped, doing good, imparting wisdom, blanking people and punch ups – in all the places you’d least expect.

I think it’s time, for a little action...

9,796 44
38 Empowerment II.

In which my pathetic excuse of a life startes to get a little bit last.

9,840 49
39 Luck.

Sometimes, but only sometimes, luck actually holds out...

7,659 51
40 Descent.

And sometimes it doesnt.

10,131 48
41 Perspective.

She was an unavoidable and unignorable dose of perspective.

9,437 60
42 Awakening.

When all else fails - cry and throw a tantrum. Then move on and accept it. Quickly.

8,919 55
43 Drifting.

And then I said goodbye to everyone I loved...

10,796 123
44 Burn out.

This was not living. This was dying.

But that's okay.

8,267 149
45 Endings.

It is Mary's funeral today.

7,177 363


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